Richest Golfers: List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World

Golf is one of the oldest sport being played and is undoubtedly a widely followed sport in USA and Europe. Gold is certainly a rich man’s sport as it has one of the only two active billionaires present in its player’s lineup, the other being basketball player LeBron James. The passionate golfers who excel in their craft have not only gained international recognition but have also reaped substantial financial rewards. These skilled individuals have amassed substantial wealth through their proficiency in the game, showcasing the fruitful dividends of their talent. The list will include players with a net worth of more than $100 Million

Top 8 Richest Golf Players: This article will explore the top 8 richest Golfers in the World.

1. Tiger Woods

Professional Wins: 110

Status: Active

Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Records: Only player to have won all four professional major championships in a row, Most consecutive cuts made(142), Only golfer to have won the U.S. Amateur three consecutive times(1994–1996), a record for the largest margin of victory at the Masters(12).

Awards: Presidential Medal of Freedom(2019), “Athlete of the Decade” by the Associated Press(2009), Byron Nelson Award(1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009), World Golf Hall of Fame(2021)

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Tiger Woods is so much popular that even those who don’t follow golf, know him. The 47-year-old living legend turned professional in the year 1996 and only in the first year of his professional career he had won 4 PGA tours including the Masters which he won with a record-breaking margin of 12 strokes between the second-placed Tom Kite. Woods has achieved numerous accolades, including 15 major championship victories, cementing his status as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Happens to the best of us!#TeamBridgestone

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods)
March 31, 2023

Throughout his illustrious professional golf career, Woods has amassed an astonishing fortune of approximately $1.8 billion. This includes a remarkable record-breaking $121 million in prize money on the PGA Tour, solidifying his financial success. In 2022, Forbes acknowledged his billionaire status, making him only the second active athlete ever to achieve such a distinction, joining the ranks of LeBron James. Despite declining an incredibly lucrative offer from the emerging LIV Golf tour, rumoured to be in the high nine digits, Woods has leveraged his golf earnings wisely. He has ventured into diverse investments, including two opulent properties on Jupiter Island, a flourishing golf-course design enterprise, and the upscale mini-golf chain, Popstroke. Collaborating with golf sensation Rory McIlroy, Woods also co-founded TMRW Sports, a technology-focused venture that plans to introduce the innovative golf league, TGL. Additionally, he enjoys a partnership with Justin Timberlake and British billionaire Joe Lewis in Nexxus, a prestigious luxury real estate endeavour.

2. Greg Norman

Professional Wins: 88

Status: Retired

Net Worth: $400 Million

Awards: BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of the Year(1993, 1986), Arnold Palmer Award(1986, 1990, 1995)

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Greg Norman has left an indelible mark on the sport. Norman, often known as “The Great White Shark,” has attracted people all over the world with his skill and charm. Throughout his illustrious career, he had amassed an impressive list of accomplishments, including two major championship victories and numerous tournament wins. Beyond his success on the golf course, Norman has ventured into various business endeavours, displaying his entrepreneurial spirit. He has established himself as a respected golf course designer, a successful businessman in the wine industry, and a passionate advocate for health and fitness. Norman’s contributions to golf and his remarkable achievements have solidified his status as a legendary figure in the sport.

Greg Norman is the adult in the room.

“I do hope there gets to a position where there is resolution to this, because the game of golf doesn’t need to suffer, these guys don’t need to suffer.”

— LIV Golf Latest (@LIVGolfLatest)
April 20, 2023

Greg Norman’s impressive financial success in the world of professional golf is exemplified by his consistent annual earnings of over $1 million. He achieved the remarkable feat of being the top tour earner in 1986, 1990, and 1995, solidifying his dominance in the sport. Norman further etched his name in golfing history by becoming the first professional golfer to amass career earnings surpassing $10 million. In 1993, he founded the Greg Norman Company, which has since diversified into numerous industries, yielding substantial annual revenues. The company’s ventures encompass golf course design, wineries, real estate, private equity, eyewear, clothing, food, restaurants, and more. Norman’s shrewd investments included acquiring a 12% stake in Cobra Golf, a leading golf equipment manufacturer, for $1.9 million in 1991. Five years later, the entire company was acquired, yielding Norman a remarkable $40 million profit.

