Top 10 Songs in Uganda Now – Chart Toppers

Top 10 Songs in Uganda Now


Top 10 Songs in Uganda Now




David Lutalo



Gravity Omutujju


Chekecha Remix

Karole Kasita, Winnie Nwagi


Edogo Lyafuluka 

Clever J



Alien Skin


Olunaku Lukedde 

Ngooma Joseph






Ray G


Last Chance

Acidic Vokoz


Let It Rain

Chosen Becky

Top Ugandan Songs of The Week

Introducing the “Top Ugandan Songs of The Week,” where we bring you the freshest and most popular tracks currently making waves in the Ugandan music scene. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of these chart-topping hits, curated to keep you entertained and up-to-date with the latest musical sensations from Uganda. Let’s dive right into the beats that are setting the trends!


1. Byonkola (David Lutalo)

“Byonkola” is a sensational Ugandan song by the incredibly talented artist David Lutalo. Released in 2023, this track has swiftly climbed the charts and captured the hearts of music enthusiasts across the nation. David Lutalo, renowned for his soulful vocals and captivating lyrics, delivers an emotional performance in “Byonkola.” The song’s title translates to “You Made Me Cry” in English, reflecting the deeply poignant and relatable theme of love and heartbreak that resonates with listeners. Lutalo’s melodic voice carries the weight of the lyrics, creating a powerful and evocative atmosphere in this touching ballad. “Byonkola” showcases Lutalo’s artistry at its finest, making it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the soulful side of Ugandan music.

The music video for “Byonkola” is equally compelling, featuring captivating visuals that enhance the song’s emotional impact. It’s no surprise that this song has become a staple on Ugandan radio stations and in playlists around the country, solidifying David Lutalo’s reputation as one of Uganda’s most talented and beloved musicians

2. Okwepicha (Gravity Omutujju)

“Okwepicha” is a vibrant Ugandan hit brought to life by the energetic and charismatic artist Gravity Omutujju. This song, released in 2023, showcases Gravity’s signature style, characterized by catchy beats and clever wordplay. “Okwepicha” is a feel-good track that combines elements of Afrobeat and hip-hop, creating a lively and danceable tune that has become a favorite on the Ugandan music scene. Gravity’s distinctive rap style adds a unique flavor to the song, and his lyrical prowess shines through as he weaves a narrative that’s both entertaining and relatable.

The music video for “Okwepicha” complements the song’s upbeat vibe, featuring dynamic choreography and colorful visuals that invite viewers to join in the celebration. Gravity Omutujju’s infectious energy is on full display, making “Okwepicha” a track that’s impossible not to move to. It’s no wonder that this song has earned its place among the top Ugandan songs of the year, solidifying Gravity Omutujju’s reputation as a dynamic and influential figure in the Ugandan music industry.

3. Chekecha Remix (Karole Kasita, Winnie Nwagi)–TRg0

“Chekecha Remix” is a collaborative masterpiece that brings together the talents of Karole Kasita, Winnie Nwagi, and Vin… (Vincent). Originally released as “Chekecha” by Karole Kasita, this remix takes the song to new heights with the addition of two powerhouse artists. The track exudes a vibrant and infectious energy, fusing elements of dancehall and Afrobeat to create a rhythm that’s impossible to resist. Karole Kasita’s sultry vocals, Winnie Nwagi’s dynamic performance, and Vin…’s smooth delivery all contribute to the song’s irresistible charm.

The music video for “Chekecha Remix” is a visual spectacle, featuring stunning choreography and a lively atmosphere that perfectly complements the song’s festive vibe. The lyrics, delivered in a blend of Luganda and English, add to the song’s universal appeal, making it a hit not only in Uganda but also on the international music scene. “Chekecha Remix” is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Ugandan music and the ability of talented artists to come together and create something truly exceptional.

4. Edogo Lyafuluka (Clever J)

“Edogo Lyafuluka” by Clever J has become a standout hit in the Ugandan music scene. Clever J, whose real name is Julius James Kyazze, is known for his distinct Afrobeat and Dancehall fusion, and this track is a prime example of his musical prowess. Released in 2023, the song has captured the hearts of many listeners with its catchy melodies and clever lyrics. The title, “Edogo Lyafuluka,” translates to “The Dance Floor Is On Fire,” and it’s a fitting description for this high-energy dance track. Clever J’s smooth vocals and infectious rhythm make it a go-to choice for parties and club nights across the country, ensuring it a top spot on the Ugandan music charts.

With its blend of traditional Ugandan music elements and modern Afrobeat influences, “Edogo Lyafuluka” not only gets people on their feet but also celebrates the rich musical heritage of Uganda. Clever J’s ability to infuse cultural elements into his music while keeping it contemporary has earned him a dedicated fanbase and solidified his position as a prominent artist in the Ugandan music industry.

5. Party (Alien Skin)

“Party” by Alien Skin is another sensational track that has taken Ugandan music by storm. Alien Skin, a rising star in the Ugandan music scene, has been making waves with their unique blend of Afrobeat and electronic dance music. “Party” is a testament to their creative prowess and ability to craft infectious tunes that resonate with a wide audience. Released in 2023, the song radiates an electrifying energy that is perfect for dance floors and social gatherings.

“Party” combines pulsating beats, groovy basslines, and Alien Skin’s smooth vocals to create a sonic experience that’s impossible to resist. The lyrics celebrate the spirit of celebration and togetherness, making it a favorite anthem for partygoers and music enthusiasts alike. As Alien Skin continues to evolve their sound and push the boundaries of Ugandan music, “Party” stands as a testament to their promising future in the industry, and it’s a track that will keep you dancing all night long.

