Word Puzzle: Here comes a super fun challenge! Find the opposites of the following words in the crossword

Innovation is an essential part of our lives. When we accept things as they are given to us on our plate, we never grow in life. Innovation requires one to apply their creative mind and alter what is already present into something unique. That’s what we did today. We have turned the regular crossword into a fun word puzzle challenge. Are you eager to try it? That’s how we are. Keep reading.

The drill

The exercise is very simple to follow. All you have to do is find the opposites of some words that we will present shortly in the crossword puzzle. Simple? Well, there’s a twist to the rules.

The rules

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. All you are supposed to do is read the words that we will introduce shortly and find the antonyms on the crossword grid. The twist is that you are supposed to find the hidden words in a given period of time. Simply set a timer for 20 seconds on your phone. Once you do that, read the 4 words below and find the opposites on the grid. Stop just when the timer goes off. Yes, you are supposed to find the opposites of 4 words in just 20 seconds.

Now that you know the rules well, you are ready to begin the challenge.

Come on…

It’s time for us to reveal the words.

Find the antonyms of the following words in the grid.

Find the antonyms of:

Here comes a special clue:

All the words in the grid are aligned horizontally!

Now that you have read the words and mentally prepared their antonyms, we remind you that you must SET THE TIMER TO 20 SECONDS on your phone before starting the challenge.

Find the words on the word puzzle grid:



Time is over.

So how many words could you find?

Let’s discuss each one, one by one.

The first word they gave you was FULL and its antonym is EMPTY.

Here is the word VOID hidden!


Now, let’s go to the second one.

The second word in the table above is NEVER and its antonym is ALWAYS.

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Here is the word ALWAYS hidden!


The third word we gave them was NIGHT and its antonym is DAY.

Here is the hidden word DAY!


Now is the time for the final reveal. The fourth word we gave you was SIMPLE and its antonym is COMPLEX.

The word COMPLEX is hidden here!


Here is the list of antonym words that you had to detect.

Evening DAY

Wasn’t this challenge super interesting? Well, we will pose many more such word puzzles. Stay tuned.

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