Who are Adam Goodes Parents? Meet Graham Goodes and Lisa May Goodes

Who are Adam Goodes’ parents?

So who are Adam Goodes’ parents? According to our research, Adam Goodes’ parents are Graham Goodes and Lisa Mae Goodes. Adam Goodes (born January 8, 1980) is a former Australian football player.

real name

Adam Roy Goodes

Nick name


date of birth

January 8, 1980


43 years old


6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


100 kg (220 lb)

place of birth

Wallaroo, Australia




Merbin West Primary School


former aussie rules football player

Country of Citizenship


Chinese zodiac


sexual orientation



Natalie Crocker (married 2016)


Graham Goodes and Lisa Mae Goodes

Who is Adam Goodes?

Adam Goodes is an Australian former professional Australian Rules football player who stands out not only for his athletic prowess and on-pitch achievements, but also for his significant impact on Australian society and Indigenous rights . Goods was born on January 8, 1980 in Wallaroo, South Australia, of Aboriginal Australian descent, belonging to the Adnyamathanha and Narungga ethnic groups.

Goodes is widely regarded as one of the greatest Australian rules footballers of his generation. He had a stellar career with the Sydney Swans of the Australian Football League (AFL). His versatility on the field allows him to excel in a variety of positions, including ruckman, midfielder and forward. During his career, he won numerous honors, including two Brownlow Medals, which are awarded to the best and fairest players in the AFL.

Goodes is known for her advocacy on Indigenous issues and social justice. He has been a voice for Aboriginal rights, education and reconciliation in Australia. His willingness to address racism and discrimination on and off the pitch saw him named the 2014 Australian of the Year.

Goodes’ career and influence extended beyond football. His legacy is a testament to the power of athletes to create positive change in society. He remains an inspirational figure, known not only for his sporting achievements, but also for his commitment to making Australia a more inclusive and equitable nation.



Adam Goodes age

From 8th January 2023 we celebrate the enduring legacy of the brilliant Adam Goodes, who was born in the picturesque town of Wallaroo, South Australia on this day in 1980. On the occasion of his 43rd birthday, we look back at the incredible journey of this iconic figure, not only in Australian sport, but also in the areas of social justice and Aboriginal rights.

Adam Goodes was born in the heart of Wallaroo and his birthplace has special significance in his remarkable story. This is where his life story began, and little did the world know that this little boy would grow up to become a symbol of resilience, radicalism and athletic excellence.

Adam Goodes, 43, continues to inspire and lead on and off the football field. His date of birth symbolizes not only the passage of time, but also his lifelong commitment to challenging stereotypes, advocating for Aboriginal rights and promoting inclusivity in Australia.

Throughout his career, Goodes has proven that age is no barrier to making a profound impact. His unwavering commitment to social causes inspires athletes and advocates around the world. As we celebrate what would have been Adam Goodes’ 43rd birthday, we eagerly anticipate the continued influence and wisdom that Adam Goodes will undoubtedly bring to the world in the years to come. Age is not just a number; It represents a life full of purpose and a future full of possibilities.


Adam Goods Height and Weight

The famous Australian athlete Adam Goodes (Adam Goodes) is 6 feet 3 inches tall, or about 191 centimeters. His commanding presence on the pitch is a major asset, allowing him to excel in the strict world of AFL.

Adam Goodes maintains a strong physique, weighing in at around 100kg, which equates to 220lbs. This weight reflects his athletic ability and physical demands of the sport. A seasoned athlete, he used his strength and size to become a dominant force in Australian Rules Football.

Not only does Goodes’ height and weight contribute to his athletic success, it also shows his dedication to maintaining optimal physical condition. His stamina, strength and agility on the court made him a formidable player, earning him accolades and recognition throughout his career.

Adam Goodes has used his platform to advocate for social justice and Indigenous rights, emphasizing his influence goes far beyond the field. Symbolic of his physical prowess, his height and weight have become a source of inspiration for many aspiring athletes and a testament to the impact an individual can make on the sports arena and society at large.

physical properties



6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


100 kg (220 lbs)


Adam Goode Nationality

Adam Goodes is an Australian national from Australia. His nationality is intrinsically linked to his identity as an Australian footballer and his wider role as an advocate for social justice and Aboriginal rights in Australia. Born on January 8, 1980 in Wallaroo, South Australia, Goods immersed himself in Australian culture and way of life throughout his life.

He has developed a deep connection to his country, which is reflected in his commitment to Australian Rules Football, a game that is deeply rooted in the Australian sporting fabric. Adam Gooders embodies not only the Sydney Swans and South Melbourne FC, but the Australian spirit of sportsmanship. His influence went beyond football as he championed important causes that resonated with the Australian public.

