Best Young Players in the World 2023 – Top 10 Rising Stars

Top 10 Best Young Players in the World 2023


Best Young Players



Jude Bellingham

Real Madrid





Bukayo Saka






Joško Gvardiol

Manchester City


Jamal Musiala

Bayern Munich


Eduardo Camavinga

Real Madrid


Florian Wirtz

Bayer Leverkusen


Youssoufa Moukoko

Borussia Dortmund


Alejandro Garnacho

Manchester United

Best Young Players in the World 2023

Introducing the “Best Young Players in the World 2023.” In the ever-evolving landscape of football, where seasoned legends like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have embarked on new adventures, the spotlight now turns to the emerging talents of the sport. These are the young footballers, aged 21 or under, who are poised to carry the torch of excellence into the future. This list recognises the most promising talents from around the globe, taking into account their achievements, league performances, statistics, and overall potential. Let’s delve into the exciting world of football’s rising stars.


1. Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

Jude Bellingham, a name synonymous with prodigious talent, is currently plying his trade at the iconic Real Madrid. Rising through the ranks, Bellingham made history as Birmingham City’s youngest-ever first-team player at just 16 years and 38 days old. His meteoric rise didn’t halt there; he later secured a move to Borussia Dortmund, where he quickly established himself as one of the Bundesliga’s brightest stars. Bellingham’s versatility in midfield is one of his standout attributes. He combines a robust and energetic style of play with technical finesse, making him a formidable presence both defensively and offensively. With the ability to beat opponents, create goal-scoring opportunities, and now adding goals to his repertoire, Bellingham’s potential is boundless. His performances for England, including a goal at the World Cup in Qatar, underscore his status as a future superstar. The footballing world eagerly awaits the prospect of seeing him dominate in the Premier League once again

2. Pedri (Barcelona)

Pedri, donning the prestigious Barcelona jersey, is heralded as a midfield maestro destined for greatness. Often compared to Barcelona legends Xavi and Andrés Iniesta, Pedri has embraced the challenge of filling their iconic boots. With versatility as his forte, he effortlessly transitions between central midfield, the No. 10 role, and even the wider areas when required. His impact on Barcelona’s play is unmistakable, as the team flows better when the ball goes through him. At just 20 years old, he has already scooped numerous accolades, including the UEFA European Championship Young Player of the Tournament in 2020 and the 2021 Golden Boy award. Notably, he was named in the La Liga Team of the Season for 2021–22. With his technical prowess, football intelligence, and a bright future ahead, Pedri is undoubtedly one of the most exciting prospects in world football, ensuring the legacy of Barcelona’s midfield maestros continues

3. Bukayo Saka (Arsenal)

Bukayo Saka, the 21-year-old sensation from Arsenal, has been making waves in the football world with his exceptional talent and versatility. Saka’s rise to prominence began at a young age, and he has quickly become one of Arsenal’s most valuable assets. Operating primarily as a winger, he possesses a remarkable ability to take on defenders with his dribbling skills and deliver pinpoint crosses. What sets Saka apart is his maturity on the field, showcasing a footballing intelligence beyond his years. He has over 100 appearances for Arsenal and has proven himself as a consistent performer, both in the Premier League and on the international stage.

In addition to his club success, Saka shone at the World Cup in Qatar, where he demonstrated his ability to perform at the highest level of competition. His adaptability to play in various positions, including as a full-back, has been a significant asset for Arsenal and England. As a player who combines technical finesse with a strong work ethic, Bukayo Saka’s future in football looks exceptionally bright, and he has the potential to guide Arsenal to further success and become a household name on the global football stage.

4. Gavi (Barcelona)

Gavi, a rising star at Barcelona, has been captivating football fans with his performances in the heart of midfield. The 21-year-old Spanish sensation has drawn comparisons to Barcelona legends Xavi and Andres Iniesta, which speaks volumes about his quality. Gavi’s style of play is characterized by his exceptional vision, precise passing, and ability to control the tempo of the game. Despite his young age, he has already accumulated over 70 appearances for Barcelona and has seamlessly integrated into the senior squad. His defensive contributions, combined with his silky skills on the ball, make him a well-rounded midfielder.

Gavi’s influence extends beyond his club; he has earned 21 caps for the Spanish national team, showcasing his potential to be a key figure in the country’s midfield for years to come. With a knack for orchestrating play and dictating the rhythm of matches, Gavi has become an indispensable asset to Barcelona, and his performances at the Nou Camp have been nothing short of mesmerizing. As he continues to develop and mature, Gavi is expected to leave an indelible mark on both Barcelona and the broader footballing world, possibly emulating the legendary footsteps of his predecessors.

5. Joško Gvardiol (Manchester City)

Joško Gvardiol, the 21-year-old Croatian defender, made headlines with his impressive £77 million transfer to Manchester City from RB Leipzig during the summer transfer window. This hefty transfer fee underscores the immense potential that Gvardiol possesses. Known for his composure on the ball, Gvardiol fits perfectly into the style of play favoured by Manchester City and their manager, Pep Guardiola. His ability to play out from the back, coupled with his imposing presence in aerial duels, has made him a sought-after talent in the world of football.

Gvardiol’s versatility is another asset that has not gone unnoticed. While his natural position is in the heart of defence, he can also operate effectively as a left-back, providing valuable flexibility to his team. At such a young age, his ability to adapt to different roles and thrive in high-pressure situations speaks volumes about his maturity as a player. With Manchester City’s lofty expectations and aspirations, Joško Gvardiol has the potential to become a mainstay in their defence for years to come, and his performances will be closely watched by football enthusiasts around the world.

6. Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich)

Jamal Musiala, at just 20 years old, has already made significant strides in his football career. The versatile midfielder has amassed an impressive 90 Bundesliga appearances for Bayern Munich, showcasing his maturity and talent on the pitch. Notably, he has also found the back of the net 23 times in those games, underlining his goal-scoring prowess. Musiala’s versatility is a key asset; while he can operate effectively on the wing, he truly excels as a No. 10, where he displays an innate ability to find space between the lines, create opportunities, and score crucial goals. Furthermore, his international experience is growing steadily, with 23 caps for the German national team. Having already clinched multiple Bundesliga and German Cup titles, as well as Champions League and UEFA Super Cup victories, Jamal Musiala has a bright future ahead, poised to become a central figure in the world of football.

7. Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid)

Eduardo Camavinga, a 20-year-old midfielder, is living out a dream by donning the iconic white jersey of Real Madrid while representing the French national team. Despite his age, Camavinga has already etched his name in the history books by winning prestigious titles, including the Champions League, La Liga, UEFA Super Cup, and the Spanish Cup with Los Blancos. Standing out as a commanding presence in the middle of the park, Camavinga possesses the technical finesse required to navigate tight spaces with ease. While he may be patiently waiting for more minutes in the star-studded Real Madrid midfield, he is widely regarded as a long-term successor to football legends like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. With a growing list of accolades and an impressive skill set, Eduardo Camavinga is undoubtedly a future superstar poised to shine both for club and country, offering a glimpse into the bright future of football’s midfield maestros.

8. Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen)

Florian Wirtz, a 20-year-old attacking midfielder, has become a well-known name in German football circles. His career took off when he made his competitive debut for Bayer Leverkusen at just 17 years old, displaying his extraordinary talent and potential. Known for his ability to make late runs into the box and his prowess as a dribbler, Wirtz’s rise has been temporarily interrupted by a serious knee injury. However, this setback is unlikely to deter him, as he remains one of the most promising talents in German football. With a bright future ahead and the potential for a mega-money transfer, Florian Wirtz is set to continue making waves on both the domestic and international football scenes. His tenacity and flair for the game promise an exciting journey as he climbs the ranks of football stardom.

9. Youssoufa Moukoko (Borussia Dortmund)

Youssoufa Moukoko, a prodigious talent hailing from Borussia Dortmund, has garnered significant attention in the world of football due to his remarkable rise through the ranks at a tender age. Born on November 20, 2004, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Moukoko’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. He made his senior debut for Borussia Dortmund’s first team at just 16, displaying a level of maturity and skill that belied his years. Moukoko had already made waves in the youth divisions, scoring an astounding 141 goals in 88 appearances for Dortmund’s Under-17 and Under-19 sides before his first-team breakthrough.

Moukoko’s playing style combines blistering pace, exceptional dribbling ability, and clinical finishing. As a forward, he possesses a natural instinct for finding the back of the net, which has already translated into double-digit goal tallies for the senior squad. His meteoric rise has not gone unnoticed, and he’s expected to be a key figure not only for Borussia Dortmund but also for the German national team in the years to come. With his potential, Moukoko has become one of the most exciting young prospects in world football.

10. Alejandro Garnacho (Manchester United)

Alejandro Garnacho, a young Argentine winger, has been making waves at Manchester United as one of their emerging talents. Born on March 23, 2005, Garnacho’s journey to Old Trafford has been shaped by his innate footballing abilities. He caught the attention of scouts and fans alike with his remarkable dribbling skills, close control of the ball, and flair on the wing. What’s even more impressive is his exposure to top-tier football at such a young age, having shared the pitch with football legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at both club and international levels.

Despite his youth, Garnacho has already demonstrated his ability to adapt to the rigors of the Premier League, showcasing glimpses of his potential with goals and impactful performances. His ability to take on defenders and create goal-scoring opportunities has earned him a place among the best young talents in the world. Under the guidance of Manchester United’s coaching staff and alongside fellow young stars, Garnacho is poised to continue his development and establish himself as a key player for both club and country in the coming years.

How Have these Young Players Impacted their Respective Clubs?

The impact of young players on their respective clubs in the world of football is a topic that generates significant discussion and excitement among fans and pundits alike. These talented youngsters often bring fresh energy, creativity, and a hunger to succeed, which can breathe new life into established teams. Here’s an elaboration on how these young players have impacted their respective clubs:

Performance on the Pitch: Many of these young talents have not only broken into the senior squads of their clubs but have also become key contributors. Their performances on the pitch often include crucial goals, assists, and match-winning plays that directly influence the club’s success. These players are not merely prospects; they are already integral parts of their teams.

Elevated Competition: The presence of these young stars has led to increased competition within the squad. Established players often find themselves pushed to perform at their best to maintain their positions, leading to improved overall team performance. The healthy competition that arises can result in a more dynamic and competitive team.

Attracting Global Attention: The emergence of these young talents also attracts global attention to their respective clubs. Football fans and media from around the world closely monitor their progress, resulting in increased brand visibility and potential commercial opportunities for the clubs.

Long-Term Investment: Clubs recognise the long-term value of nurturing and developing young talents. By giving them opportunities to play at the highest level, clubs not only strengthen their current squads but also ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent for the future.

Inspiration for Youth Academies: The success of these young players inspires and motivates other aspiring footballers within the club’s youth academies. It sends a powerful message that with dedication and talent, young players can break into the first team and make a significant impact.

Financial Benefits: Clubs often benefit financially from the success of these young talents. They may see increased merchandise sales, higher attendance at matches, and even the possibility of lucrative transfer fees if a player eventually moves to another club.

These young players have a multifaceted impact on their respective clubs, ranging from on-field contributions to broader commercial and inspirational effects. They inject enthusiasm, skill, and potential for long-term success into their teams, making them integral parts of the footballing landscape.

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