Who are Eric Nam Parents? Meet Nam Beom-jin and Sue Nam

Who are Eric Nam’s parents?

So who are Eric Nam’s parents? According to our research, Eric Nam’s parents are Nam Beom-jin and Sue Nam. Eric Nam, born November 17, 1988, is an American singer and songwriter.

real name

Eric South

date of birth

November 17, 1988


34 years old


175 cm, 5 feet 9 inches


64 kg (140 lbs)

place of birth

Atlanta, Georgia, USA




American singer and songwriter

Country of Citizenship



Nanfan Town




Who is Eric Nan?

Eric Nam is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, and television personality known for his versatility and success in all aspects of the entertainment industry. His journey to fame has been marked by his unique voice, charismatic presence and dedication to his craft.

Eric Nam was born on November 17, 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He spent part of his childhood in the United States and later moved to South Korea, where he pursued his dreams of a career in music and entertainment. This diverse cultural background later became an integral part of his identity as an artist.

Eric Nam made his debut on the Korean music scene in 2013 with the single album “Cloud 9”. His soulful voice and ability to sing in multiple languages, including English and Korean, make him stand out in the highly competitive K-pop industry. He went on to release many successful singles and albums, earning a loyal fan base not only in Korea but also internationally.



Nan Zhiwei

As of now, Eric Nam’s age is 34 years old (November 17, 1988), born in Maywood, Illinois, United States. Nam is an American singer, songwriter and television personality living in South Korea. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to Korean immigrant parents. He studied international studies and minored in Asian studies at Boston College. After graduation, he worked in New York before moving to Seoul, South Korea to begin his music career. Nam has released two studio albums, four full-length plays, and appeared in more than 10 music videos and songs.His discography also includes eleven singles, eleven collaborations, eight soundtracks and eighteen music videos

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Eric Nam Height and Weight

Eric Nam is approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and weighs approximately 64 kg (140 lbs). This height is fairly average for male adults in many parts of the world, allowing him to move with ease on stage and in various hosting roles. His height gives him a well-proportioned and approachable appearance that complements his friendly and engaging personality.



Equivalent (approximately)


1.75 meters

5 feet 9 inches



140 pounds

Eric South Nationality

Eric Nam is a dual-citizen Korean-American artist, a product of his multicultural background. Born on November 17, 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This unique dual citizenship played a significant role in shaping his identity and career in the entertainment industry.

As a U.S. citizen, Eric Nam is deeply connected to the United States and its culture. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, he was exposed to American customs and traditions. His American citizenship also enhances his ability to communicate fluently in English, a skill that is invaluable in connecting with international audiences.

Nan Ruiwei’s acting experience

  • Early Beginnings: Eric Nam’s career is rooted in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was born on November 17, 1988. Raised in the United States and of Korean descent, his multicultural background shaped his identity as a bilingual artist and became the foundation for his international influence.
  • Music pursuits: Eric Nam began his foray into the music industry in 2013 when he debuted as a solo singer in South Korea. He quickly gained recognition for his soulful voice, catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. His ability to sing fluently in both English and Korean makes him stand out in the competitive K-pop industry. Over the years, he has released many successful singles and albums, earning him a loyal fan base around the world.
  • Television Hosting: In addition to his music career, Eric Nam is also known for his television hosting abilities. He has hosted various Korean television programs, including talk shows, variety shows, and music-related series. His charm, fluency in English and Korean, and approachable manner have endeared him to audiences around the world.
  • Global reach: Eric Nam’s influence reaches far beyond South Korea.He has performed in several countries, including the United States, and collaborated with international artists, solidifying his status as a global entertainer

Eric Nam Achievements and Awards

  • Korean Music Awards Newcomer of the Year (2014): Eric Nam won the Korean Music Awards Newcomer of the Year in recognition of his early success in the Korean music industry.
  • Variety Show Host: Eric Nam became a well-known television personality in South Korea, hosting various talk shows and variety shows, including After School Club. His hosting skills and charm have won him a large number of fans in the Korean entertainment industry.
  • Music Collaborations: Eric Nam has collaborated with numerous artists in the K-pop industry and beyond. His collaborations have been critically acclaimed and showcased his versatility as a musician.
  • Global Recognition: Eric Nam’s music has resonated with international audiences and he has performed in several countries, including the United States. His global influence has cemented his status as an international K-pop star.
  • Mental Health Advocacy: Eric Nam has been an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness and is actively involved in events and initiatives aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  • Philanthropy: He is involved in various charitable activities, showing his commitment to making a positive impact outside of entertainment


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