When Will One Piece Dub Catch Up? Does Crunchyroll Have One Piece Dub?

When will the dubbing of One Piece catch up?

Modern One Piece’s English dub used to lag significantly behind the Japanese version due to a five-year gap, but recent changes have narrowed the gap. Dubbed episodes are now being released faster than dubbed episodes, causing the One Piece dubs to catch up with the latest episodes. According to the current rhythm, it is only a matter of time before the dubbing is fully updated.

The English dub of One Piece is available on Crunchyroll with over 1069 episodes. Dubbing is catching up faster than expected, and new dubbed episodes are being released in batches. Episodes 977-988 are currently available on Crunchyroll, while Hulu and Netflix have fewer dubbed episodes.

Given the dub’s recent production ramp-up, the dub could reach episode 1,070 by the end of 2023, and the dub could hit episode 1,093. This trend suggests that dubbing may be ready for SimulDubs by March 2024, by reducing the gap between the two versions and providing a more synchronized viewing experience.

Does Crunchyroll have One Piece Dub?

Yes, One Piece is now available in English on Crunchyroll! The English dub of the iconic One Piece anime series is available on Crunchyroll starting July 5. Crunchyroll and Toei Animation have brought 976 English-dubbed episodes of the series to the platform, and fans have been watching from the first episode all the way through season 14, Voyage 7, with more English dubs planned for release in the future. Added on August 15, the English-dubbed episodes 989 to 1000 of One Piece continue the Wano Kingdom storyline as the Straw Hat Pirates clash with powerful foes like Big Mom and Kaido.

“One Piece” is a shounen adventure manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 1997. The series gained worldwide recognition, forming an extensive media franchise. Plus, a live-action adaptation of the show is coming to Netflix.

Toei Animation produced the anime adaptation, which premiered its first season in October 1999. The anime’s current storyline centers on Wano Country.

The series synopsis sums up Monkey D. Luffy’s journey: “Refused to let anything stand in the way of his quest to become One Piece, Luffy sails the perilous Great Line and beyond. With unwavering determination , he seeks the ultimate treasure: a piece of legend!”


How many episodes of “One Piece” are dubbed?

The arrival of Anime Expo 2023 has brought a wave of excitement to ardent One Piece fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the English dub on Crunchyroll. Beginning July 5, 2023, viewers will be delighted to have the opportunity to watch the English dub, which will hopefully finally cover the captivating Wano Country storyline. Anime Expo attendees had a chance to catch a special treat from the 1,000th episode of “Overwhelming Power! The Straw Hats Gather.” in English. Recent developments have pushed the English dub beyond expectations, and there are plenty of episodes waiting for fans to enjoy, though not all of them are expected to air at the same time.

As of July 16, 2023, the number of episodes available for English dubbing of the One Piece anime has reached an impressive 1069 episodes. Notably, the pace of progress suggests that the English dub is catching up faster than initially expected. However, fans should expect the release of episodes to unfold incrementally rather than all at once.

To facilitate this process, Crunchyroll employs a strategy of streaming new dubbed episodes in batches. Crunchyroll subscribers will have access to a range of episodes from 977 to 988 episodes until July 25, 2023. It’s worth noting that One Piece’s English dub availability varies on other streaming platforms. For example, Hulu currently offers an English dub of episode 517, while Netflix offers an English dub of episode 381.

The journey of the English dub of One Piece on Crunchyroll set the stage for an exciting viewing experience, and while fans may not see all episodes drop immediately, the deliberate approach of releasing episodes in batches ensures Those who set out to watch this epic adventure are in for a consistent entertainment experience.


One Piece is a well-known Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation, which debuted on Fuji TV in October 1999. Based on the manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda, the show follows the fascinating adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. Our protagonist, a young boy, unwittingly acquires the extraordinary ability to stretch his body like rubber after eating a mysterious devil fruit. Guided by his fearless spirit, Luffy leads the Straw Hat Pirates, a group of energetic pirates, to chart a course in the treacherous waters of the Great Route. The crew’s ultimate goal: to find the legendary treasure “One Piece” and secure Luffy’s coveted position as One Piece.

Since its maiden voyage to Japan, the drama has aired 1,072 episodes and captivated viewers. Its fascination has transcended national borders, and animation spreads in different countries around the world. The creative helm rests with a talented director and screenwriter, including Konosuke Uda, Junji Shimizu, Munehisa Sakai, Hiroaki Miyamoto, Toshitoku Fukasawa, and Tatsuya Nagareo. Complementing the storyline, the musical artistry of Tanaka Kohei and Hamaguchi Shiro adds depth to the saga.

Toei Animation is a pioneering studio known for its animation creations, leading the way in visual spectacle. Crunchyroll took on the responsibility of licensing, expanding the franchise’s reach. Fuji TV was the original broadcast network, and numerous networks around the world, including Cartoon Network, TV2, YTV, etc., have embraced the One Piece story. The show has been on a continuous voyage since October 20, 1999, and continues to unfold with a storyline of 1,073 episodes.

One Piece is an extraordinary journey full of friendship, ambition and unknown charm. As Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates navigate the vast oceans and countless challenges, their quest for the mysterious One Piece resonates with audiences, making the series a testament to the limitless power of imagination and storytelling.

One Piece dubbing lineup and characters

Here’s the cast of One Piece’s main characters, along with their respective Japanese and English voice actors, courtesy of Crunchyroll:




Monkey D. Luffy

Mayumi Tanaka

Colleen Klinkenbeed

Roronoa Zoro

Kazuya Nakai

Christopher R Sabart


Okamura Akemi

lucy christian


Yamaguchi Kappei

sunny str.


Hirata Hiroaki

Eric Weir

Tony Tony Chopper

Otani Ikue

Brenna Palencia

Nico Robin

Yuriko Yamaguchi

stephanie yang


Yao Kazuki

Patrick Seitz



Ian Sinclair


Daisuke Gōri (until episode 432) Katsuhisa Hōki (rest of the series)

Daniel Bow

These talented voice actors have been instrumental in bringing to life the beloved characters of One Piece, capturing the essence and personality of each character in both the original Japanese and English adaptations.

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