The Charlie Brown and Pikachu Optical Illusion That Will Make You Question Everything: Find the Hidden Pikachu

Optical illusions are designed to give everyone free time so they can take a break from their monotonous routine and enjoy something fun.

These puzzles are designed in such a way that they trick your brain into believing that there is no hidden object/animal.

This occurs due to our brain’s ability to fill in missing information or perceive things in such a way that they match the knowledge that is already stored in the brain.

To offer you an incredible challenge, this puzzle hides the famous Pikachu among the Charlie Browns.

The image was created by El Salvador and is an image full of the famous Snoopy character who is Charlie Brown and they hide the Pikachu in a very clever way.

Now, you must be thinking, what is the challenge here? Well, the biggest challenge is figuring out Pikachu in 17 seconds.

Can you beat the clock and earn the title of a true puzzle master?

Remember, this puzzle will test your skills so look at the image carefully and try to find the Pikachu as soon as possible.

Are you ready? Start the stopwatch and the hunt begins! Good luck.

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So, were you able to find the Pikachu?

Still haven’t found it?

Come on, it’s hidden there, right before your eyes.

It’s okay if you can’t figure it out. Here’s an important hint: look for Pikachu’s eyes and you’ll be able to spot it right away.

Go ahead and take another look at the image with this new perspective and you’ll find it pretty easily.

But it’s time to hurry, as the 17 seconds will soon be up.

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time’s up!

So, were you able to find out where Pikachu was hiding before the timer went off?

If you found it, congratulations, you’re amazing and your observation skills are top-notch.

If you couldn’t find the Pikachu, it’s okay, this puzzle can surely test your skills and leave you puzzled.

But don’t give up, you’ve got it!

Scroll to the top and try this puzzle again with no time limit.

Coming to the solution, this is where Pikachu is hiding.

Find the hidden Pikachu: solution

The Pikachu is hiding in the lower right part of the image.



Did you enjoy this puzzle? Keep an eye out for these optical illusions and solving them will definitely help you improve your attention skills.

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