Best Breaking Bad Characters – Top 10 Ranked

Best Breaking Bad Characters

Throughout its five-season run, Breaking Bad stood out from other TV shows by expertly blending elements of criminal drama, humor, and well-crafted character development. While all characters served a purpose in the series, some stood out more than others, including those with brief cameo appearances. Fans were provided with numerous memorable moments and compelling dialogues from the interactions between Walt, one of the most sinister evil scientists on TV, and other characters. Breaking Bad managed to introduce new characters every season, some of whom played a significant role in the narrative, while others left a lasting impact with their brief appearances. The show has become immensely popular and loved by viewers, with many developing their own opinions on who the best characters in Breaking Bad truly are.

Top 10 Best Breaking Bad Characters

Here is the list of Top 10 Breaking Bad Characters below.


Breaking Bad Characters

Seasons Appeared 


Walter White

Season 1 to Season 5


Saul Goodman

Season 2 to Season 5


Hank Schrader

Season 1 to Season 5


Mike Ehrmantraut

Season 2 to Season 5


Jesse Pinkman

Season 1 to Season 5


Gustavo Fring

Season 2 to Season 5


Krazy 8

Season 1 to Season 5


Don Hector

Season 2 to Season 5


Steve Gomez

Season 1 to Season 5


The Salamanca Cousins

Season 3 to Season 5

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1. Walter White (Season 1 to Season 5)

Walter White, the protagonist of Breaking Bad, stands out as one of the most compelling characters on television, transcending the show’s boundaries. Initially, he is an unremarkable family man dealing with cancer and the impending end of his life. However, as the series unfolds, audiences delve deeper into his past and psyche, gradually gaining insight into his transformation into one of the most notorious criminals in American history.

Over time, viewers come to empathize with Walt and understand the factors that led him down this path. Nevertheless, by the show’s conclusion, Walt has alienated everyone close to him, ultimately dying despite overcoming his illness, which triggered his initial descent into darkness.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

2. Saul Goodman (Season 2 to Season 5)

In Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman is a dynamic character who is so compelling that he gets his own spin-off series. He serves as the criminal lawyer for both Walt and Jesse, and from the moment he appears on screen, he steals every scene he’s in. As Heisenberg’s operation becomes increasingly complex, Saul plays a critical role in its success.

Despite the enigma surrounding his past and the reasons for his behavior, Saul remains one of the strongest characters in the show, with plenty of untapped potential even as Breaking Bad draws to a close. Better Call Saul, a spin-off that explores the character’s backstory, provides additional context to Breaking Bad and offers fans more opportunities to spend time with Jimmy.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

3. Hank Schrader (Season 1 to Season 5)

Hank Schrader, the beloved DEA agent in Breaking Bad, is a captivating character who delivers some of the show’s most memorable moments. He confronts a variety of adversaries, including Tuco, the Twins, and even Walt, Jesse, and the Neo-Nazi gang. Many fans are eager for Hank to be the focus of a Breaking Bad spin-off. With his larger-than-life personality and humorous demeanor, Hank brings a unique energy to the show. His persistent pursuit of Walt creates suspense and intrigue throughout the series, ultimately leading to a climactic finale.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

4. Mike Ehrmantraut (Season 2 to Season 5)

Mike Ehrmantraut, a standout character in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, owes his success to Jonathan Banks’ exceptional performance and the writers’ skillful character development. As Gus’ bodyguard, Mike often finds himself in charge of handling Walt and Jesse, as well as providing intel to Gus. Throughout the show, viewers gain insight into Mike’s backstory, discovering that he is a former police officer who has turned to a life of crime to secure his granddaughter’s future. This knowledge makes his ultimate fate all the more heartbreaking in one of Breaking Bad’s most poignant episodes.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

5. Jesse Pinkman (Season 1 to Season 5)

Jesse Pinkman, a central figure in Breaking Bad, joins forces with his former high school chemistry teacher to produce and distribute methamphetamine. He is a complex character, with many layers that make him fascinating to watch. Despite being more street-savvy than Walt, Jesse is sometimes relegated to the role of a sidekick in their partnership. However, he brings his own unique set of strengths to the table and has several iconic moments throughout the series.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

6. Gustavo Fring (Season 2 to Season 5)

Gus Fring, a prominent antagonist in Breaking Bad, is a fan-favorite character known for his cunning, calculated, and unpredictable nature. He is a major player in Albuquerque’s drug trade, employing Walt, Jesse, and Mike to achieve his goals. Throughout the series, Gus has many standout moments, including intense conflicts with other characters. He also appears in Better Call Saul, where he makes a significant impact on the show’s plot.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

7. Krazy 8(Season 1 to Season 5)

Krazy 8, while not the most brutal criminal or a mastermind drug kingpin, is an essential character in Breaking Bad. He may be a subject of debate for inclusion on a list of top characters, but there is no denying that he played a crucial role in Walter White’s transformation into a ruthless drug lord. In the series, Walter faces the daunting task of killing someone, regardless of their morality, which is a significant challenge for someone without experience in this area, particularly a dying chemist. However, it is in this episode that he sheds his ethical constraints and begins to evolve into the menacing figure he becomes.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

