People with high IQ can answer how a deaf man purchased flowers in 9 seconds!

Puzzles: Puzzles are created with the purpose of testing your creative and critical thinking skills.

In these puzzles, readers are presented with a scenario in which they must use the skills mentioned above to solve the problem.

Regular practice of puzzles keeps the brain alert and helps prevent cognitive decline in adults.

One such riddle doing the rounds on the internet will test how creative your mind is by asking you to solve a riddle about how a deaf man bought flowers from a florist.

Ready to test how creative your brain is?

Let us begin.

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Puzzle: Solve the old man and the florist puzzle in 9 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows an elderly man visiting a flower shop to buy flowers.

Seems pretty simple, right?

But there is a drawback.

And the old man is deaf.

The challenge for you is to find out how the old man managed to order flowers despite being deaf.

You have 9 seconds of time to solve the puzzle.

Get thinking and see if you can solve the puzzle in 9 seconds.

To solve this enigma you have to be very attentive and study the image carefully.

This is a moderate level challenge and people with high intelligence and excellent attention to detail will solve the puzzle faster than others.

How many of you have solved the puzzle?

Hurry up; there isn’t much time left.

Look at the picture again and try to remember the man’s condition. See if you can find a link between the two.

The last seconds remain.

Three, two, one…


Time is over.

Were you able to solve the puzzle?

Hopefully, most of you have done so, while some are still scratching their heads.

Are you curious to know the solution to this mind-blowing riddle?

Your wait ends here.

Check out the solution below!

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Puzzle – Solution

The condition mentioned in the puzzle is to find out how a deaf old man asked for flowers.

The solution is the next:


As mentioned in the story, the old man is deaf, meaning he cannot hear, but he can certainly see and speak.

So she told the florist to give her a bouquet of flowers the next day and that’s how she was able to buy the flowers.

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