You have sharp vision if you can find the tiger at the park in 5 seconds

Visual quiz puzzles are a great way to test your problem-solving and observation skills. These puzzles often feature hidden elements or patterns that are difficult to detect at first glance. These hidden items can include any inanimate objects or living beings such as animals and humans. The visual puzzle we present to you today is quite similar to the ones we provided before. All you have to do if you want to solve this visual puzzle is to find the hidden animal within the time limit. So are you ready?

Test your detective skills and discover the hitman in the old picture before it’s too late!

Find the tiger in 5 seconds

Look at the picture puzzle provided below.


Source: Cool Side

The image above shows children playing in a playground. There are attractions in the park and many play on them, while some play football. The children’s parents are also in the park taking care of them and on the park bench there is also a cat taking a nap. In addition to the aforementioned beings, there is also a big cat hidden in the park. There is a tiger lurking somewhere and your goal is to find it.

You have 5 seconds to find the tiger in the park. And your time begins now. All the best, guys! The solution is right below, so when you run out of time, simply scroll down to see exactly where the tiger was lurking.

You have the eyes of a hunter if you can find the bear in the forest within 5 seconds!

Visual test solution

The tiger was hiding in the bushes of the park. Have a look:


Source: Cool Side

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