Smudge Stick Phasmophobia, How to Use Smudge Stick Phasmophobia?

Smudge stick phobia

In the popular horror game Phasmophobia, the smudge stick plays a vital role in helping players survive supernatural encounters. For those unaccustomed to the eerie worlds of horror games, Phasmophobia can be quite intimidating, as its ghost investigations are set in dimly lit environments and require steady nerves and a prepared mind.

Smudge sticks provide players with a lifeline as a means of fending off malicious entities they are trying to identify. These items, while optional in the game, have proven to be invaluable in their value. In Phasmophobia, death not only endangers the player’s life, but also results in the loss of selectable items and reduced rewards.

Smudge sticks can be ignited to temporarily halt the ghost’s hunting phase, providing players with a valuable window of safety. They create a 90 second barrier where no ghost within a 6 meter radius can enter its hunting phase, and if the ghost in question is an elf they create a longer 180 second barrier. Even if a ghost is already hunting, lighting a smudge stick will force it to temporarily stop attacking, wandering aimlessly for 5 seconds before continuing the pursuit, unless another smudge stick is deployed.

To obtain the Smudge Stick, players can access the in-game Item Shop menu from the main Phasmophobia menu. They can be purchased with $15 in-game currency, giving players powerful tools to combat the supernatural threats lurking in the game.

Once in possession of these lifesaving items, players can activate them in two ways. If they are carrying a lighter, simply hold the applicator sticks and activate them (default key: F) to initiate a 6 second burn and activate the protection. Alternatively, the player can hold a lit candle or lighter to interact with the smudge stick. This versatile tool is especially important on difficult hunts, making the smudge stick an essential asset for those looking to take on the challenges of Phasmophobia’s ghosts and ensure their survival in the face of supernatural danger.

How to use Smudge Stick Phasmophobia?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Smudge Sticks effectively in Phasmophobia:

Visit the item shop in the Phasmophobia main menu.

Navigate to the optional equipment category.

Buy Smudge Sticks with $15 in-game currency.

Make sure you have the smudge stick in your quest inventory.

  • Equipped with a lighter or candle:

To use the smudge stick, you will need a lighter or a lighted candle. Make sure you have one of these items in your inventory.

If you have a lighter, hold the applicator stick in your hand.

Activates the smudge stick (default key: F). This action initiates a 6-second burning process and activates its protective effect.

Alternatively, you can hold a lit candle or lighter to interact with the smudge stick.

This interaction will light up the applicator sticks, and they will begin to emit smoke.

The applicator stick serves two main purposes:

Prevents the ghost from entering the hunting phase for 90 seconds if the ghost is within a 6 meter radius.

Stops the ghost’s hunt for 6 seconds, giving you a chance to escape and keep your sanity.

If a ghost has started the hunting phase but detects a smudge stick burning, it will be unable to attack the player and will wander aimlessly for 5 seconds before possibly resuming hunting unless another smudge stick is ignited.

Remember, the applicator stick burns quickly, so use sparingly.

Consider keeping them for critical moments, especially on difficult hunts.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the Smudger Stick to protect yourself and your team while investigating paranormal phenomena.


Why buy a smudge stick?

Acquiring the Smudge Stick in Phobia is a strategic choice that can greatly improve a player’s chances of survival on a ghost hunting expedition. While smudge sticks are classified as optional equipment in the game, their usefulness cannot be overemphasized.

The motivation behind the decision to acquire a smudge stick was the dire need for self-preservation in a dangerous environment filled with vengeful spirits. In a phobia, death has consequences that go beyond the loss of life. It also means forfeiting optional items and reducing potential rewards. The smudge stick became an important tool for ghost hunters looking for insurance against being killed by a malicious entity they wanted to identify.

The main purpose of the smudge stick is to build a makeshift shield against hunting and deadly attacks from ghosts. When these mysterious tools are ignited, they emit a protective aura that can prevent any ghosts within a 6-meter radius from entering its hunting phase for a considerable period of time.

This critical safety window lasts 90 seconds (extended 180 seconds if dealing with spirits) and is key to surviving a phobia. Additionally, if the Wraith has begun the hunting phase but detects the presence of a burning smudge stick, it becomes incapacitated, giving the player a precious 5 seconds of respite to escape before the hunt can possibly resume. So the decision to buy Smudge Sticks isn’t just about acquiring an item, it’s about securing a lifeline that could mean the difference between continuing to explore and a ghostly death in the unforgiving world of Phasmophobia.

How to Ignite Smudge Stick Phasmophobia

Lighting a smudge stick in a phobia is a key skill for ghost hunters to protect themselves in paranormal investigations. For this, you need to follow a specific process. First and foremost, make sure you have a lighter in your inventory, as it’s vital for activating the smudge stick. You are allowed to bring up to four lifesaving items per survey.

With the smudger and lighter at the ready, here’s how to light them efficiently: Hold the smudger in your hand, then use the “use” key (usually bound to “F” by default). This will ignite the applicator stick with a lighter flame.

When the smudge stick starts to smoke, it is actively fending off ghosts. This process is critical to keeping you safe from potential attacks and maintaining a level of sanity during the investigation. Remember that smudge sticks burn quickly, so using them wisely is crucial, especially in stressful situations or difficult hunts where they can make the difference between life and death.

Overview of Phobias

Phasmophobia is developed and published by Kinetic Games, a British independent game studio, and belongs to the supernatural horror genre. The game is largely inspired by the widely popular hobby of ghost hunting. It debuted in the gaming world as an Early Access title in September 2020, only available on Steam for Microsoft Windows with VR support.

The following month, Phomophobia quickly gained widespread attention in the gaming world, largely due to a number of prominent Twitch streamers and YouTubers immersing themselves in its eerie world, especially in celebration of Halloween.

On October 15 of that same year, the game became the sixth most popular game on Twitch, proving its growing fan base. This surge in popularity translated into massive commercial success, with Phasmophobia being the world’s best-selling game on Steam for several weeks in October and November 2020.

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