You have higher brain power if you can spot the prisoner hiding from the detective in 7 seconds!

You probably know that solving puzzles every day makes you smarter. These online puzzles have been scientifically proven to improve your cognitive abilities, memory strength, and logical and observation skills. Furthermore, these brain problems are real mood boosters. You will be able to test yourself and improve your skills while having fun along the way. This is a win-win situation.

So, today we are here with a new version of these hidden object puzzles. We have prepared a visual test for you today. The concept of this new brain puzzle is quite simple. You must examine a photograph and detect an object hidden inside. The hidden item could be anything from objects like watches and books to animals, birds and reptiles.

So are you ready to challenge your vision? Let’s start.

Only people with the sharpest eyesight can find 3 daughters of the man hidden in the picture in 9 seconds!

Find the prisoner in 7 seconds


Source: Pinterest

The image above shows the inside of a cell. The prisoner who was being held in the cell had gone into hiding. The detective has arrived to look for the hidden prisoner. Now the task of this visual test puzzle is to detect the prisoner within the time limit. As you already know, you only have 7 seconds to locate the prisoner. Set your timer for 7 seconds and begin. All the best!

The solution to this problem is provided at the end of this article. Scroll down to see it.

Visual test solution

The prisoner was hiding here:


If you were able to solve this problem, congratulations! If not, try your luck with this:

Are you good at finding things? Challenge yourself by finding the frog hidden among the cats in 8 seconds.

Use your sharp eyes and find the second giraffe in the picture in 5 seconds!

Test your detective skills and discover the hitman in the old picture before it’s too late!

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