Test your brain power by finding the odd lion in 7 seconds!

Riddles: Riddles are a popular online activity that tests readers with an intriguing image or a question that requires them to think clearly and logically to solve.

Puzzles can be in the form of words, numbers or images. They are a fun and challenging way to improve your critical thinking skills, which also help you learn to think innovatively and find creative solutions to problems.

Practicing puzzles regularly can help keep the mind active and prevent cognitive decline, which is especially beneficial for older adults.

If you’re looking for a way to test your brain power and have fun along the way, try this brain teaser now!

Let us begin.

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Puzzle: Find the strange lion in 7 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows a group of lions, and the challenge for you is to spot any lion within 7 seconds.

It is necessary to observe the image carefully to detect the occasional lion.

Here are some tips to solve this brain teaser faster.

  • Relax your mind and focus on the image.
  • Study all areas of the image to find variations.

Have you seen any lions?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.

Look at the image again and try to find the lion before the clock strikes the end of time.

The last seconds remain.




Time is over.

Well, time is up and most of you may have also seen the odd lion in the group.

Congratulations! You have an active brain and excellent observation skills, making you one of the smartest people on the planet.

Those who are still looking for the occasional lion can stop their search.

Better luck next time.

Keep practicing to improve your skills even more.

We have provided the answers below.

So, check it out now!

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Find the strange lion in 7 seconds: solution

The solution to this mental challenge is the following:


While all the lions in the image have two ears, a lion in the third column and the third row has one ear, making it the odd one out.

You must try it – you have Sherlock’s wit if you can solve the picture puzzle in 4 seconds!

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