Richest Footballers in Africa 2023 – Top 10 Wealthiest with Net Worth

Richest Footballers in Africa 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of global football, Africa has emerged as a continent that not only boasts a rich footballing tradition but is also home to some of the most financially successful and talented footballers in the world. As we delve into the year 2023, it’s time to shine a spotlight on the crème de la crème of African football – the richest footballers who have not only conquered the pitch but have also amassed substantial wealth through their skills, endorsements, and business ventures.



Net Worth


Samuel Eto’o

$95 million


Mohamed Salah

$90 million


Didier Drogba

$90 million


Yaya Toure

$70 million


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

$50 million


John Mikel Obi

$45 million


Emmanuel Adebayor

$45 million


Michael Essien

$35 million


Victor Moses

$21 million


Sadio Mane

$20 million

Africa’s footballing prowess has been on a meteoric rise, with its players gracing the most prestigious leagues and clubs across the globe. In this era of multimillion-dollar transfers and lucrative sponsorship deals, African footballers have not been left behind. From Egypt to Nigeria, Senegal to Ivory Coast, the African continent has produced a plethora of footballing talents whose bank accounts reflect their exceptional abilities.

In this comprehensive exploration of the richest footballers in Africa in 2023, we will unravel the financial success stories of these players, shedding light on their awe-inspiring journeys from humble beginnings to international stardom. We will delve into the immense wealth they have accrued through their footballing careers, mind-boggling endorsement deals, and astute investment choices. From iconic figures like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané to emerging stars like Victor Osimhen and Achraf Hakimi, the African football landscape is replete with inspiring tales of triumph.

Top 10 Richest Footballers in Africa 2023

Join us on this captivating journey as we unveil the financial triumphs and remarkable achievements of the richest footballers in Africa for the year 2023, celebrating not only their sporting prowess but also their impressive ability to turn their passion for the beautiful game into thriving financial empires.


1. Samuel Eto’o – $95 million

Samuel Eto’o, hailing from Cameroon, is one of the wealthiest African footballers in history, amassing a staggering net worth of $95 million. Born on March 10, 1981, Eto’o has had an illustrious career as a professional footballer. His wealth primarily comes from his impressive contracts with some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea.

Eto’o’s football journey began at a young age, and his incredible skills quickly caught the attention of scouts. His breakthrough came when he signed with Real Madrid in 1997, and he later moved to Mallorca, where he showcased his prolific goal-scoring abilities. However, it was during his time at Barcelona that Eto’o truly shone, winning numerous titles, including three UEFA Champions League titles.

Throughout his career, Eto’o was known for his clinical finishing, speed, and ability to score crucial goals. His contributions to the clubs he played for earned him substantial wages and endorsement deals. In addition to his club success, Eto’o had a successful international career, representing Cameroon and winning the Africa Cup of Nations multiple times.

Besides his footballing endeavors, Samuel Eto’o has invested in various business ventures, including real estate and fashion. His commitment to philanthropy is also noteworthy, as he has established the Samuel Eto’o Foundation, dedicated to improving education and healthcare in Africa.

2. Mohamed Salah – $90 million

Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian football sensation, has a net worth of $90 million, making him one of Africa’s wealthiest footballers. Born on June 15, 1992, in Nagrig, Egypt, Salah’s rise to fame in the football world has been meteoric. He is renowned for his speed, dribbling ability, and prolific goal-scoring record.

Salah’s journey to success began in Egypt, where he played for local clubs before making his way to Europe. He had successful stints at FC Basel and Chelsea before truly making his mark with AS Roma. However, it was his move to Liverpool in 2017 that catapulted him to global stardom. Salah played a pivotal role in Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League triumph in 2019 and helped secure the Premier League title in 2020.

His consistent performance and marketability have led to lucrative endorsement deals with companies like Adidas and Vodafone Egypt. Salah is not only celebrated for his on-field prowess but also for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated generously to various causes, including healthcare and education initiatives in Egypt.

With his impressive wealth, Mohamed Salah has also invested in real estate and other business ventures, ensuring his financial security beyond his football career. His popularity in Egypt and across the world makes him an influential figure both on and off the pitch.

