Optical Illusion Visual Skill Test: Find the man’s lost wife in 7 seconds!

Optical illusions are visual images that are created to trick our brain. They are also called visual illusions and are often used as simple intelligence tests; its popularity is evident in its widespread use in pop culture.

There are three main types of optical illusions: literal, physiological, and cognitive.

Literal illusions occur when our brains misinterpret the physical properties of an object.

Physiological illusions are caused by the way our eyes and brains process light and colour.

Cognitive illusions occur when our brains make assumptions about what we’re seeing, even when evidence contradicts those assumptions.

According to research, regular practice of optical illusions can improve concentration and prevent cognitive decline in adults.

Do you want to know how sharp your visual skills are?

Try this challenge and find out now!

Optical Illusion Visual Ability Test: Find the Man’s Missing Wife in 7 Seconds

Take a look at the image below.


Source: Pinterest

The image shows a forest scene in which a man can be seen frantically searching for someone.

That someone is his wife, and the challenge readers face is to find that man’s missing wife in 7 seconds.

Only those with the sharpest eyes can quickly spot the man’s missing wife.

Your time starts now!

Check the image carefully, did you notice anything unusual?

Time is running out.

If you look closely at the picture, you may soon see the man’s missing wife.

Have you seen her?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.


Time is over.

We think some of our discerning readers will have seen the man’s missing wife by now.

Congratulations! You have top-notch visual skills.

Those who were unable to find the man’s missing wife so far, please stop searching and check out the solution below.

Find the man’s missing wife in 7 seconds: solution

The man’s missing wife can be seen below the gap on his right hand.


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