Can you solve this ultimate optical challenge? Find the dog hidden in the picture in 7 seconds.

Optical illusions have piqued the curiosity of people around the world for centuries. The internet has recently become obsessed with optical illusion puzzles. These optical mysteries often consist of mystifying and mind-bending illustrations of specific objects. These photo puzzles are meant to sharpen your observation skills and attention to detail. And as always, we have an entertaining and challenging visual brain teaser ready for you today. Do you feel up to the challenge? Let’s start.

Find the dog hidden in the image in 7 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s optical illusion puzzle.


Source: Bouncy Mustard

The image above shows hundreds of wooden logs stored in the backyard. Now, at first glance, you might think there’s nothing else in the image other than the logs; However, once you take a good look at the image, you will find something cute and fluffy present in the image as well. The cute thing about the photo is a dog. Now, your task is to find the dog hidden in the puzzle within the indicated time. You have 7 seconds to beat this challenge and your time starts now. All the best.

A useful tip for you: the dog is the same color as the logs and is on its back. You will have to look for a dog-shaped silhouette. Only then will you be able to overcome this ultimate visual challenge? Below we give the solution to this optical illusion challenge. But be sure to try to find the dog in the picture yourself in 7 seconds.

Optical Illusion Solution

The solution to this optical illusion challenge is just below:


Source: Bouncy Mustard

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