Where to Watch Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten? Picks and Prediction for Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten

Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten

Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten are set to face off in a highly anticipated match in the 2023-24 edition of the Concacaf Nations League, specifically in League B – Group A. This matchup is an exciting part of the tournament, as both teams will be vying for points and the opportunity to advance to a higher league in the subsequent edition of the competition.

Guadeloupe, a Caribbean island territory of France, brings a strong footballing tradition to the field. Their national team, known as “Les Gwada Boys,” has been a consistent presence in regional football competitions. Guadeloupe’s footballers have often showcased skill and determination, making them a formidable opponent in the region.

On the other side of the pitch, we have Sint Maarten, a Dutch constituent country located in the Caribbean. Sint Maarten’s national team, though relatively less experienced compared to some of their counterparts, is eager to make its mark in Concacaf competitions. These opportunities provide them with a platform to gain valuable experience and improve their footballing prowess.

The upcoming match between Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten promises to be an exciting contest, with both teams aiming to secure a victory that would put them in a favorable position in Group A of League B. Points in this early stage of the competition are crucial as they strive to clinch the top spot in their group and earn promotion to League A for the 2024-25 campaign.

Where to Watch Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten?

You can catch the Guadeloupe vs. Sint Maarten match on Sunday, September 10th, at 3:30 p.m. The game will be broadcast on CBS Sports and is also available for streaming on Paramount+. So, whether you prefer traditional TV viewing or online streaming, you have options to watch this exciting Concacaf Nations League fixture.

CBS Sports provides a convenient way for fans to tune in live, while Paramount+ offers flexibility for viewers to watch the match on various devices, making it accessible for those on the go or watching from the comfort of their homes. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the footballing action as these teams compete for glory in this highly anticipated matchup.


Picks for Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten

In the upcoming season match between Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten, all indicators point to an intense and closely contested battle on the field. As per our data analysis, this match is expected to be highly competitive, and the betting predictions reflect this outlook.

Our data suggests that the optimal bet to consider for this fixture is the “Sint Maarten Handicap (+3.5).” This handicap implies that Sint Maarten is given a 3.5-goal advantage in the match, meaning that for your bet to be successful, Sint Maarten should either win the match outright or lose by less than 3.5 goals. This prediction is based on a thorough analysis of team statistics, recent performances, and other relevant factors.

These additional resources can provide you with valuable information to enhance your understanding of the match dynamics, player form, and other factors that might influence the outcome. Betting on sports involves an element of risk, but having access to data-driven predictions and trends can assist you in making more informed and calculated picks for the Guadeloupe vs. Sint Maarten encounter.

Prediction for Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten

The historical head-to-head record between Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten clearly indicates a competitive rivalry. Guadeloupe has emerged victorious in 2 of their encounters, while Sint Maarten is yet to secure a win, and none of their matches ended in a draw. Their last meeting on October 15, 2019, saw Guadeloupe claim a 2-1 victory, underscoring the intensity of their clashes.

Notably, recent trends in both teams’ performances add an intriguing dimension to this matchup. Guadeloupe has displayed a penchant for second-half scoring, finding the net in the latter 45 minutes of their last six games. Conversely, Sint Maarten has shown vulnerability in the second half, conceding goals in each of their last five matches.

This history of competitive encounters, coupled with the teams’ tendencies to make an impact in the second half, suggests that both Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten are determined to secure a positive outcome in this match. Such circumstances often lead to matches filled with suspense and unexpected outcomes, making it an enticing prospect for football fans.

Considering these factors, the suggested betting option of “Sint Maarten Handicap (+3.5)” at odds of 2.04 appears to be a calculated choice. This handicap implies that Sint Maarten is given a 3.5-goal advantage, making it a viable bet, especially given their historical competitiveness and the potential for a closely fought contest. However, as with all sports betting, outcomes are subject to variables, and it’s essential for bettors to exercise discretion and consider various factors before making their predictions for the Guadeloupe vs. Sint Maarten match.

Standings for Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten

In the current edition of the CONCACAF Nations League 23/24, both Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten find themselves in League B, Group A. As the competition unfolds, their respective standings reflect their early performance and positioning within the group.

Guadeloupe currently occupies the 2nd position in the group. They have made a promising start to their campaign, securing a victory in their first match. With 3 points to their name and a goal difference of +1, Guadeloupe is steadily executing their strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the group.

On the other hand, Sint Maarten is presently positioned 4th in the group. They faced a challenging start to the competition, having not secured any points in their opening match. With a goal difference of -4, Sint Maarten faces the task of climbing the group rankings to stay in contention.

The standings in Group A illustrate the early dynamics of the competition, with Saint Lucia currently leading the group, followed closely by Guadeloupe. While Sint Maarten has some ground to make up, it’s important to note that the CONCACAF Nations League offers multiple opportunities for teams to gather points and potentially change their fortunes as the competition progresses. These standings provide a snapshot of the current situation, but with more matches ahead, the rankings are subject to change as Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten continue their journey in the tournament.

Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten Lineups

As of now, the lineups for the Guadeloupe vs. Sint Maarten match have not been made available to the public. The composition of the starting eleven for each team, as well as any substitutions, tactical formations, and strategic choices, will remain a mystery until the official lineup announcements are made closer to kick-off.

Fans and analysts alike will eagerly await the release of the lineups, as they play a crucial role in predicting how the match may unfold. The selected players and their positions can greatly influence the dynamics of the game, and the absence or inclusion of key players can be a significant factor in determining the outcome. Until the lineups are officially published, the anticipation and speculation surrounding this encounter between Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten will continue to build, adding to the excitement of the match.