3. Didier Drogba – $90 million

Didier Drogba, a football legend from Ivory Coast, boasts a net worth of $90 million. Born on March 11, 1978, in Abidjan, Drogba is widely regarded as one of Africa’s greatest footballers, known for his strength, skill, and goal-scoring ability.

Drogba’s professional career took off in France, where he played for Le Mans and Guingamp before making a high-profile move to Olympique de Marseille. However, it was his transfer to Chelsea in 2004 that solidified his status as one of the world’s top strikers. At Chelsea, Drogba won multiple Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League.

Besides his success on the pitch, Didier Drogba’s wealth has been augmented by endorsements with major brands such as Nike and Pepsi. He has also been involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including the construction of hospitals and schools in Ivory Coast, and he played a crucial role in bringing peace to his war-torn homeland.

Drogba’s financial investments include ventures in real estate and the sports industry. His legacy extends beyond football, as he continues to make a positive impact on his community and the world at large through his humanitarian work.

4. Yaya Toure – $70 million

Yaya Toure, a former Ivorian professional footballer, is one of the richest African footballers in history, with an estimated net worth of $70 million. Born on May 13, 1983, in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, Toure enjoyed a highly successful career as a midfielder, earning numerous accolades and financial rewards.

Toure’s career reached its zenith during his time with Manchester City in the English Premier League. He played a pivotal role in the club’s rise to prominence, winning multiple league titles and FA Cups. His exceptional performances earned him substantial wages and lucrative endorsement deals.

Aside from his club success, Yaya Toure was an integral part of the Ivory Coast national team, contributing to their victory in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. His international success also contributed to his wealth.

Toure’s earnings were not limited to his playing days; he also ventured into coaching and punditry after retirement. His diverse sources of income, along with prudent financial management, have helped him maintain his status as one of Africa’s wealthiest footballers.

5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – $50 million

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, born on June 18, 1989, in Laval, France, is a Gabonese professional footballer who has made a significant impact in the world of football. With an estimated net worth of $50 million, he is considered one of Africa’s richest footballers.

Aubameyang’s rise to fame came during his time with Borussia Dortmund and later Arsenal in the English Premier League. Known for his prolific goal-scoring ability, he earned substantial salaries and bonuses, further boosting his wealth. In 2021, he transferred to Barcelona, continuing to earn a significant income.

Off the field, Aubameyang has secured several endorsement deals with major brands, contributing significantly to his overall wealth. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts and charity work in Gabon.

6. John Mikel Obi – $45 million

John Mikel Obi, a Nigerian football legend, boasts an estimated net worth of $45 million. Born on April 22, 1987, in Jos, Nigeria, Mikel Obi had a successful club and international career that contributed to his wealth.

Mikel spent the majority of his club career at Chelsea FC in the English Premier League, winning numerous trophies, including the UEFA Champions League and Premier League titles. His time at Chelsea was financially rewarding, with hefty salaries and bonuses.

Additionally, Mikel Obi represented the Nigerian national team for over a decade, participating in multiple FIFA World Cups and Africa Cup of Nations tournaments. His dedication and skill on the field contributed to his earnings and status as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest footballers.

Outside of football, Mikel Obi has made investments in various business ventures and real estate, diversifying his income streams. His financial acumen and successful career have secured his place among Africa’s richest footballers.

7. Emmanuel Adebayor – $45 million

Emmanuel Adebayor, born on February 26, 1984, in Lomé, Togo, is one of the wealthiest African footballers to have graced the sport. With a staggering net worth estimated at $45 million, Adebayor’s football journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Adebayor’s career began in Togo before he moved to Europe to play for clubs like Metz and Monaco. However, it was at Arsenal, where he truly made a name for himself, becoming a prolific striker and earning a significant income. He later played for top clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Tottenham Hotspur, where he continued to amass wealth through substantial contracts and endorsement deals.

Off the pitch, Adebayor has invested in various business ventures, including real estate and fashion, contributing to his impressive fortune. He’s known for his luxurious lifestyle, which includes a collection of expensive cars and lavish homes.

Adebayor is also a philanthropist, actively involved in charitable activities across Africa. His dedication to giving back to his community and supporting various causes adds depth to his legacy beyond football.

8. Michael Essien – $35 million

Michael Essien, born on December 3, 1982, in Accra, Ghana, is another prominent African footballer who has amassed significant wealth during his illustrious career. With an estimated net worth of $35 million, Essien has enjoyed success both on and off the field.

