You have great observation skills if you can spot the ballerina hidden among the flamingos in 5 seconds!

There’s a dancer hidden among the flamingos in this illustrated puzzle. Can you see it at the given moment?

Saumya Updated: Jul 17, 2023 17:30 IST

Can you see the dancer?

Can you see the dancer?

Visual quiz puzzles are a great way to test your problem-solving and observation skills. These puzzles often feature hidden elements or patterns that are difficult to detect at first glance. These hidden items can include any inanimate object or living things like animals and humans. The visual puzzle we present to you today is quite similar to the ones we provided before. All you have to do if you want to solve this visual puzzle is to find the hidden dancer within the time limit. So are you ready?

Visual test: find the dancer in 5 seconds!


Source: Reader’s Digest

The image above shows a group of flamingos, also known as “extravaganza.” Among the group of colorful birds hides a dancer. The dancer is perfectly camouflaged in this image, so you will have to be very observant if you want to solve this visual puzzle. You know what you have to do. Set a timer for 5 seconds and begin. All the best. The solution to this visual test puzzle is provided below.

Have you found the dancer yet? Hurry up. The clock is ticking. Uh oh… and the countdown has begun.



and 1.

Your time is up. Were you able to locate the dancer? If not, here is the solution.

Visual test solution

Here is the hidden dancer:


Source: Reader’s Digest

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