Destiny 2 Aquarium Decorations guide

You can now collect aquarium decorations in Destiny 2 as part of the Season of the Deep.

The fate of the solar system is at stake. Billions of lives are at risk as darkness advances. As a Guardian in Destiny 2, you are on the front lines as humanity’s last hope. Now, more than ever, it is… time to decorate your fish tank?

That’s right, in addition to Season of the Deep’s new weapons, quests, and activities, you now have the chance to decorate your aquarium in Destiny 2. Spruce up your aquatic friends’ home aboard the HELM with stylish decor and plants.

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How to unlock decorations for the Aquarium in Destiny 2

There are two types of decoration for the fish tank. The first is rigid decorations. These are earned by completing Fishing Triumphs. You will have to travel to each of the destinations with fishing areas and catch a wide variety of fish to complete them all.

The triumphs and rewards are:

  • Golden Age Statue – Catch all of the rare or better fish found in the EDZ
  • Vex Dwelling – Catch all of the rare or better fish found on Nessus
  • Horse Statue: Catch all of the rare or better fish found in Savathun’s Throne World.
  • Anchor: Catch all kinds of fish.
  • Cannon: Catch fish in any fish pond (500 total).

Each time you complete one of these tasks you will receive a triumph. Go to the Triumphs tab in your menu, navigate to Extras, and select the Triumph to get credit and the associated reward. The decoration will be automatically applied to your fish tank in the HELM.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You can also know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the rotation schedule for the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenges!

How to find hidden plants for the Aquarium in Destiny 2

The other type of aquarium decoration is plants. Unique flora is hidden in Destiny 2’s Deep Dives. As the lower levels of Deep Dives were unlocked, more plants became available, with a total of six plants now available to be found.

These are the plants, in the order of appearance:

  • Twilight Plant – 750 meters
  • Shortly after falling into the methane, you’ll notice for the first time that you’ll want to hug the wall on the right. A small rock pillar hides a cave that leads to a room with the Twilight Plant.

  • Twilight Flora – 1000 meters
  • Continue to the end of the first dive, near the bulkhead to the first encounter. Turn around. And the Twilight Flora will be visible at the bottom of the sea in front of you.

  • Midnight Plant – 1250 meters
  • The second time you enter the depths you will go through some rooms. Head to the back of the first open space (look for the red light, still 1000 meters away) and there will be a trapdoor in the floor. Climb down and follow the path down until you come to another open door. The Midnight Plant is on the right, before going through this door.

  • Midnight Flora – 2000 meters
  • For most of the way into the second dive, you’ll come across a lone rock pillar, with what looks like a pink sea urchin attached to it. The Midnight Flora is directly behind this.

  • Abyss Plant – 3500 meters
  • On the third dive, you will have the initial option of choosing between two methane-filled openings to enter. Choose the left door and locate the first lever to open the sealed door. Look to the right, near some tall, blue vegetation that looks like algae. The Abyss plant will rest right in front.

  • Flora of the abyss – 4000 meters
  • This last one can be a bit complicated. Head to the end of the third dive and locate the lever to open the door. Once you do, rotate 180 degrees. Above and to your right will be a slightly raised rock platform. The Abyss Flora will be waiting here to be picked up.

Collecting all six plants also completes the Aquarium Vivarium triumph and rewards you with the diving-themed Síocháin Scuba Shell.

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