3. Phil Mickelson

Professional Wins: 57

Status: Active

Net Worth: $400 Million

Records: Oldest major winner at 50 years, 11 months, 7 days, Record for most U.S. Ryder Cup appearances (12) and matches played (47)

Awards: Jack Nicklaus Award(1990, 1991, 1992), Haskins Award(1990, 1991, 1992), World Golf Hall of Fame(2012).

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Phil Mickelson, a true legend in the world of golf, has captured the hearts of fans with his incredible talent and charismatic personality. With a career spanning over three decades, Mickelson has showcased a remarkable skill set that has earned him numerous accolades, including five major championship victories. Known for his daring and creative shot-making, Mickelson has always embraced a fearless approach to the game. His left-handed swing and go-for-broke style have endeared him to spectators around the globe. Beyond his achievements on the course, Mickelson is highly respected for his philanthropic endeavours, as he has dedicated himself to supporting various charitable causes.

Mickelson achieved a historic milestone in golf history by clinching the PGA Championship in 2021, emerging as the oldest major winner at the age of 50. This triumph added to his already impressive collection of six major titles. In a surprising turn of events, at 52 years old, he secured a notable runner-up position at the Masters in 2023. However, Mickelson faced a period of temporary absence from competitive play following the publication of controversial remarks in February 2022. These remarks indicated his willingness to overlook alleged human rights violations in Saudi Arabia as he contemplated joining an upcoming golf league. Consequently, notable sponsors such as Workday and KPMG severed their ties with him. Nevertheless, the impact of the endorsements lost was mitigated by his receipt of $6 million from the PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program and the sale of six golf courses in August 2021. Mickelson commenced participation on the LIV Golf tour in 2022, assuming the role of captain for the Hy Flyers GC team. Remarkably, his total PGA prize money earnings exceed $96 million, positioning him second only to Tiger Woods in tour history. However, his most substantial financial gains have transpired off the course, with his career accumulating over $800 million.

4. Jack Nicklaus

Professional Wins: 117

Status: Retired

Net Worth: $400 Million

Records: Major championships(18)

Awards: BBC Sports Personality World Sport Star of the Year(1980), Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year(1978), Lifetime Achievement Award ESPY Award(2001), World Golf Hall of Fame(1974).

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Jack William Nicklaus, affectionately known as The Golden Bear, is a revered retired American professional golfer and esteemed golf course designer. Widely regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, golfers in history, Nicklaus’s illustrious career boasts an astounding 117 professional tournament victories. Notably, he holds an unparalleled record of 18 major championships, surpassing the closest contender, Tiger Woods, by three victories. Nicklaus strategically focused on the esteemed major championships, including the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship, while selectively participating in regular PGA Tour events. Remarkably, he participated in an unmatched 164 major tournaments, securing his place as the most prolific contender, and concluded his career with an impressive 73 PGA Tour triumphs, ranking third behind the legendary Sam Snead (82) and Woods (82).

Jack Nicklaus holds the position as the fourth-highest-earning athlete in history, with career earnings amounting to an impressive $1.15 billion at the time of this writing. Only Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and his long-time rival Arnold Palmer have surpassed his financial success during their respective careers. It is evident that the majority of Nicklaus’s earnings, spanning this substantial amount, are not solely derived from prize money. He also became the first player to amass over $3 million in PGA Tour earnings. With the establishment of Nicklaus Design half a century ago, he has contributed to the design of over 380 golf courses in 36 countries. However, course design represents only one facet of Nicklaus’s expansive empire. He has further diversified his ventures with a line of golf balls and, following the footsteps of his former rival Arnold Palmer, licensed his name to AriZona Beverage for a branded lemonade. Additionally, Nicklaus has secured endorsement and marketing deals with prominent companies such as Perry Ellis and Rolex, further solidifying his prosperous financial standing.

