Pokémon Go Element Cup Remix team recommendations, restrictions and dates explained

Element Cup Remix is ​​the latest special league to occur in Pokémon Go’s Go Battle League.

Not to be confused with the regular Element Cup, this version of the league comes with its own Element Cup Remix restrictions, banning the most powerful and popular Pokémon from the most recent Element Cup.

Below you can find our Element Cup Remix recommendations, which will help you create an interesting Element Cup Remix team.

Our Pokémon Go Element Cup Remix recommendations, from Bulbasaur to Fomantis

As with every Go Battle League special league or cup, there is no true “best” team for the Element Cup, because you will never know which Pokémon are on your opponent’s team.

However, the restriction means that there is a limited pool of Pokémon you can choose from, which helps you choose your team.

Before making your selection, however, it’s a good idea to check Element Cup Remix’s restriction, so you know exactly which Pokémon are available to you.

You should also make sure you have a selection of Pokémon types and have a Pokémon whose charged attack can build up quickly, so that you force your opponent to use one of their shields from the start.

Our Pokémon Go Element Cup Remix recommendations in order of the National Pokédex:

Shadow Bulbasaur

Type: Grass / Poison Perfect IV: 0/11/15 Recommended Moves: Vine Whip (Fast) / Seed Bomb (Charged), Sludge Bomb (Charged) Bulbasaur Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

First up, Bulbasaur picks up on our previous recommendations, meaning the fan-favorite seed Pokémon takes another run through the Go Battle League.

As before, the poison type attribute is certainly an advantage here, as it helps it defeat other grass types, while the grass type will of course naturally defeat water types. Make sure your Bulbasaur knows both Seed Bomb and Sludge Bomb as its charged moves will allow you to use both advantages.

This makes Fire-types your obvious enemy, with players like Vulpix raising your hopes (and chances of winning).

Unlike the normal Element Cup, Shadow Bulbasaur is now the best option, although a normal Bulbasaur will also work well.

You can expect to beat Seel, Chikorita, Wooper, Dewpider, and even Slugma, although Slowpoke, Fomantis, and (of course) Vulpix are your main threats.

Vulpix Shadow

Type: Fire Perfect IVs: 00/15/14 Recommended Moves: Dash Attack (Fast), Body Slam (Charged), Weather Ball (Charged) Vulpix Weaknesses: Ground, Rock, Water

If you want to run a Fire-type Pokémon, Shadow Vulpix is ​​by far the way to go. Vulpix still performs admirably and Litwick is perfectly fine, but beyond that your win rate will drop quickly.

If Grass or Ice-type Pokémon are your biggest concern, the spam Quick Attack/Weather Ball combo will have you covered.

The problem, of course, is the strength of Water-type Pokémon, so while you beat almost all Grass-types, you lose to almost all Water-types, including Dewpider and Seel, which we can expect to see a lot. . The fire types are more divided, with Slugma beating you, but Growlithe doing little more than growling at you.

strange shadow

Type: Grass Perfect IVs: 00/15/13 Recommended Moves: Razor Blade (Fast), Sludge Bomb (Charged), Seed Bomb (Charged) Odd Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic

Oddish is a fairly similar Pokémon to Oddish and ends up very similar in the overall power rankings, although there are some key differences: Oddish, for one, is much glassier, but in return applies much more fast movement pressure.

This is because Razor Leaf is such a forceful move. It’s worth checking out if you’re worried about Water types, as Oddish will soundly defeat them.

The problem, of course, is the extreme weakness in shooting and being hit in any other way. As long as you know to attack hard, dealing heavy damage after another (faster) Pokémon has removed the opponent’s shields, you should do fine.

Expect to beat water types and lose to almost all fire types. Grass types are a little more divided, but remember your low defense here.

slow shadow

Type: Water/Psychic Perfect IV: 02/15/14 Recommended Moves: Confusion (Fast), Psychic (Charged), Psyshock (Charged) Slowpoke Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, Grass

When it comes to Slowpoke in Element Cup Remix, you’ll actually be using it for its Psychic-type attacks and not its Water-type moves.

This will help you deal with any problematic poison types, such as Oddish and Bulbasaur, along with Pokémon that are weak to Psychic types, such as Tepig.

Since Slowpoke is part Water-type, it will also enjoy strong resistance against Fire-type Pokémon, although you’ll most likely be playing it with a full set of Psychic moves. This means you can use it to take care of any type of problem fire that comes your way.

It’s worth noting that there’s a big difference here between the Shadow and normal variants in terms of results; definitely use a Shadow Slowpoke whenever you can.

As for matchups, you can expect to easily beat Skrelp, Growlithe, Litwick (which is awesome against a ghost), Fomantis, and Slugma, while Chikorita, Vulpix, and the other water types on your list will beat you.


