The Robot Among the Animals: An Optical Illusion That Will Boggle Your Mind

Optical illusions are a fun way to trick your brain and spend some free time away from the monotonous routine.

These puzzles are constructed in such a way that your mind tries to fill in the missing gaps with the information that is already available in your brain.

Have you ever come across an optical illusion that left you amazed and wondering how to find the answer?

Well, this puzzle from Angry Squirrel Studio has been giving people a hard time.

The puzzle is quite easy but it takes a lot of attention to find the robot hidden in it.

The image shows many animals and among them, an inanimate object that is a robot is clearly hidden.

The challenge here is to find the robot within a time limit.

Did you know that the Greek mathematician Archytas of Taranto created the first known “robot” in the 5th century BC? Pretty surprising, isn’t it?

This shows the power and abilities of the human mind.

Now it’s your turn to test your skills.

No, no, they won’t ask you to build a robot here.

You just need to test your observation skills and find the hidden robot in this image in 13 seconds.

Can you accept the challenge?

Start your stopwatch and all the best!

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Source: Angry Squirrel Studio

How is the search for the robot going?

Did you find out where he is hiding?

Well, here’s a clue: look for the robot’s eyes. Since animals and inanimate objects have different eyes, try to find a different pair.

Did you still not understand it?

Come on, it’s right in front of your eyes. Try to find the robot, just pay attention to the image.

Hurry up! Time is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time’s up!

Did you find out where the robot was hiding?

Congratulations, if you found the robot, you are a real puzzle master.

If you couldn’t find the robot, it’s okay, don’t be discouraged. Just scroll to the top again and try it again without a timer.

Now, here is the solution.

Find the hidden robot: solution

The robot hides in the upper right corner.


Source: Angry Squirrel Studio

Wasn’t this optical illusion a fun distraction for you? Keep trying these riddles and you will surely become a real riddle master.

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