Spot 4 words hidden in the house painting picture within 11 seconds. Only highly intelligent can pass!

Riddles are a form of riddles that must be solved with thought and critical thinking. They often require lateral thinking; Therefore, to find answers you must be creative and quirky. These riddles will help you hone your creative and problem-solving skills, while being challenging and interesting to solve.

You can find a wide variety of puzzles online. Some require you to use your observation skills, while others encourage you to use your analytical and critical thinking skills. Some are easy to solve, while others can be quite challenging. Today we have chosen a simple puzzle for you. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in.

Puzzle: Find 4 hidden words in 11 seconds!


Source: Cool Side

The image above shows a father and his two children, a boy and a girl, painting the wall of their house. The children are playing and there is a black cat sitting inside a bucket full of yellow paint. The man can be seen painting his yellow wall pink. Upon closer inspection, you will find that there are 4 words hidden inside the picture puzzle. You have to find them all in 11 seconds. You know the drill: set your timers and get started. Best of luck.

It is said that very intelligent people can solve this brain puzzle almost instantly. Do you consider yourself very intelligent? If you do, you should solve this puzzle in less than 11 seconds. We count on you. Also, the solution to this brain teaser is right below, but don’t cheat.

Try to solve this puzzle yourself and if you don’t succeed, scroll down to see the solution.

puzzle solution

The following words were hidden in this picture puzzle:

  • WALL

We have highlighted where the words were hidden for your convenience. Have a look:


Source: Cool Side

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