Perfect IVs: 00/13/13

Type: Water Recommended Moves: Lick (Fast), Aqua Tail (Charged), Freezing Wind (Charged) Seel Weaknesses: Electric, Grass

Seel returns as a great option in the Element Cup remix, but this time with Lick as its fast move, instead of Ice Shard.

This Pokémon is famous for being as bulky as spam, and yet it has the agility you’re looking for to really make a dent in the meta. Ice-type coverage is excellent against its natural enemies, the Grass-types, with Aqua Tail there to take down the Fire-types. As for licking? That’s there for the occasional psychic type (Slowpoke) and the ghost type (Pumpkaboo and Litwick).

That said, Ice Shard is still completely reasonable – it’ll give you a very similar win rate, so if you’re on the fence here, go with your gut.

Seel will easily defeat any fire type it encounters, although you should expect to lose to Dewpider, Skrelp, and Wooper. How you fare against grass types will depend on whether you choose to run Ice Shard or Lick.

Wooper Shadow

Type: Fire Perfect IVs: 00/15/15 Recommended Moves: Mud Shot (Fast), Body Bash (Charged), Mud Bomb (Charged) Wooper Weaknesses: Grass

Spam and shield pressure come together once again, although this time in the form of a water-type that launches ground-type attacks.

Mud Shot is excellent as a fast-charging move, which works very well with Mud Bomb, helping to take down shields very quickly. Body Slam is there for when you need something else to spam, in case you run into something resistant to your main attack.

As with most of the Shadows on this list, the low volume is a small drawback, but not enough to deter you: Wooper is a great closer for your team. He expects to beat any of the fire types, while he loses to Dewpider, Seel, and Chikorita.


Type: Fire Perfect IVs: 00/15/15 Recommended Moves: Stone Throw (Fast), Flame Charge (Charged), Rock Slide (Charged) Slugma Weaknesses: Earth, Rock, Water

Slugma is a useful option for Element Cup not because of its fire-type moves, but because of its rock-type moves.

Both Rock Throw and Rock Slide will deal a good amount of damage to any Fire-type Pokémon that crosses your path.

The downside to focusing Slugma’s moveset on rock-type attacks is that it won’t be as useful in defeating grass-types, so you’ll need to factor this into your strategy.

You can expect to beat all Fire types besides Dewpider and Oddish, although Seel, Chikorita, and Slowpoke will quickly beat you.


Type: Rock/Grass Perfect IVs: 0/15/15 Recommended Moves: Infestation (Fast), Ancient Power (Charged), Grass Knot (Charged) Lileep Weaknesses: Insect, Fighting, Ice, Steel

Another Pokémon with no weaknesses to all three main types, Lileep is a great choice for your team and a fantastic late-game closer.

Infestation may not hit hard, but it charges up very quickly, helping you fire Ancient Power to increase your Attack and Defense (10% chance) and defeat Fire-types, or fire a Grass Knot if you come across something weak for grass.

All in all, this is a great option for its spam and lack of relevant weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean a guaranteed win. While you will destroy the likes of Seel, Shadow Vulpix, and Slowpoke, you will lose to normal Vulpix, Chikorita, and Dewpider.


Perfect IVs: 00/15/15

Type: Water Recommended Moves: Bug Bite (Fast), Mirror Coat (Charged), Bubble Beam (Charged) Seel Weaknesses: Electric, Flying, Rock

Dewpider joins Element Cup Remix as the highest-rated Pokémon. He’s bulky and agile, and performs a good set of moves to cover most bases. Plus, given the lack of weakness against all three types of starters in this meta, you know you’re on to a winner.

You can expect this little spider to be an absolute monster. Although it doesn’t apply much shield pressure, Bug Bite is a reasonable move, Bubble Beam is an excellent debuff spam (reduces the opponent’s attack by one level), and Mirror Coat is a backup coverage move.

The sum total of this is that you defeated Wooper, Seel, Chikorita and Vulpix. The problem is that you will lose to Bulbasaur, Shadow Chikorita and Slugma.


Perfect IVs: 00/15/15

Type: Grass Recommended Moves: Fury Cutter (Fast), Leaf Blade (Charged), Grass Knot (Charged) Fomantis Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

Fomantis sits in the middle of the Venn diagram of spam and shield pressure, making it a great option for your team.

Fury Cutter charges as fast as they come, leading to Leaf Blade if you need to trigger a move and Grass Knot if you want to attack for high damage.

The problem is the lack of volume that this typing provides. Still, this beats out Seel, who probably won’t be executing an ice-type fast move this time, as well as Wooper, Slugma, and Chikorita. However, fire types that perform fire moves will get you beat, along with Dewpider.

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