Seek and Find: Find the Odd Cherry in 4 Seconds

Seek and find puzzles are one of the popular online activities that test readers with an intriguing picture in which they need to find a hidden object.

Search and find puzzles are presented in the form of images. They are a fun and challenging way to improve your critical thinking skills, which also help you learn to think innovatively and find creative solutions to problems.

Practicing these puzzles regularly can help keep your mind active and prevent cognitive decline, which is especially beneficial for older adults.

If you’re looking for a way to test your brain power and have fun along the way, try this seek and find puzzle now!

Let us begin.

Puzzle: Can you find the secret code in 5 seconds?

Search and find: find strange cherries in 4 seconds


Source: Youtube

The image shared above shows a group of cherries.

At first glance, all cherries look similar, but there is one among them that is different.

You must observe the image carefully and detect the occasional cherry within 4 seconds.

The cherry is present somewhere in the image, keep your eyes open.

Have you seen any cherries?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.

Before the clock announces the end of time, take another look at the image and try to locate the cherry.




Time is over.

Stop looking for the cherry.

Most of you will have already noticed the odd cherry in the bunch.

Congratulations! You have a sharp mind and equally good observation skills.

Wondering where the odd cherry is?

Please see the answer provided below.

Only one legend can detect 3 differences between the images of the old man and the cigar in 7 seconds!

Find Strange Cherries in 4 Seconds – Solution

The strange cherry can be seen in the upper right corner. The cherry looks different from others because it is brighter and the leaves are darker.


You have Sherlock’s wits if you can solve the picture puzzle in 4 seconds!

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