Chess Puzzle #4: Checkmate In 1 Move, White To Play

Chess Puzzles with Answers – Chess is a game of strategy and tactics, and one of the most satisfying things about chess is finding a checkmate in a single move. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do this, but it’s also a lot of fun.

We challenge you to play 1 move checkmate puzzle. These puzzles are designed to test your chess skills to the limit. They are not easy, but they are definitely possible to solve.

To solve a 1-move checkmate puzzle, you must find a move that puts your opponent’s king in checkmate. This means that the king is in immediate danger of being captured and the opponent has no way to escape.

Some of the chess puzzles are quite simple, while others are more difficult. If you are stuck on a puzzle, you can always check the solution at the end of the article. However, it is more satisfying to solve the puzzle yourself.

Chess Puzzle #4: Checkmate in 1 Move, White Game

chess puzzle 1 move checkmate

There are a number of common patterns that can be used to force checkmate in a single move. Once you learn these patterns, you will be able to solve puzzles more quickly.

Think about the future. When looking for a one-move checkmate, you need to think about what your opponent’s next move will be. If you can predict your opponent’s move, you will be able to find a move that puts his king in checkmate.

Do not give up. If you are stuck in a puzzle, don’t give up. Keep trying different moves and you will eventually find the solution.

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What is the winning move here?

Check out the chess puzzle solution below!

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Chess puzzle with answers

Bravo! If you find White’s winning move, checkmate Black in 1 move. However, if you are still looking for the answer, we are sharing the chess puzzle solution below.

Answer: Move the white queen from the c2 square to the h7 square. Checkmate in 1 move!

chess puzzle solutions

Did you enjoy the chess puzzle?

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