Top 10 Most Watched Web Series In World, Top 10 Web Series in World

The rise of web series in 2018 has had a profound impact on the Indian entertainment industry, providing a fresh and diverse way of viewing for audiences who are tired of the traditional Hindi film format. However, with so many options available on platforms like Netflix, TVF, Amazon, SonyLIV, and Hotstar, it can be difficult to decide which web series to watch, especially if you have specific genre preferences and can’t rely solely on reviews. To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most-watched web series across various genres, without revealing any spoilers.

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game of Thrones



stranger things



walking dead



money robbery






squid game






breaking Bad






prison Break


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Top 10 Web Series in the World

Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

“Game of Thrones” is a TV series based on the storyline of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The play is set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Essos. It chronicles the violent dynastic struggles of the kingdom’s noble families fighting for the Iron Throne, while other families fight for independence from the Iron Throne. The show premiered on April 17, 2011 and ended on May 19, 2019. The play is adapted from “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Game of Thrones”, with music composed by Ramin Djawadi. The first episode of the show aired on April 17, 2011. The series is written by David Benioff, George R.R. Martin, DB Weiss, Brian Cogman, Vanessa Taylor, Jane Espenson and Dave Hill . Mark Milod, Alex Graves, David Nutt and others directed the play. The show’s popularity continues to grow with each season, with viewership increasing from 9.3 million in season one to 46 million in season eight. The show has received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and TV Guide.

Stranger Things(2016)

Stranger Things is a television series that premiered on Netflix in July 2016. The show’s story revolves around a missing boy, a small town learning about secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a strange little girl. Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Jessie Nickson-Lopez and others wrote the show, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer created the show. Genres of the show include Horror, Horror Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural and Historical Drama. The show has received high ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. The total viewing time of the first season was 45.22 million hours, the total viewing time of the second season was 41.11 million hours, and the total viewing time of the third season was 36.59 million hours. The show is an international hit, with 1.15 billion hours watched in its fourth season, making it the second-most-watched Netflix series of all time.

The Walking Dead (2010–2022)

The Walking Dead is a television series that premiered on October 31, 2010 on AMC. The story follows police officer Rick Grimes and a group of survivors as they search for a safe and secure home after a zombie apocalypse sweeps across the United States. AMC, AMC Networks and Fox co-air the show, based on Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adelaide’s The Walking Dead. The show’s genres include horror, serial and zombie apocalypse. The show averaged 4-6 million viewers in its first season, and that number continued to rise in its second season. However, the show peaked in 2014 with its fifth season, which debuted with 17.3 million viewers, making it the most-watched show in the show’s history. The most-watched series in cable TV history. Ratings declined steadily after season five, with a sharp drop between the season seven premiere and the season eight premiere.

Money Heists (2017–2021)

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama that began streaming on Netflix on May 2, 2017. The story of the play revolves around eight robbers who locked themselves inside the Royal Spanish Mint and took many hostages. The criminal mastermind pressured the police to carry out his plan. The language of the show is Spanish, and its spin-off is La casa de papel: Corea. The show has received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Netflix revealed

Mirzapur (2011–2019)

Mirzapur is a Hindi web series that premiered in 2018 and the second season was released two years later. The show revolves around power, love and anger, and it’s a fan-favorite. Following the success of Season 1, Season 2 broke records again, becoming the most-watched show on Amazon Prime Video in India within just 7 days of its release. Fans now have high hopes for a third season.

Squid Game(2021)

“Squid Game” is a Korean web series to be released on Netflix in September 2021. It tells the story of contestants participating in children’s games to win great prizes. However, the stakes in this game are deadly. The show quickly became the most popular show in Netflix history, ranking No. 1 in 94 countries around the world with over 111 million viewers.

Vikings (2013–2020)

“Vikings” is a TV series that premiered in 2013 and ran for six seasons. The story revolves around the legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, who grew from an ordinary farmer to a fearless warrior and commander of a Viking tribe. Despite the strong ratings, the show’s final two seasons were notably lower.

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad premiered in 2008 and ran for five seasons through 2013. The show tells the story of high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who starts a meth production business to pay off his medical debt after learning he has cancer. The show is one of the most successful television series of all time and was named the most critically acclaimed television series of all time by Guinness World Records in 2013.


Lucifer is a comedy web series that premiered in 2016 and will run for six seasons through 2021. The show revolves around a demon named Lucifer who returns from hell and settles in Los Angeles. He soon worked with local police to help them solve criminal cases. With a total of 93 episodes, the series became the No. 1 original streaming program in the Nielsen U.S. rankings, with 18.3 billion minutes watched.

Jailbreak (2005-2017)

“Prison Break” premiered in 2005 and ran for five seasons as of 2017. The play revolves around a political conspiracy in which an innocent man is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. The show has won awards and critical acclaim for its drama, crime drama and action thriller elements.

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