The Impossible Seagull Illusion: Can You Find It in 21 Seconds?

You may have witnessed many images circulating on the Internet that challenge you to find any hidden object or animal.

Aren’t these puzzles fun? Well, these are known as optical illusions and they are designed in a certain way to stimulate your brain and challenge you.

Have you been a real puzzle master and conquered all these online challenges?

Well, this particular optical illusion will surely leave you baffled.

In this image, there are many beach items scattered around and the challenge is to discover the seagull hidden among all the clutter.

Did you know that seagulls are very intelligent? They learn, remember and even transmit behaviors.

Well, this particular seagull got lost maybe not so smart.

Now is the time to test your intelligence and observation skills and rescue this bird from disaster.

Can you accept the challenge and find the hidden seagull in 21 seconds?

Start the stopwatch and the hunt begins. All the best!

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Source: shelter

Did you find the hidden seagull?

Come on, pay attention to the image. It’s a little difficult but you can do it.

Well, here’s a clue: try looking for the seagull’s beak.

Haven’t you found it yet?

Hurry up! Time is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

The deadline is over.

Could you spot the bird? Congratulations if you found it, you have great observation skills.

If you didn’t find the seagull, don’t be discouraged, this puzzle will surely test the skills of true puzzle masters.

You can scroll back and try to find it again without a timer and improve your skills.

Here is the solution to the Optical Illusion

Find the hidden seagull: solution

The bird is hiding in the lower right corner.


Source: shelter

Wasn’t this puzzle fun? Keep testing your skills with other optical illusions and you will become a real puzzle master.

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