8. Don Hector (Season 2 to Season 5)

Don Hector is a character who makes a memorable first appearance in the second season of Breaking Bad. When Walt and Jesse are taken hostage by Tuco, the tension is heightened when Tio, Don Hector’s nickname, takes it upon himself to save his nephew. Despite being paralyzed and only able to communicate through a bell, Tio does everything in his power to make his nephew realize that he is in bad company. While his initial appearance may not reveal much about him, Tio’s backstory is eventually revealed and it becomes clear how the old and paralyzed Don Hector became the man he is.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

9. Steve Gomez (Season 1 to Season 5)

Steve Gomez may not have been the flashiest character in Breaking Bad, but he was a crucial member of the team, serving as Hank’s trusted partner and right-hand man. Despite often being overlooked, Steve played a key role in cracking many leads and helping Hank get closer to his targets. While Hank was the muscle, Steve was the brains, and their partnership was essential to their success. In a show where most characters had murky or gray moral narratives, Steve was one of the few genuinely good guys who made a significant impact. This makes him a deserving contender for recognition as one of the show’s bad characters.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked

10. The Salamanca Cousins (Season 3 to Season 5)

The Salamanca Cousins are a pair of ruthless enforcers who seek revenge on behalf of their incarcerated uncle Tuco in Breaking Bad. Their quest for vengeance against Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is unparalleled in the series, and their methods of getting things done are nothing short of terrifying. Marco and Leonel Salamanca’s brand of justice is brutal and unforgiving, and their determination to exact revenge knows no bounds. Their sheer evilness is evident in their willingness to use whatever means necessary to accomplish their goals, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Best Breaking Bad Characters - Top 10 Ranked


Best and Favourite Character in Breaking Bad 

Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, is widely regarded as the most remarkable character in the history of television. What makes his character exceptional is that viewers’ perceptions of him vary, and it is not necessarily his actions that define him as a “bad guy.” Some argue that he was already “broken” in the first episode. He is the main antagonist of the series, and it takes a while for viewers to realize this because they initially sympathize with him. However, there are several instances throughout the show where Walt’s actions are deplorable, like when he let Jane die, poisoned a little child, or kidnapped his own baby. Despite these acts, viewers were still rooting for him until they weren’t. This aspect of his character is what makes him one of the best-written characters in television history.

Most Hated Character in Breaking Bad

It’s widely known that Skyler White garnered a considerable amount of hate from a portion of the Breaking Bad fandom. The reasons for this sentiment are multifaceted, and some are quite intricate. For some viewers, Skyler was perceived as the principal adversary of the show, persistently obstructing Walt’s intentions and endeavors. Consequently, as with any adversary, they harbored a strong dislike towards her. During Breaking Bad’s run, Walter White was viewed as the protagonist and his transformation from a hapless chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug lord was applauded by fans. Despite Walt’s many misdeeds, his positive qualities and complexity kept viewers invested in the show. However, Walt’s wife, Skyler White, was not as well-received. From the start, she was portrayed as an antagonistic force that frequently emasculated her husband. As the show progressed and Walt became more involved in criminal activities, Skyler’s attempts to protect her family were viewed as hindering Walt’s rise to power.

Despite being lied to, manipulated, attacked, and abused throughout the show, Skyler was viewed by fans as a hypocrite when she embraced the money and developed something like Stockholm Syndrome. Her strong personality and refusal to conform to the “supportive housewife” stereotype clashed with Walt’s meek and listless demeanor in the early seasons, leading to Skyler being seen as a “whining, spoiled, and perpetually unhappy woman” worthy of the fans’ vitriol. This was exacerbated by her perceived betrayal of Walt and her involvement with Ted Beneke, leading to even more backlash from viewers. Ultimately, the show’s portrayal of Skyler and the audience’s reactions to her can be seen as a reflection of society’s gendered expectations and stereotypes.


Breaking Bad is widely recognized as a classic of the TV crime genre and its characters have left a lasting impression on fans. The show’s main protagonist, Walter White, stands out as one of the most captivating characters in television history, undergoing a transformation from an unremarkable family man to a notorious criminal mastermind. Other notable characters include Saul Goodman, the dynamic criminal lawyer who played a critical role in Heisenberg’s operation, and Hank Schrader, the beloved DEA agent whose larger-than-life personality and humorous demeanor added a unique energy to the show. Mike Ehrmantraut, Jesse Pinkman, and Gustavo Fring also left a lasting impact on viewers with their complex and fascinating characterizations. While Krazy 8 may not be the most prominent character in the series, he remains an essential part of the narrative, contributing to some of the show’s most significant plot points. Together, these characters helped make Breaking Bad a groundbreaking and unforgettable show.

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