The Titan was a submersible. What is the difference between a submersible and a submarine? Let’s understand

On June 19, the Titan, a ship that disappeared in the wreck of the Titanic, became a hot topic in North America. A common misconception is that the Titan is a submarine. However, very few know it; She is a submersible. What makes it submersible is the fact that she is not an autonomous ship. Contrary to popular belief, she relies on a support platform to help them get up and running.

According to Everett’s OceanGate Expeditions website, the ship is not a submarine, but rather a submersible that can carry five people. Among the five people were four crew members along with the pilot. “The platform is used to launch and recover manned submersibles by flooding their flotation tanks with water for a controlled descent to depths of 9.1 meters (30 feet) to avoid any surface turbulence.” says the website. “Once submerged, the platform uses a patented motion-dampening flotation system to remain docked to the surface while providing a stable underwater platform from which our manned submersibles take off and return after each dive,” the site adds. Web. explained.

“At the end of each dive, the submarine lands on the submerged platform and the entire system surfaces in approximately two minutes filling the ballast tanks with air,” the website continues.

What happened to the Titan ship?

The search for the Titan submersible has had an extremely tragic end. The Titan submersible reportedly suffered a catastrophic implosion on its way to the shipwreck.

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Difference between submersible and submarine – EXPLAINED

Let’s describe each of the two, one by one.

Starting with submersibles, these are underwater robots. In reality, they are deployed in waters from the ship. These robots record and collect data from the ocean water column and seabed that further helps in scientific analysis.

Submersibles are of various types. For example, some submersibles have the ability to operate remotely in real time. Some can be pre-programmed to follow a predetermined path. Some types of submersibles can transport people deep under water. The Titan was one of those submersibles.

A submarine, on the other hand, is a vessel that can operate independently underwater. A submersible, although it has limited underwater capability, is not the case with a submersible.

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