Pi Approximation Day 2023: What is the story behind Pi Day?

Pi Approach Day 2023: The ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle is Pi. The symbol π was devised by the British mathematician William Jones in 1706 to represent the proportion and was later popularized by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. July 22 is celebrated as Pi Approach Day, as the date coincides with the fractional value of π, which is 7/22.

This day is also known as Casual Pi Day.

What is the story behind Pi Approximation Day?

Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on July 22 because it coincides with the fraction 22/7, which is often used as an approximation of the mathematical constant π (pi). The value of π is a fundamental constant that represents the relationship between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. It is an irrational number, which means that it cannot be expressed as a simple fraction and its decimal representation repeats infinitely.

The value of π is approximately 3.14159, but the fraction 22/7 is a common approximation that yields 3.142857… when calculated. Although 22/7 is not as exact as the actual value of π, it is simple and easy to remember, making it a popular approximation used in various calculations, particularly in early mathematics education.

Pi Approximation Day is a fun, informal way to celebrate mathematics and the fascinating properties of π. It provides an opportunity for math enthusiasts, educators, and students to appreciate the importance of this fundamental constant and its applications in various fields such as geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and physics.

It’s worth noting that Pi Day, celebrated on March 14 (3/14 in month/day date format), is a more recognized celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day gained popularity thanks to its numerical resemblance to the first three digits of π (3.14). However, Pi Approximation Day on July 22 offers an alternative opportunity to celebrate π and promote interest in mathematics.

Pi Approach Day: Quotes

1. “We cannot expect many children to learn mathematics unless we find a way to share our enjoyment and show them both its beauty and its usefulness.” – Maria Beth

2. “It’s exact and indefinite. It’s like pi: you can keep finding out and always be right and never finish.” – A stranger

3. “Pi isn’t just the ubiquitous factor in high school geometry problems; it’s woven into the entire fabric of mathematics, not just one little corner of geometry.” – A stranger

4. “The errors made when using inappropriate data are much smaller than those that do not use any data.” -Charles Babbage

5. “Mathematicians are like administrators: they want to improve without changes.” -Edsger Dijkstra

6. “Mathematicians rely on each other.” -Carl Friedrich Gauss

7. “What is imagination?…It is a noble and divine faculty. It makes the earth tolerable, it teaches us to live, in the tone of the eternal.” -Ada Lovelace

8. “The Great Pyramid, that monument to spirituality held in such high esteem by the Agashan Masters, is built on the principles of Pi.” -William Eisen

9. “Exploring pi is like exploring the universe.” -David Chudnovsky

10. “Pi isn’t just the ubiquitous factor in high school geometry problems; it’s woven into the entire tapestry of mathematics, not just one little corner of geometry.” -Robert Kanigel

According to timeanddate.com, the day depends on the format of the date. In some countries where people write their dates in date/month format, Pi Approximation Day or Pi Casual Day is celebrated on July 22 or 7/22. And on the other hand, those who write their date in month/date format celebrate Pi Day on March 14 (3/14 or 3-14). This is because the first three digits of the date correspond to the first three digits of pi (3.14).

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