Optical Illusion: This 17-Second Crab Quest will challenge your wits

Get ready to test your observation skills with this mind-blowing optical illusion known as 17-Second Crab Quest.

Optical illusions have become a way to refresh yourself on a busy day and put your brain to work beyond daily activities.

Many optical illusion puzzles are circulating on the Internet and people are trying their best to solve them.

Today, here we have the same riddle that has everyone scratching their heads to find the correct answer.

In this captivating challenge, your mission will be to locate a cunning crab that is discreetly hiding among the flowers.

This optical illusion was created by artist Gergely Dudas and with just 17 seconds on the clock, the pressure is maximum.

When you start looking at the image, you will notice a white background filled with red flowers that play an important role in perfectly hiding the red crab.

At first glance, it might seem like there are only flowers in the image. But if you look closer, you’ll see that there is a crab hidden throughout the scene.

So, are you ready to dive into this image and challenge your brain to differentiate between the crab and the flowers in 17 seconds?

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Source: thedudolf

How’s the crab hunt going?

Did you make any progress or are you just trying to focus?

Come on, the main key to finding hidden objects/animals in optical illusions is to give them your full attention.

So turn off all your distractions and focus again.

Was the crab visible?

If your answer is “No,” here’s a hint:

Try to look for the crab’s body patterns.

Hurry up! The 17 seconds will be over soon!

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, the time limit is up!

How close were you to discovering where the crab was hidden?

Did you make it and find it? If yes, congratulations, you are progressing well and if you didn’t find the crab, it’s good that you have it.

Start the puzzle again and try it again.

If you can’t find it again, here is the solution.

Find the hidden crab: solution

The crab hides in the center right corner, sitting peacefully on a flower.


Source: thedudolf

Wasn’t this optical illusion amazing? Keep trying these puzzles and you will definitely solve the next one easily.

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