Essien’s professional career took off at Bastia in France before he moved to Olympique Lyonnais and eventually joined Chelsea in 2005. His time at Chelsea was marked by numerous achievements, including winning the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. His consistent performances earned him substantial contracts and endorsement deals, contributing to his financial success.

Outside of football, Essien has ventured into business, with interests in real estate and hospitality. He has also been involved in various charitable initiatives in Ghana, focusing on education and healthcare.

Throughout his career, Essien has been a role model for young aspiring footballers in Africa, showcasing not only his talent on the field but also his ability to leverage his success for the betterment of his community and country. His impressive net worth is a testament to his dedication and skill in the world of football.

9. Victor Moses – $21 million

Victor Moses, a Nigerian professional footballer, has made a significant impact both on the pitch and financially. With a net worth of $21 million, he stands as one of the richest African footballers. Born on December 12, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria, Moses started his football journey at a young age and quickly rose through the ranks.

Moses began his professional career at Crystal Palace before moving to some of Europe’s top clubs, including Wigan Athletic, Chelsea, and Liverpool. His impressive performances and versatility on the field earned him lucrative contracts and endorsements, contributing to his wealth.

While playing for Chelsea, Moses was part of the squad that won the English Premier League in the 2016-2017 season under manager Antonio Conte. He also played a crucial role in Nigeria’s national team, the Super Eagles. His success and consistency have brought in substantial income, making him one of Africa’s wealthiest footballers.

Off the pitch, Victor Moses has secured endorsement deals with brands like Nike and others, further boosting his financial standing. His dedication to the sport and business acumen have solidified his position as a wealthy African football icon.

10. Sadio Mane – $20 million

Sadio Mané, hailing from Senegal, has established himself as one of the most talented and wealthiest African footballers in the world, with a net worth of $20 million. Born on April 10, 1992, in Bambali, Senegal, Mané’s journey to football stardom is a remarkable one.

Mané began his professional career in France with Metz before moving to the Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg. His outstanding performances earned him a move to the English Premier League with Southampton and eventually to Liverpool, where he became a key figure in the team’s success.

Sadio Mané played an integral role in Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League victory in 2019 and their English Premier League triumph in 2020. His impressive goal-scoring ability and remarkable speed have made him a fan favorite and a sought-after talent by top clubs.

Off the field, Mané’s marketability has led to endorsement deals with companies like New Balance and endorsements in his native Senegal. He’s also known for his philanthropic efforts, including contributing to the construction of a school and hospital in Senegal.

These endeavors showcase his commitment to improving the lives of others while enjoying the fruits of his successful football career. Sadio Mané’s combination of skill, success, and philanthropy has cemented his status as one of Africa’s wealthiest football superstars.

Top Richest Footballers in Africa

The year 2023 has brought to the forefront the remarkable achievements and financial successes of Africa’s top footballers. These athletes, through their exceptional skills, hard work, and strategic financial decisions, have not only conquered the football pitch but have also amassed substantial wealth. From Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o, one of Africa’s richest footballers in history, to Senegal’s Sadio Mané, a rising star in the football world, their stories inspire and exemplify the immense potential that African football talent holds.

The list of Africa’s top 10 richest footballers in 2023 showcases the diversity of backgrounds, career paths, and contributions these athletes have made, both in their respective clubs and on the international stage. Whether it’s the legendary Didier Drogba’s impact on and off the field or the meteoric rise of Mohamed Salah, these footballers have made a significant mark not only in their careers but also in their communities and countries.

Beyond the pitch, their financial success stories extend to astute investments in real estate, fashion, and various business ventures. Moreover, their endorsements with global brands have further solidified their financial standing, showcasing the marketability of African football talent.

In addition to their financial achievements, these footballers have demonstrated a strong commitment to philanthropy, supporting causes such as education, healthcare, and community development in their home countries. Their dedication to giving back and making a positive impact on society underscores the depth of their character and influence.

As we celebrate the riches and accomplishments of Africa’s top footballers in 2023, it is clear that they have not only brought joy to fans worldwide with their incredible performances but have also served as role models and pillars of inspiration for aspiring athletes across the continent. The future of African football looks promising, with the potential for even greater financial success and global recognition for its talented stars.

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