Guadeloupe vs Sint Maarten Score Prediction

Analyzing the Over and BTTS (Both Teams to Score) statistics for both the Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten National Teams can provide valuable insights into potential match predictions for their upcoming encounter:

Over X Goals

  • Both Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten have a 100% rate of Over 0.5 goals in their matches, indicating that goals are almost always scored when they play.
  • Guadeloupe maintains a 60% rate of Over 1.5 goals, suggesting that they often produce matches with at least two goals. Sint Maarten, on the other hand, boasts a 100% rate in this category, emphasizing their attacking prowess.
  • When it comes to Over 2.5 goals, Guadeloupe has a 60% rate, while Sint Maarten registers a slightly lower 71%. This suggests that matches involving both teams tend to feature a fair amount of scoring.
  • Over 3.5 goals and Over 4.5 goals statistics are lower, indicating that matches rarely reach these higher goal thresholds.

BTTS (Both Teams to Score)

  • Both Guadeloupe and Sint Maarten have a high BTTS rate, with Guadeloupe at 60% and Sint Maarten impressively at 86%. This indicates that there is a strong likelihood of both teams finding the back of the net in their matches.
  • BTTS & Win and BTTS & Draw percentages are also noteworthy, with both teams occasionally achieving these outcomes, though Sint Maarten’s rate in BTTS & Win is slightly higher.
  • BTTS & Over 2.5 goals is prevalent for both teams, emphasizing their ability to participate in high-scoring and competitive matches.

Based on these statistics, the prediction for the Guadeloupe vs. Sint Maarten match suggests that it could be a high-scoring and competitive encounter. With both teams having a strong propensity to score and the potential for goals to exceed 2.5, it’s likely that spectators can expect an entertaining match with goals from both sides.

Stats for Guadeloupe

The statistics for the Guadeloupe National Team provide valuable insights into their recent performance, both at home and away, showcasing their strengths and areas of improvement:

Overall Win Percentage

Guadeloupe has maintained a 50% win rate in their recent matches, indicating a competitive record. This suggests that they are capable of securing positive results in their games.

Average Goals (AVG)

  • Overall: Guadeloupe has an average of 2.70 goals per match, indicating a propensity for scoring in their games.
  • Home: When playing at home, they maintain an average of 3.00 goals per match, suggesting they tend to be more prolific in front of their home crowd.
  • Away: While away from home, Guadeloupe’s average drops slightly to 2.50 goals per match, but they remain capable of finding the back of the net consistently.

Goals Scored and Conceded

Guadeloupe scores an average of 1.50 goals per match while conceding 1.20 goals per match overall. These statistics reflect a relatively balanced approach in their games, emphasizing both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Guadeloupe’s matches have seen both teams score in 60% of their recent games, suggesting an element of competitiveness and open play in their fixtures.

Clean Sheets (CS)

Guadeloupe has kept a clean sheet in 10% of their recent matches. While not the most frequent occurrence, this indicates their ability to shut down their opponents defensively on occasion.

Failed to Score (FTS)

In 30% of their recent matches, Guadeloupe failed to score. This stat highlights an area where they might need improvement in terms of offensive consistency.

Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Goals Against (xGA)

  • Guadeloupe’s expected goals (xG) are higher than the goals they actually score, indicating that they create quality goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Conversely, their expected goals against (xGA) are slightly lower than the goals they concede, suggesting they have the potential to improve defensively.

Overall, Guadeloupe’s statistics provide a comprehensive view of their recent performance, showcasing their ability to score goals, maintain a competitive win percentage, and their potential for both attacking and defensive improvements. These stats serve as valuable indicators for understanding their strengths and areas they may want to focus on as they continue to compete in international football.

Stats for Sint Maarten

The statistics for the Sint Maarten National Team offer insights into their recent performance, differentiating between their home and away matches, revealing both strengths and areas for potential improvement:

Overall Win Percentage

Sint Maarten has an overall win percentage of 43%, indicating that they have secured victories in a substantial portion of their recent matches.

Average Goals (AVG)

  • Overall: Sint Maarten has an average of 4.86 goals per match, which suggests a tendency towards high-scoring games.
  • Home: When playing at home, their average goals per match increase significantly to 6.25, indicating a prolific offense in their home fixtures.
  • Away: When competing away from home, Sint Maarten’s average goals per match drop to 3.00, suggesting slightly reduced scoring capability on the road.

Goals Scored and Conceded

Sint Maarten scores an average of 2.86 goals per match while conceding 2.00 goals per match overall. These statistics reveal an attacking mindset but also highlight the need for defensive improvement.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Sint Maarten’s matches often feature both teams scoring, with a high BTTS percentage of 86% in their recent games. This suggests an inclination towards open and competitive encounters.

Clean Sheets (CS)

Sint Maarten has not kept any clean sheets (CS) in their recent matches. This indicates a defensive challenge that the team may need to address.

Failed to Score (FTS)

Sint Maarten has experienced matches where they failed to score in 14% of their recent fixtures, with a significantly lower FTS percentage in home games compared to away matches.

Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Goals Against (xGA)

  • Sint Maarten’s expected goals (xG) are slightly higher than their actual goals scored, indicating that they generate decent goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Their expected goals against (xGA) are slightly higher than their goals conceded, suggesting a need to tighten their defense.

Sint Maarten’s statistics reflect a team that is capable of scoring goals and achieving victories, particularly when playing at home. However, their high BTTS percentage and the absence of clean sheets indicate room for defensive improvement. Analyzing expected goals and goals conceded provides further insight into their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of their recent performance on the international stage.

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