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Top 10 Fastest Rap Songs Ever


Fastest Rap Song



Clash of the Titans(2013)

Krayzie Bone





New West (2005)



100 Miles & Running (2018)

Logic feat. Wale & John Lindahl


Break Ya Neck (2001)

Busta Rhymes


Record Breaker (World’s Fastest Rapper) (2007)

Rebel XD


Slow Jamz (2003)

Twista feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx


Godzilla (2020)

Eminem feat. Juice WRLD


Worldwide Choppers (2011)

Tech N9ne feat. Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf,

Twisted Insane, Ceza, JL, Twista, U$O & D-Loc


Power Up (2017)


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Fastest Rap Songs Ever

In the world of rap, speed can be a formidable weapon, and some artists have taken it to the extreme, pushing the boundaries of lyrical velocity. These fastest rap songs ever showcase the prowess of artists who spit bars at lightning speed, leaving listeners in awe of their linguistic dexterity and rhythmic precision. From bone-rattling verses to mind-bending flows, join us on a journey through the fastest rap songs in the history of hip-hop, where words become a whirlwind of sonic intensity.


1. Clash of the Titans(2013)

In 2013, the hip-hop world witnessed an epic showdown of lyrical prowess when Krayzie Bone, a member of the legendary rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, dropped “Clash of the Titans.” This track served as a powerful testament to Krayzie Bone’s skills as a solo artist, proving that he was far from complacent after his successful tenure with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. What made “Clash of the Titans” particularly noteworthy was Krayzie Bone’s bold decision to sample Eminem’s “Rap God,” a track known for its blistering speed and complex rhyme schemes. Krayzie Bone effortlessly rose to the challenge, delivering a verse that can only be described as legendary. Despite the title suggesting a clash, Krayzie Bone openly expressed his admiration for Eminem, showing there was no animosity between the two. Krayzie Bone’s verse in “Clash of the Titans” remains an enduring example of rapid-fire lyrical skill and a nod to the broader culture of hip-hop admiration.

2. B.O.B.(2000)

Outkast’s “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)” from their 2000 album “Stankonia” is a high-octane masterpiece that still resonates with fans today. The track opens with a verse from André 3000 that is nothing short of electrifying. André’s delivery not only keeps up with the chaotic tempo of the song but also commands it, making this verse one of the most memorable in rap history. “B.O.B.” is a sonic rollercoaster, with André’s verse setting the tone for a relentless musical journey. The song’s frenetic pace and energy were only intensified by the backdrop of the Iraq War, which was ongoing at the time of its release. “B.O.B.” solidified Outkast’s status as trailblazers in the rap genre, and André 3000’s verse is a testament to his unparalleled ability to navigate intricate rhythms with poetic flair.

3. New West (2005)

In 2005, a relatively unknown Seattle rapper by the name of NoClue burst onto the scene and made history by claiming the Guinness World Records title of the Fastest Rap MC. At just 20 years old, NoClue showcased his extraordinary speed and lyrical dexterity in the song “New West.” This track featured a mind-boggling 14.1 syllables per second in its second verse, totaling 723 syllables over a mere 51.27 seconds. NoClue’s rapid delivery was so astonishing that his own throat would hurt during practice due to the superhuman speed he was achieving. His dedication to perfecting his craft paid off when he earned the Guinness title. NoClue’s moment in the mid-2000s serves as a testament to the age-old adage that practice makes perfect in the world of rap, and his record-breaking verse remains a benchmark for aspiring fast rappers to this day.

4. 100 Miles & Running (2018)

In 2018, Maryland rapper Logic teamed up with Wale and John Lindahl for the track “100 Miles & Running,” and it quickly became a standout in his catalog. The song showcases Logic’s impressive lyrical prowess, particularly in the fourth and final verse. Here, Logic transforms into a lyrical juggernaut, rapping at a blistering pace of 11.7 syllables per second. His rapid-fire delivery is a testament to his technical skill and ability to maintain clarity even at breakneck speeds. “100 Miles & Running” not only highlights Logic’s remarkable speed but also his capacity to seamlessly blend intricate wordplay with a feel-good, upbeat instrumental, making it a memorable addition to the world of fast-paced rap.

5. Break Ya Neck (2001)

Busta Rhymes is known for his lightning-fast delivery and charismatic presence, and his 2001 hit “Break Ya Neck” perfectly exemplifies his rapid-fire style. Backed by a classic beat from Dr. Dre and Scott Storch, Busta Rhymes unleashes an unparalleled verbal assault in the second verse of the song. His performance is so explosive that it feels like an extinction-level event in the world of hip-hop. What sets Busta Rhymes apart is not just his studio prowess; his live performances are often even faster and cleaner than the original recordings. “Break Ya Neck” not only solidified Busta’s reputation as a formidable force in rap but also doubled as a banging party track with a star-studded music video, showcasing his versatility as an artist who can both entertain and astonish.

6. Record Breaker (World’s Fastest Rapper) (2007)

Rebel XD, an artist who gained recognition for his lightning-fast rhymes, released “Record Breaker (World’s Fastest Rapper)” in 2007. While the song’s title may not have aged the best, it served as a platform for Rebel XD to assert his dominance in the world of fast rap. Throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s, Rebel XD engaged in a friendly rivalry for the Guinness Book of World Records title of Fastest Rap MC, competing against formidable opponents like Twista. In 2007, he made a triumphant comeback with “Record Breaker,” which he performed live on air, securing his third reign as a Guinness title-holder. Even when he switches to a slower flow in the song, it’s still significantly faster than most rappers’ quickest output. Rebel XD’s verses in “Record Breaker” showcase not only his exceptional speed but also his dedication to pushing the boundaries of rap’s lyrical limits.

