Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When Is It Coming Out?

“Oshi no Son” Chapter 131 release date and time

“Oshi no Ko” is one of the most popular Japanese manga series, originally released on April 23, 2020. The series has gained huge popularity in the first few chapters and now new chapters have been launched. Yes! Chapter 131 has finally premiered, and several chapters of Son of Shinobu Chapter 131 have been aired. Fans are surprised by this series and after the premiere of the previous chapter, they are eager to know when the next chapter will be released, which is the release date of Chapter 131 of “Son of Shinobu”. When will the next chapter come out, Chapter 131? Well, the release date of Shinobu Son Chapter 131 is expected to be October 25, 2023.

Summary of Son of Shinobu Chapter 131

Chapter name

Son of Shinobu


drama, suspense, supernatural

First published date

April 23, 2020

Son of Shinobi Chapter 128 Release Date

October 4, 2023

Son of Shinobi Chapter 129 Release Date

October 11, 2023

Son of Shinobi Chapter 130 Release Date

October 18, 2023

“Oshi no Son” Chapter 131 Estimated Release Date

October 25, 2023


43 days

Number of chapters



Countdown to Son of Shinobi Chapter 131

“Children of Shinobi” Chapter 131 is expected to be released on October 25, 2023, with a countdown of only 43 days. Yes! There are still 43 days left until the release of Chapter 131 of “Son of Shinobi”!

When will it come out?

Chapter 131 of “Oshi no Son” is expected to be released on October 25, 2023. “Oshiko” is one of the most popular series right now, with episodes being released one after another. The gripping plot of Oshi no Son is arguably one of the main reasons why the series is so popular, prompting fans to seek out Oshi no Son Chapter 131, which we covered in the previous section.

About Shinobi

In a flashback, we see Sarina and Goro discussing Shibuya. Goro reveals that he once attended college in that area. Sarina spoke about her desire to become an idol and mentioned how Hoshino Ai was discovered by a talent scout in Shibuya. Goro supports Salina in achieving her dream and promises to take her to Shibuya when she is ready.

He assures her that she is cute and believes she will be discovered by a talent scout, but he also warns her about hidden talent scouts. Salina dismissed such concerns and said she would even be willing to become an underground idol. However, Goro emphasized the potential dangers of the entertainment industry and vowed to protect her. Salina jokingly mocks him for being overprotective.

Back in the present, we find Ruby in tears and burdened with guilt, believing she has brought misfortune to those around her. Aqua notices a keychain with a Xiao Ai design on it and tries to comfort Ruby. Ruby asks her to write a script, but Aqua refuses, saying it’s not the right time to practice yet.

Ruby is visibly frustrated with Aqua, accusing him of entering the idol industry just to avenge Ai and Goro. Aqua persists in trying to convince her to stop her from embarking on the path of revenge. Ruby lashes out at him, claiming that their brotherly relationship is only superficial and that it’s too late for Aqua to become a brother. She claimed they were reincarnated in the same place.

Aqua agrees and admits the truth, although he calls Ruby “Sarina” and refers to himself as “Goro” instead of Aqua Hoshino. He reminds her of Sarina’s desire to become an idol like Hoshino Ai and live a free life outside the hospital. Salina longs to be like her idol, put on a dress, sing captivating songs, receive encores and spread joy.

When will Chapter 131 of “Son of Shinobu” be released?

As mentioned earlier, Shinobu Son Chapter 131 is expected to be released soon. Fans of the series have been waiting for the release of Shinobu Son Chapter 131 since the last chapter was released. The final chapter of “Son of Shinobu” has fans eager to see what happens next. This is probably why so many people have been looking for the release date of Shinobu Son Chapter 131.

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