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‘Royal Blood’ new album release date

Royal Blood’s highly anticipated new album, Back To The Water Below, will be released on September 1, 2023. It’s the duo’s fourth studio album, and it brings some notable changes. Royal Blood took on the role of self-producer for the first time, marking a major shift in their creative process.

Drummer Ben Thatcher said the album was about letting the music guide them rather than sticking to a particular genre or style, resulting in a diverse and vibrant record. The band has shared a teaser for the track, “Mountains at.” Midnight,” giving us a glimpse of what fans can expect from the album.

With a history of energetic rock songs, Royal Blood’s evolution and exploration of new musical territories certainly piqued the interest of their loyal fan base. As the release date approaches, anticipation for Back To The Water Below grows, heralding a fresh and exciting chapter in Royal Blood’s musical journey.

Will Royal Blood tour in 2023?

Yes, Royal Blood is actively touring in 2023. They have planned an extensive tour schedule with a total of 41 concerts in 4 countries. While exact locations and dates may vary, they are actively performing live to promote their music and connect with their fanbase.

Royal Blood is known for their powerful and energetic live shows, which they were able to create with just two members (Mike Kerr on bass and vocals, and Ben Thatcher on drums). Make a big sound and often leave a deep impression on the audience.

Fans of the band have the opportunity to witness their captivating stage performances and enjoy their rock music in a concert setting. Royal Blood’s 2023 tour is a testament to their commitment to bringing music to audiences around the world and cementing their status as preeminent rock artists.


royal blood new album

Royal Blood’s fourth studio album, Back To The Water Below, has generated a lot of excitement among fans and critics alike. Released on September 1, 2023, the album marks the much-anticipated return of the British rock duo.

What sets this album apart is that it’s the first time the band has taken on the role of self-producers, representing a notable shift in their creative process. Drummer Ben Thatcher explained that the album’s hallmark was its openness, allowing the music to lead them in a variety of different directions, resulting in a multifaceted and dynamic collection of tracks.

To give fans an early look at what’s to come, the band released a teaser track titled “Mountains at Midnight” alongside the album’s release. Back To The Water Below received critical acclaim, with listeners eager to immerse themselves in the band’s musical evolution as they explored new sonic territories.

The album marks a major milestone in Royal Blood’s musical journey, highlighting their growth and unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

about royal blood

Royal Blood are an exciting British rock duo formed in Worthing, West Sussex in 2011. The core of the band includes lead vocals and bass guitarist Mike Kerr, with Ben Thatcher bringing strong drums to their vibrant sound. Their music transcended genres, incorporating elements of hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock, garage rock, stoner rock, and garage rock revival.

In 2013, they came to the attention of Warner Chappell Music, marking the beginning of their extraordinary journey in the music industry.

Their self-titled debut album “Royal Blood,” released in 2014, showcased their raw energy and unique sound, earning them widespread acclaim. Subsequent albums How Did We Get So Dark? (2017), Typhoons (2021) and Back to the Water Below (2023) cemented their status as a leading force in contemporary rock music.

Known for their high-energy live performances and Kerr’s virtuosity on the bass, Royal Blood have garnered a loyal fan base and critical acclaim, making them stand out on the global rock scene.

royal blood studio album list


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Peak Chart Position


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royal blood

Published: August 22, 2014 Labels: Black Mammoth, Warner Bros.



How did we become so dark?

Published: June 16, 2017 Labels: Black Mammoth, Warner Bros.




Release Date: April 30, 2021 Labels: Black Mammoth, Warner Bros.



back to the water below

Release date: September 1, 2023

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