Use your sharp eyes to find the crow strolling along the riverbank in 7 seconds!

Optical illusion puzzles are created for the sole purpose of tricking and deceiving people. They are usually amazing illustrations that feature objects, animals and even people. The objective of optical puzzles, like the ones we present to you, is to improve your observation skills and attention to detail. If you want to improve the aforementioned skills, you will only have to follow the instructions and find the hidden object and/or animal and/or person. And you have to do all this within the time limit, only then you can strengthen your cognitive skills. So are you ready for today’s optical illusion game? Let us begin.

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Optical illusion: find the crow in 7 seconds

Look at today’s optical puzzle.


Source: Mr. Teach

The image above shows a view of a river bank near a dense forest. There is a crow hidden somewhere in the image. You have to find said crow within the time limit. You will have only 7 seconds to find the crow. You know what you have to do. Set your timers and start searching for the crow. Your time starts now. All the best!

People with keen eyesight can find the bird in an instant, while others will take some time to figure out where the crow is hiding in the image. If you are able to find the crow in 7 seconds, then my friend, you have very sharp eyes. When you run out of time, scroll down to see the solution.

Optical Illusion Solution

The solution to this optical puzzle is just below. Have a look:


Source: Mr. Teach

We hope you liked this optical illusion puzzle.

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