Are you smarter than 95% of people? Then solve this brain teaser puzzle in 9 seconds!

Puzzles: Puzzles are images that are intriguing in nature and invoke curiosity in the readers. They stimulate the brain by activating the logical and analytical centers of the brain.

These challenges have different levels of difficulty and readers must use logical and analytical thinking to solve the puzzle.

Regular practice of puzzles keeps the brain alert and helps prevent cognitive decline in adults.

Readers are presented with one of those puzzles where they must identify the dish that is not safe to eat.

Are you ready to test your intelligence?

Let us begin.

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Puzzle: Can you find the unsafe plate in 9 seconds?


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows 3 plates numbered 1, 2 and 3.

Plate 1 contains green leafy vegetables, tomato, tofu and mushrooms.

Plate 2 contains corn and various beans wrapped in buns.

Plate 3 contains tomato cubes and cheese slices on bread.

The challenge for readers is to identify the food that is not safe to eat. You have 9 seconds of time.

To solve this enigma you have to be very attentive and study the image carefully.

This is a moderate level challenge and people with high intelligence and excellent attention to detail will solve the puzzle faster than others.

How many of you have identified the unsafe plate?

Hurry up; there isn’t much time left.

Look at the picture again and study the elements of each dish.

Now have you identified the plate?

The last seconds remain.

Two one…


Time is over.

How many of you have identified the unsafe dish within the established deadline?

Hopefully, most of you have spotted a dish that is not safe to eat.

There may be some who haven’t seen the dish yet.

Don’t be discouraged, with regular practice you will improve.

Are you curious to know which is the unsafe dish among the three?

See the solution below.

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Puzzle – Solution

Of the three dishes presented in the puzzle, all the dishes are not safe to eat and the reason is as follows:


Dish 1 contains highly toxic mushrooms that can cause death if eaten. The toxic fungus is identified by its bright red color.

Dish 2 contains highly toxic castor beans that can cause paralysis and death if ingested.

Dish 3 contains moldy cheese which is unsafe and can cause food poisoning.

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