The Edamame Bean Optical Illusion: Can You Find Mike Wazowski in 11 Seconds?

The optical illusion works because of the way our brain processes visual information.

When we look at an image, our brain automatically tries to find patterns.

One such wishful thinking has become the talk of the town since it was posted on social media.

In this puzzle, you must find Mike Wazowski hiding among the edamame beans.

The challenge that arises here is that they are both green in color, which will baffle your brain.

The illusion is simply adorable. Mike Wazowski is a beloved character and it’s always fun to see him in unexpected places.

In the case of edamame beans, our brain sees the green beans as forming a face, even though they are just beans.

This is because the green beans are arranged in a way that resembles the features of a face, making this optical illusion quite confusing.

Did you know that according to Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest Animated Movie Characters, Mike Wazowski was ranked number 23?

Mike Wazowski has been kids’ favorite character since he appeared on Monsters Inc.

Can you accept the challenge and find the hidden animated character in 11 seconds?

JagranjoshSource: Instagram-OpticalIlusionss

Did you find the hidden Mike?

Come on, try harder, just give it more attention.

Here’s a clue: look for the eyes: Mike Wazowski has one eye and it’s pretty black. Look for the eye and you will find it.

Did you see it now?

Hurry up, time is almost up.

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time’s up!

So, were you able to find it?

If you found it, congratulations, your observation skills are pretty amazing and it was worth it.

If you didn’t find it, that’s okay, sometimes even the best puzzle masters fail.

You can scroll up again and try to find it without a timer this time.

Find the hidden Mike Wazowski: solution

Upon reaching the solution, Mike hides in the upper right corner and waves.

JagranjoshSource: Instagram-OpticalIlusionss

Optical illusions are a fun way to stimulate your brain and improve your observation skills.

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