Goodes’ Australian citizenship is a fundamental aspect of his story, allowing him to become a role model and advocate for Aboriginal rights and social equality in the country. His influence as an athlete and activist left an indelible mark on the Australian nation, highlighting the powerful links between identity, nationality and society’s capacity for positive change.

Adam Goodes acting career

  • Adam Goodes had a remarkable 18-year career as a player for the Australian Football League (AFL) Sydney Swans.

    • During this period, he played 372 games, scored 464 goals, and won two Premier League titles, demonstrating his extraordinary skills and contribution to the sport.
    • Not only was he an outstanding player, he was also recognized for his sportsmanship, winning two Brownlow Medals, the AFL’s prestigious ‘best and fairest’ player award.
  • Goodes’ achievements have made him one of the most famous figures in AFL history, with his string of accolades underlining his excellence in the sport.

    • He even had the honor of representing Australia in the International Rules Series, underscoring his prowess on the international stage.
    • In 2014, he was named Australian Person of the Year, proving his influence beyond the sporting realm.
  • Since retiring from professional sports, Adam Goodes has turned his attention to empowering Indigenous youth.

    • He co-founded the Aboriginal Football Academy to give young talents the chance to excel in Australian rules football.
    • In addition, he established the Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting education, employment and healthy lifestyles for Aboriginal youth.
    • Goodes’ commitment to community extends to his creation of a series of children’s books that educate and inspire Aboriginal people through their exploration of their history.


Adam Goodes net worth

Adam Goodes: The wealth of Australia’s Aboriginal people

  • Advocates and role models:

    • Adam Goodes is a treasure to Australia’s Aboriginal people. He is a passionate advocate for Indigenous Australians and serves as a role model for working towards a better, more inclusive Australia for all citizens.
  • Aboriginal community leadership:

    • Goodes is widely recognized for his leadership in Aboriginal communities. He actively supports various Aboriginal community groups and fearlessly addresses issues regarding Aboriginal rights, with a particular focus on combating racism. His personal experience with racism during his football career inspired his commitment to the cause.
  • Norgard, Australia:

    • Notably, Goodes is the driving force behind Nogard Australia, Australia’s largest Aboriginal industrial and security supply business. His involvement with Norgaard has made a significant contribution to the economic empowerment and increased opportunities for Australia’s Aboriginal people.
  • Goodes-O’Loughlin Foundation (GO Foundation):

    • In 2009, Adam Goodes partnered with his teammate Michael O’Loughlin to establish the Goodes-O’Loughlin Foundation (GO Foundation). The Foundation is guided by a noble vision: to create a brighter future for Aboriginal children through educational initiatives and support.
  • Australian Person of the Year (2014):

    • Adam Goodes was recognized for his outstanding contribution when he was named Australian of the Year in 2014. The prestigious recognition places him alongside iconic figures such as the Nobel Prize winner, the heroic cave diver who saved Thai children and Paul Hogan, highlighting the profound impact his work has had on Australian society.

Adam Goodes Ranking

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Adam Goodes Achievements and Awards

Adam Goodes Awards and Nominations


  • Brownlow Medal votes (total: 163)
    • 2001: 5 votes
    • 2002: 2 votes
    • 2003: 22 votes (Brownlow Medal winner, tied with Nathan Buckley and Mark Ricciotto)
    • 2004: 4 votes
    • 2005: 7 votes
    • 2006: 26 votes (Brownlow Medal winner)
    • 2007: 20 votes
    • 2008: 21 votes
    • 2009: 17 votes
    • 2010: 13 votes
    • 2011: 19 votes
    • 2012: 2 votes
    • 2013: 4 votes
    • 2015: 1 vote


  • AFL Premier League (Sydney): 2005, 2012
  • McClelland Cup (Sydney): 2014


  • Brownlow Medal: 2003 (tied with Nathan Buckley and Mark Ricciuto), 2006
  • Bob Skilton Medal: 2003, 2006, 2011
  • All Australia: 2003, 2006, 2009, 2011
  • AFLCA Champion Player of the Year Award: 2006
  • Herald Sun Player of the Year Award: 2006
  • Australian Football Media Association Player of the Year Award: 2006
  • International Rules Football Australian Representative Honors: 2001, 2010 (Captain)
  • Aboriginal All-Star Honors: 2003
  • Sydney Swans captain: 2009–2012
  • Sydney Swans Leading Club Goalkeeper Award: 2009-2011
  • AFL Rising Star Award: 1999
  • AFL Rising Star Nomination: 1999 (Second Round)
  • Century Aboriginal Team (Central Defender)

Other Awards and Recognition

  • Australian Person of the Year: 2014
  • Honorary University Doctorate (DUniv), University of South Australia: 2019

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