5. Gary Player

Professional Wins: 159

Status: Retired

Net Worth: $250 Million

Records: Record of consecutive appearances in British Open Championships(46),

Awards: World Golf Hall of Fame(1974) PGA Tour leading money winner(1961), Southern Africa Tour Order of Merit winner(1976/77, 1979/80), PGA Tour Lifetime

Achievement Award (2012), GCSAA Old Tom Morris Award(2020), Presidential Medal of Freedom(2021).

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Gary Player, a retired professional golfer, has amassed a notable net worth of $250 million. Widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers in history, Player’s remarkable career is marked by numerous achievements. Hailing from South Africa, he secured an impressive total of nine major championships on the regular tour and an additional nine major championships on the Champions Tour. Notably, Player’s prodigious talent shone through at a young age when he claimed victory at the 1965 US Open at just 29 years old. Remarkably, he accomplished the esteemed career Grand Slam before the age of 30, establishing himself as the youngest player to achieve this milestone at the time. Throughout his illustrious career, Player emerged victorious in over 150 professional tournaments, earning him a well-deserved induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Endearingly known by various nicknames, including “The Black Knight,” “Mr Fitness,” and the “International Ambassador of Golf,” Player has become an influential figure in the sport.

A reminder that if you are hitting a ball on a downslope, it is important to stay down through impact. GP#PXGTroops

— GARY PLAYER (@garyplayer)
June 9, 2023

Expanding his contributions beyond playing, he founded Gary Player Design, a distinguished golf course architecture firm, undertaking more than 400 design projects across the globe. Additionally, Player has authored numerous books encompassing golf, philosophy, fitness, and various other topics. Displaying a philanthropic spirit, he has actively raised millions of dollars for charitable causes over the years. In recognition of his exceptional accomplishments, Player was honoured with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump in 2021.

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6. Rory McIlroy

Professional Wins: 36

Status: Active

Net Worth: $170 Million

Records: 72-hole aggregate score of 268 (16-under) at the US Open, the Lowest 36-hole total in U.S. Open history.

Awards: Vardon Trophy(2012, 2014, 2019, 2022), European Tour

Golfer of the Year(2012, 2014, 2015), Byron Nelson Award(2012, 2014, 2019, 2022)

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Born on May 4th, 1989, in Holywood, Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy emerges as an exceptional professional golfer. His passion for the sport manifested from an early age, as he began his golfing journey practically from the moment he could walk, under the tutelage of his skilled and dedicated father. Demonstrating prodigious talent, McIlroy swiftly became a member of the local golf club, setting a record as their youngest-ever member at a mere seven years old. Notably, his commitment to honing his skills is exemplified by a unique practice advised by his father, wherein McIlroy was instructed to maintain the proper grip on his new club while sleeping. Rory has attained remarkable success as a professional golfer, amassing a notable net worth of $170 million. He has claimed the prestigious title of the world’s number-one ranked professional golfer for an impressive duration exceeding 100 weeks.

His marketability has been highly regarded, as evidenced by his recognition as the third-most marketable athlete in the world by SportsPro in 2013, trailing only Neymar and Lionel Messi. In January of the same year, McIlroy secured a substantial endorsement deal with Nike, leading to widespread speculation about its terms. Although initial rumours suggested a staggering 10-year agreement worth $250 million, a more plausible understanding emerged, pointing towards a $100 million deal of unspecified duration. Continuing to enhance his endorsement portfolio, McIlroy entered into a significant contract extension with Nike in 2017, worth $200 million over 10 years, exclusively for apparel following Nike’s exit from the golf equipment industry. This development further allowed him to forge a separate 10-year, $100 million equipment agreement with TaylorMade, encompassing the usage of their clubs, balls, and bags. McIlroy’s prominence in the realm of golf led to his association with EA Sports, which named their video game series “Rory McIlroy PGA Tour” in his honour, taking over from Tiger Woods, who had been the previous namesake from 1998 to 2013. The transition to McIlroy as the face of the series came in 2015 when he ascended to the pinnacle of the world golf rankings.

