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secret pregnancy

“Secret Pregnancy” tells the stories of women who hid their pregnancies from family, friends or co-workers for various reasons, such as fear of judgment or health challenges. Each episode tells the story of two women, capturing their anxiety after pregnancy and the aftermath of childbirth. The show is produced by Giant! Discovery Fit & Health is produced by Cheryl Horner Sirulnick as executive producer and Lisa Kohn and Abby Russell as co-executive producers. Tracy Rudolph serves as executive producer of Discovery Fit & Health.

Secret Pregnancy Cast List

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Jie Lin




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Amy DiMarco


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Where are they now who are secretly pregnant?

Where is Krystal now?

First-time mother Krystal chose to hide the news of her pregnancy from her mother-in-law because of her poor financial situation and fear of retaliation. Fortunately, her mother-in-law accepted the child, and Crystal lives a happy life now.

Where is Jaylin now?

Facing a difficult family situation with her husband unemployed, Jie Lin decided to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Fans will be happy to know that Jerline is now living happily with her husband and keeps fans updated through her own YouTube video blog.

Where is Jane now?

Unfortunately, Jen went through a heartbreaking experience when her baby, Jonas, died as a stillbirth. Traumatized, she kept her next pregnancy a secret out of fear. Currently, Jen is a mother of two and has built a happy life with her loving husband.

Where is Richan Petrino now?

Richaun hid the news of her pregnancy after being diagnosed with a brain tumor to avoid burdening her family. Fortunately, the pregnancy went smoothly and she became a mother. Richaun appears to have regained control of her tumors and is doing well.

Where is Tessa now?

Tessa, worried about the reaction of her conservative family, kept her pregnancy a secret. Surprisingly, she was accepted and currently lives a happy life surrounded by her loved ones.

Where is Sandra now?

In addition to appearing in “Secret Pregnancy,” Sandra also appeared in “Divorce Court.” Her current relationship status is unknown as she and her husband Paul maintain their privacy.

Where is charity now?

Charity and her husband are expecting their sixth child, but are keeping the pregnancy a secret for financial reasons. Thankfully, Charity’s parents accepted, and she and her husband built a happy life surrounded by their children and loved ones.

Where is Amy DiMarco now?

Amy was expecting her ninth son, and she hid the news of her pregnancy out of fear of rejection from her family. Fortunately, her family welcomed the child, and now she lives a happy life surrounded by family and friends.

Where is Kanchana Warner now?

Kanchana hid the news of her pregnancy, fearing her family would disown her because of her Mormon husband. She became a mother of two and met the tragic death of her husband, Blake Warner, on April 2, 2019. She is now focused on a bright future with daughters Myles and Makyla.

Where are the rest of the cast now?

The show maintains secrecy, and the current whereabouts of some cast members remain unclear. Season 1 participants will have a limited social media presence and respect privacy. Season 2 participants prefer to keep a low profile and not reveal their current whereabouts. Season 2 participants, such as Ashley, Kelly, Lauren and Suzanne, have kept their personal lives private.

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