Final Fantasy 16 Bygul location

Bygul in Final Fantasy 16 is an A-rank quest obtained after completing the main quest ‘The Last King’.

The hunting board directs Clive towards the general region Bygul is in, but you need to go to a specific part of this area to trigger the fight. To speed things up, we’ve got the Bygul location in Final Fantasy 16 below, along with some tips on how to beat Bygul when you find him.

For more help, we have a page dedicated to all Hunt locations.

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Final Fantasy 16 Bygul Location

To unlock Bygul on the hunt board, you must first complete the main quest ‘The Last King’.

Once you’ve unlocked him, Bygul can be found in the middle of Kritten Hollow in the Kingdom of Waloed, in the field just west of the main path, next to the tree line. You will unlock the Kritten Hollow area while in the main quest “Brotherhood”.

The quickest route to Bygul is to fast travel to the Ravenwit Walls obelisk, then follow the main road until you reach the center of Kritten Hollow, then look left.

Here is a map image of where exactly to find Bygul:

We also have some tips for taking on Bygul below.

Tips on how to beat Bygul in Final Fantasy 16

Bygul is a notorious Tier 40 A-Rank mark that uses mostly AOE (area of ​​effect) lightning and rush attacks, which means you’ll have to dodge a lot.

To get the upper hand in battle, here are some tips on how to beat Bygul in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Stagger Bygul as often as possible: Using Shiva’s Diamond Dust and Garuda’s gouge and airburst fully stagger Bygul very quickly, opening him up so you can unleash your strongest damaging abilities. When doing this, remember…
  • Activate Clive’s Limit Break and then unleash abilities when Bygul is completely stunned. This means you’re dealing even more damage with Clive’s most powerful abilities. Start with the best, as the Limit Break gauge continues to go down even when you’re in the skill animation, so you don’t have much time. We recommend updating and using Gigaflare by Bahamut.
  • Equip the Berserker Ring for Bonus Damage: The Berserker Ring gives Clive a small window of increased damage after performing a Precision Dodge, which is always helpful during tough Hunt fights.
  • Use Will-o’-the-Wykes if you need more protection – This fire ability creates a shield for Clive while he damages enemies and is useful for protecting against Bygul’s electrical bolts if you’re having trouble dodging them.
  • Remember that you can equip skills on other Eikons. If you like more than two of an Eikon’s abilities, you can equip them on another Eikon as long as you master the ability, so it’s lucky that…
  • Respect Is Free – You can refund any of your skill points for free and use those skill points to master another skill if you think it will help you the most in the fight against Bygul.

The rewards for defeating Bygul are:

  • x1 Coeurl mustache
  • x1 Meteorite
  • 8,000 EXP
  • 100 skill points
  • 35 renown
  • 16,000 gil

Good luck facing Bygul in Final Fantasy 16!

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