Spot The Hidden Black Cat In 5 Seconds, Only 2% Pass This Test!

Puzzles to test your IQ: Did you know that every year on October 27th, National Black Cat Day is celebrated? Now you know this interesting trivia. Well, here we have another picture puzzle for cat lovers! There is a black cat hidden among these kittens. Can you see the black cat in 5 seconds? Only 2% of highly creative people pass this test!

This picture puzzle challenge will help you test your creative intelligence, brain-eye coordination, attention to detail, and visual-spatial reasoning skills. If you’re looking to improve your problem-solving skills, develop your determination levels, and strengthen your motor skills, try this puzzle!

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Picture Puzzle IQ Test – Discover the hidden black cat in 5 seconds, only 2% pass this test!

puzzle to test your IQ

Here we have a picture puzzle that only a smart person (and a cat lover) can solve. Test your observation skills and creative intelligence with this picture puzzle. There’s a black guy hiding among these kittens. Can you see the black cat hidden in this picture?

Remember! You have only 5 seconds to find the cat.

Improve your IQ score, concentration and attention span with this picture puzzle.

Your time starts now!

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Did you see the black cat hiding in 5 seconds?

Good job! This picture puzzle requires concentration, long attention span, patience and concentration, and it seems that you have all this because you solved this puzzle. You are also good at working within deadlines and time limits. You are able to handle pressure while facing challenges.

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Find the answer to the cat picture puzzle

However, if you’re still looking for the black cat hidden in this puzzle, we’ve circled the answer in yellow below.

cat puzzle with answers

Complete tricky picture puzzles in Jagran Josh that test your IQ, attention to detail, concentration and brain power.

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