7. Fred Couples

Professional Wins:

Status: Active

Net Worth: $120 Million

Awards: Inducted into the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame(2007), Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame(May 2013), Inaugurated into the Croatian-American Sports Hall of Fame(October 2022)

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Frederick Steven Couples has had a successful career competing in both the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions. He achieved the prestigious title of World No. 1 and boasts an impressive tally of 64 professional tournament victories. Couples claimed victory at the Masters Tournament in 1992, as well as triumphs at the Players Championship in 1984 and 1996. Remarkably, he became the oldest player to make the cut in Masters Tournament history during the 87th edition at the age of 63 years, six months, and five days. Couples continued to excel in his later years, securing his first senior major win at the Senior Players Championship in August 2011 and adding another major victory with the Senior Open Championship in July 2012. In recognition of his remarkable contributions to the sport, Couples was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013. He earned the moniker “Boom Boom” for his remarkable ability to drive the ball long and accurately off the tee.

“If you can get it from me, you can have it.”

You won’t believe what Joe LaCava brought home after his wins with @fredcouplesgolf and @TigerWoods at #theMasters.

— PGA TOUR Champions (@ChampionsTour)
April 5, 2023

Fred Couples has accumulated a significant net worth of approximately $120 million throughout his illustrious career, lucrative endorsements, and successful business ventures. He ranks as the 7th wealthiest golfer in history. While his recorded career earnings exceed $30 million, Couples has also secured various endorsement deals with renowned brands such as ECCO, Bridgestone, Ashworth, Berenberg, Jaguar, Cadillac, Mitsubishi Electric, Titleist, and Anatabloc (as a Brand Ambassador). In addition to endorsements, Couples has demonstrated his passion for golf course design, collaborating with his partner Gene D. Bates. Their partnership began in 1992, establishing Couples Bates Golf Design, which has since evolved into Bates Golf Design. Their portfolio boasts over 20 award-winning championship golf courses worldwide.

Jordan Spieth

Professional Wins: 16

Status: Active

Net Worth: $115 Million

Awards: Vardon Trophy(2015, 2017), Byron Nelson Award(2015, 2017)

List of Top 8 Richest Golfers in the World.

Born on July 27, 1993, Jordan Alexander Spieth is an American professional golfer renowned for his achievements on the PGA Tour and his former world number-one ranking in the Official World Golf Ranking. With a total of three major championship victories and the title of the 2015 FedEx Cup champion, Spieth has left a significant mark in the golfing world. Notably, his initial major triumph occurred in the 2015 Masters Tournament, where he impressively equalled Tiger Woods’ 72-hole record set in 1997, becoming the second youngest golfer, after Woods, to secure a Masters victory. He further solidified his standing by capturing the 2015 U.S. Open, making him the youngest champion since amateur Bobby Jones in 1923. Demonstrating his prowess, Spieth went on to win the 2015 Tour Championship, ultimately securing the coveted 2015 FedEx Cup. Continuing his success, two years later, Spieth clinched his third major title at the 2017 Open Championship, emerging triumphant with an impressive score of 12 under par, three shots ahead of his closest competitors.

Jordan Spieth’s status as one of the highest-earning golfers globally is reflected in his substantial monthly salary of approximately USD 2 million and annual earnings exceeding USD 26 million. A significant portion of his income stems from endorsement partnerships with several prominent companies. Notably, Spieth has been a sponsored athlete for Under Armour since the inception of his professional career in 2012, allowing him to showcase the brand’s attire while competing on the golf course. Additionally, in 2016, he entered into a multi-year endorsement agreement with a renowned soft drink company, becoming the first golfer to be featured in a major international advertising campaign for the brand. Serving as a brand ambassador for Rolex since 2013, Spieth proudly represents the company both during golf events and in various other settings. These examples highlight only a portion of his numerous endorsement deals, which also include partnerships with AT&T, NetJets, Perfect Sense, Titleist, Wheaties, and SuperStroke.

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