Sadbhavana Diwas 2023: 30 Inspirational and memorable quotes by Rajiv Gandhi

Sadbhavana Diwas 2023: Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India and served the nation from 1984 to 1989. Today is the 76th anniversary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s birth and is celebrated as Sadbhavana Diwas or Day of Harmony. Rajiv Gandhi was born on August 20, 1944 as Rajiv Ratna Gandhi in Bombay (now Mumbai) to Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi. He was posthumously awarded the ‘Bharat Ratan’ which is the highest civilian award in India.

Sadbhavana Diwas 2023, 76th Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi’s Birth: All You Need to Know

30 Inspirational And Memorable Quotes By Rajiv Gandhi

1. “Better a brain drain than a brain on the run.”

2. “A responsive administration is tested most at the interface point between administration and the people.”

3. “India missed the Industrial Revolution; it can’t afford to miss the Information Revolution.”

4. “Terrorists are engaged inside and outside the country in activities that are a danger to the unity and integrity of the country.”

5. “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.”

6. “Education must be a great equalizer in our society. It must be the tool to level the differences that our various social systems have created during the last thousands of years.”

7. “Women are the social conscience of a country. They hold our societies together.”

8. “Development is not about factories, dams and roads. Development is about people. The goal is the material, cultural and spiritual fulfillment of people. The human factor has supreme value in development.”

9. “She was a mother not only to me but to the entire nation. She served the Indian people to the last drop of her blood.”

10. “India is an old country but a young nation… I am young and I also have a dream, I dream of a strong, independent, self-sufficient India and in the first rank of the nations of the world, at the service of humanity.”

11. “If the farmers get weak, the country loses self-sufficiency, but if they are strong, freedom also gets stronger. If we don’t keep up our progress in agriculture, poverty cannot be eliminated from India. But our biggest relief program of poverty is to improve “the standard of living of our farmers. The goal of our poverty alleviation programs is to improve the standard of living of our farmers.”

12. “Our task today is to bring India to the threshold of the 21st century, freed from the burden of poverty, the legacy of our colonial past, and able to meet the growing aspirations of our people.”

13. “We must ensure that regional imbalances in the growth of various parties in the country are eliminated and that all states progress evenly. We will ensure that all citizens of the country have a full opportunity to contribute their power to the progress of India”.

14. “If my mom gets help, I’ll go into politics.”

15. “The world is changing too fast for us to have a dying system that is not flexible, that cannot evolve and develop with changes in our society, in our country, as they occur in the world.”

16. “The democratic way of building a nation requires patience, perseverance and a spirit of conciliation.”

17. “Thinking about this University [Ambedkar University] today we remember Mahatma Gandhi because if there was someone who fought for the weak in India, the first to raise his voice for the registered castes, that was Gandhi ji. There were social workers before him, but no one raised this issue in the political arena like he did.”

18. “The compartmentalization of India into rigidly separated rural and urban settlements is the worst legacy of the colonial system of local self-government.”

19. “A responsive administration is tested most at the interface point between administration and the people.”

20. “Instead of understanding the crisis the country is facing and helping it, the opposition wants to weaken it with their actions.”

21. “I would like to be remembered for bringing India into the 21st century alongside the world’s most advanced countries, from labeling India as a developing country to developed nation status.”

22. “India is an old country, but a young nation. We are impatient, I am impatient. And I too dream of a strong, independent and self-sufficient India.”

23. “Our plan cannot be harsh and dogmatic. They must change with the times and advance with the development of our country. Each year brings new compulsions, new circumstances, and with each Plan these must be taken into consideration.”

24. “The late Indira Gandhi always used to warn about the dangers facing the country. She used to say over and over again that the country was going through a very dangerous time. This danger is now many times greater than it was at that time. “We should all be cautious now.”

25. “For a few days people thought India was shaking. But there’s always shaking when a big tree falls.”

26. “In any democracy, the will of the people is paramount. We should translate the intense yearning for friendship of the peoples of India and Pakistan into meaningful measures of cooperation in all walks of life.”

27. “Civilizations are built through the incessant work of a succession of generations. Gently and lazily, civilizations succumb. Let us beware of decay.”

28. “We need a better strategy to achieve the national goal of a stable, healthier and better educated population.”

29. “I had no personal goal when I arrived, but after being in politics – after seeing the people, their difficulties, their needs – I think our goal has to be to eliminate poverty in India.”

30. “There has to be a national consensus. We cannot legislate without an overwhelming national consensus that religious and communal groups should be totally excluded from politics.”

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