7. Slow Jamz (2003)

“Slow Jamz” is a standout track from Twista’s 2003 album “Kamikaze.” Featuring Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, it’s a remarkable fusion of rap and R&B, perfectly capturing the essence of smooth, seductive slow jams while showcasing Twista’s lightning-fast rap skills. Twista’s contribution to the song is nothing short of exceptional, as he effortlessly delivers rapid-fire verses that contrast beautifully with the song’s sultry vibe. His ability to maintain his signature chopper style while fitting seamlessly into a more laid-back track is a testament to his versatility as a rapper. The song not only marked a commercial success, reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, but it also solidified Twista’s reputation as one of the fastest rappers in the industry, making “Slow Jamz” an iconic moment in hip-hop history.

8. Godzilla (2020)

“Godzilla” is a track from Eminem’s 2020 album “Music to Be Murdered By,” featuring the late Juice WRLD. This song turned heads and set records in the rap world due to Eminem’s mind-boggling speed during the third verse. According to Genius, Eminem raps at an astonishing 10.65 syllables per second in this verse, making it his fastest-ever rapping performance. The track itself is a high-energy showcase of lyrical prowess, with Eminem addressing his critics and asserting his dominance in the rap game. The collaboration with Juice WRLD, who provides the catchy chorus, adds a contemporary touch to the song. “Godzilla” not only highlights Eminem’s enduring talent but also pays tribute to Juice WRLD’s contribution to the rap world, making it a memorable moment in modern hip-hop history

9. Worldwide Choppers (2011)

“Worldwide Choppers” is a standout track from Tech N9ne’s 2011 album “All 6’s & 7’s.” This song is a rap enthusiast’s dream, featuring an ensemble of some of the fastest rappers in the industry, including Busta Rhymes, Twisted Insane, Ceza, JL, Twista, U$O, D-Loc, and of course, Tech N9ne himself. Each artist brings their unique style to the track, and Tech N9ne’s portion stands out as a masterclass in rapid-fire delivery. His verse is characterized by intricate rhyme schemes and incredible clarity, showcasing his ability to maintain speed without sacrificing lyrical depth. “Worldwide Choppers” is a celebration of the global reach of hip-hop and a testament to the diverse talents within the genre. It remains a fan-favorite and a benchmark for fast-paced rap collaborations.

10. Power Up (2017)

“Power Up” is a relatively lesser-known rap song that gained attention for its astonishing speed. Released in 2017 by the underground rapper Crucified, the track opens with what can only be described as a sonic assault of rapid-fire verses. Crucified, while not a mainstream name, displayed an uncanny ability to deliver lyrics at an astonishing pace. His verses in “Power Up” are a showcase of pure speed, with complex rhyme patterns and a relentless flow. Despite not achieving widespread recognition, Crucified’s verses in this song have earned him a cult following among fans of fast rap. “Power Up” exemplifies the hidden talent that exists within the underground hip-hop scene and is a must-listen for those who appreciate the art of rapid-fire lyricism.

What Are the Characteristics of the Fastest Rap Songs?

Blistering Speed: The most obvious characteristic of the fastest rap songs is the incredible speed at which the lyrics are delivered. Rappers in these songs showcase their ability to rhyme words and phrases rapidly, often pushing the limits of human vocal dexterity. The syllables per second (SPS) count in these songs is exceptionally high, with some verses reaching double digits in SPS.

Complex Rhyme Schemes: Fast rap songs often feature intricate and complex rhyme schemes. Rappers don’t just deliver words quickly; they do so while maintaining a tight structure of rhyming words and patterns. This complexity adds an extra layer of difficulty to the performance and highlights the rapper’s lyrical prowess.

Precision and Clarity: Despite the breakneck speed, the best fast rap songs maintain a remarkable level of precision and clarity in pronunciation. Rappers enunciate each word clearly, ensuring that the listener can follow along, even at high speeds. This showcases the artist’s mastery of articulation and breath control.

Lyrical Depth: While speed is a defining characteristic, the fastest rap songs often contain meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics. Rappers use their rapid-fire delivery to convey intricate stories, wordplay, and messages, proving that speed doesn’t come at the expense of lyrical substance.

Technical Versatility: Fast rap songs demonstrate the technical versatility of the artist. Rappers can seamlessly switch between fast and slow tempos, showcasing their ability to adapt to various styles and rhythms within a single track. This versatility is a testament to their skill as wordsmiths and performers.

Collaborations and Showcases: Some of the fastest rap songs feature collaborations with other talented artists. These collaborations allow for friendly competitions where multiple rappers try to outdo each other in terms of speed and skill, creating an exhilarating listening experience.

Cultural Impact: Fast rap songs have left a significant cultural impact on the hip-hop genre. They serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring rappers who aim to master the art of rapid delivery. Additionally, they contribute to the ongoing evolution of rap music by pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in terms of speed and technicality.

The characteristics of the fastest rap songs encompass speed, complex rhyme schemes, precision, lyrical depth, technical versatility, collaborations, and a lasting cultural impact. These songs are a testament to the exceptional skill and creativity of the artists who can deliver rapid-fire verses while maintaining lyrical depth and clarity.

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