Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid challenge Cosmic Equilibrium

Root of Nightmares challenges see the return of additional raid objectives in Destiny 2, pushing players to the limit by giving them additional consideration within an encounter, but granting additional challenge rewards for their efforts.

One such challenge is the cosmic balance of Root of Nightmare in Destiny 2. This requires careful planning and execution in encountering the Macrocosm. Completing it results in an additional reward chest at the end and a triumph for completing it for the first time.

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How to complete the Root of Nightmares Cosmic Balance Challenge in Destiny 2

The overall goal of the Macrocosm encounter is to align the three planets on each of the four “islands” so that they coincide. This allows the fire team to deal damage to the chief. To accomplish this, each of the four Guardians kills a colossus to gain the benefit of Planetary Sight, and discovers which planets on each island do not match, and swaps the color of that planet with one on the opposite side so that each island has a complete set of either. Light or dark planets.

Cosmic Balance works in much the same way, but with a key twist: there is a specific pattern for the planets that must be achieved. In this case, all the planets on the left side must have dark energy and all the planets on the right side must have light energy.

This is easy to achieve if everyone does their part, but it requires more time than the usual strategy. Instead of indicating which planet does not match the group on one side, each Guardian must indicate a planet that does not fit the Dark Left, Light Right pattern. Each person will then collect the energy from that planet, take it to the other side, and energize one of the planets that was identified as needing to change alignment.

Due to the number of planets that will need to be changed, this will take two full rounds. After a Guardian takes and installs Light or Dark energy on one side, he will remain there until a new Colossus appears, kill it to regain another Planetary Insight buff, and change the alignment of a second planet.

If done correctly, all the planets will be aligned correctly and you can begin DPS on the boss. This will likely take several rounds, and if you fail even once, the challenge fails. Aligning the planets too slowly will also give the boss a chance to activate the group clearing mechanic on him.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Cosmic Balance in Destiny 2

Macrocosm is still a boss fight, with a lot of ads and a sizable health bar on the boss itself. A Warlock with a Well of Radiance is extremely useful during the DPS phase.

Weapons with high damage against bosses should be a priority. Taipan 4FR is a great option, as is a good run of Wendigo GL3, but there are plenty of good boss kill options out there. A Guardian leading Divinity can also make a big difference.

The boss has the typical stomp mechanic, but the knockback effect is much greater than usual. Since the fight takes place in an area surrounded by pits, it is best to always leave him a wide margin.

The most difficult enemies, besides the boss, are Cabal Centurions and Colossi. Centurions have solar shields and will quickly transition to the corresponding energy type. Colossi will usually be fought at close range; High-impact weapons like shotguns and melta rifles are a good option for this.

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