6. Olunaku Lukedde (Ngooma Joseph)

Ngooma Joseph’s “Olunaku Lukedde” is a heartwarming and soulful Ugandan ballad that has touched the hearts of many music lovers. Ngooma Joseph, known for his emotive vocal delivery and storytelling ability, has created a timeless piece of music with this song. Released in 2023, “Olunaku Lukedde” translates to “The Moon is Beautiful,” and it carries a poetic and romantic essence that captures the beauty of a moonlit night.

This song’s gentle melody, accompanied by Ngooma Joseph’s soul-stirring vocals, creates an atmosphere of tranquility and nostalgia. The lyrics speak of love, longing, and the beauty of nature, making it a song that resonates with deep emotions. “Olunaku Lukedde” showcases Ngooma Joseph’s talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to convey profound emotions through his music. It’s a track that provides solace and comfort to its listeners, making it a standout in the realm of Ugandan ballads.

7. Bailando (Vinka)

“Bailando” by Vinka is a scintillating addition to the Ugandan music scene in 2023. The song effortlessly combines elements of Afrobeat and dancehall, creating an infectious and dance-worthy tune. Vinka’s distinctive vocals, characterized by their smooth and sultry quality, take center stage as she delivers a captivating performance. The lyrics of “Bailando” evoke feelings of joy and celebration, making it a perfect anthem for parties and gatherings. The song’s production is top-notch, with a catchy melody and vibrant instrumentation that includes catchy percussion and melodic synths. Vinka’s charisma and stage presence shine through in the music video, where she showcases her impressive dance moves. “Bailando” is not just a song; it’s an experience that invites listeners to let loose and dance the night away.

8. Manvuli (Ray G)

Ray G’s “Manvuli” is a compelling track that showcases his versatility as an artist. Released in 2023, this song seamlessly fuses elements of Afrobeat and hip-hop, resulting in a unique and captivating sound. Ray G’s lyrical prowess is on full display as he delivers verses that touch on themes of ambition, perseverance, and the pursuit of success. The song’s title, “Manvuli,” which can be loosely translated to “struggles” or “challenges” in English, reflects the song’s central message of overcoming obstacles on the path to achieving one’s goals. The music video complements the song beautifully, with striking visuals that enhance the narrative of resilience and determination. “Manvuli” has resonated with audiences not only for its musical quality but also for its inspirational message, making it a standout track in Ray G’s discography.

9. Last Chance (Acidic Vokoz)

“Last Chance” by Acidic Vokoz is a heartfelt ballad that tugs at the heartstrings. This song, released in 2023, showcases Acidic Vokoz’s vocal prowess and songwriting skills. The lyrics tell a poignant story of love, regret, and the desire for a second chance in a relationship. Acidic Vokoz’s emotive delivery adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced the complexities of love. The instrumentation is stripped down, allowing the vocals to take center stage, with acoustic guitar and gentle percussion providing a melodic backdrop. “Last Chance” is a testament to the power of music in conveying deep emotions and connecting with listeners on a profound level. This soul-stirring track has earned a special place in the hearts of many, making it a standout in Acidic Vokoz’s repertoire.

10. Let It Rain (Chosen Becky)

“Let It Rain” by Chosen Becky is a delightful fusion of Afrobeat and R&B, released in 2023. This song is a testament to Chosen Becky’s talent as both a singer and a performer. The lyrics are filled with optimism and hope, portraying a message of perseverance and triumph over life’s challenges. Chosen Becky’s smooth and soulful vocals are a highlight of the track, creating a sense of warmth and comfort for the listener. The production is polished, with a catchy melody and a blend of traditional African rhythms and contemporary sounds. The music video complements the song’s theme, featuring scenes of resilience and triumph in the face of adversity. “Let It Rain” is not only a melodious tune but also an anthem of positivity and resilience that resonates with audiences across the spectrum. Chosen Becky’s ability to deliver such a powerful message through her music makes this song a standout in her career.

What Music Styles and Genres Are Most Popular in Uganda at the Moment?

Uganda is known for its rich and diverse music scene, which encompasses various genres. At that time, the following music styles and genres were among the most popular:

Afrobeats: Afrobeats had been gaining significant popularity in Uganda and across Africa. This genre is characterized by a fusion of traditional African rhythms, high-energy percussion, and contemporary elements, often featuring catchy melodies and danceable tunes.

Dancehall and Reggae: Dancehall and reggae music have a strong following in Uganda. Artists like Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine had made significant contributions to these genres, blending elements of Caribbean music with local Ugandan influences.

Hip-Hop and Rap: Hip-hop and rap were also prominent in Uganda’s music landscape. Several Ugandan artists were known for their lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. These genres often addressed social and political issues, as well as personal experiences.

Lugaflow: Lugaflow is a subgenre of hip-hop unique to Uganda. It involves rapping in Luganda, one of Uganda’s most widely spoken languages. Lugaflow artists were celebrated for their lyrical skills and ability to connect with local audiences.

RnB and Soul: RnB and soul music continued to have a dedicated fan base in Uganda. Artists like Maurice Kirya and Irene Ntale were known for their soulful voices and emotional ballads.

Gospel Music: Gospel music remained a significant part of Uganda’s music scene, reflecting the country’s religious diversity. Gospel artists often combined contemporary sounds with religious themes, and their music was popular in both religious and mainstream circles.

Traditional and Folk Music: Uganda’s cultural diversity is reflected in its traditional and folk music. Artists and groups often incorporated traditional instruments and melodies into their songs, celebrating the country’s rich heritage.

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