Optical Illusion Test: Can your eagle eyes find the Hidden Cocktail Umbrella within 13 seconds?

The human brain is an extraordinary organ that can process large amounts of information in seconds. However, optical illusions play with our minds.

Our brains are constantly trying to make sense of the world around us. When we see something that doesn’t match our expectations, our brain tries to fill in the gaps with information we already know.

That is why sometimes it is difficult for us to solve optical illusions.

Everyone loves trips to the beach, right? And a trip to the beach cannot be complete without an umbrella to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

However, in this image, you must try to spot a different umbrella that will leave you puzzled.

In this puzzle, you can test your patience and attention to detail by locating a hidden cocktail umbrella.

The image may look like a piece of cake, but beware, it is specifically designed to trick your mind.

Optical illusions always have a way of fascinating us; By challenging visual perceptions, they trick our minds quite easily and give us a reason to have fun.

The following image shows the scene of a beach where many people are sitting under the shade of an umbrella and enjoying their time.

But there is an impostor among them who is of no use as an umbrella.

So can you see the hidden cocktail umbrella with 13 seconds left on the clock?

Do you have eagle eyes to tell them apart?

Let us begin!

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Source: GalaBingo.com

Did you see the imposter?

Come on, it’s just a cocktail umbrella. You can do it!

Here are some tips to make it easier:

Look closely at the image: Many times, the brain ignores the things that are right in front of us, so dedicate yourself 100% and look for the occasional umbrella.

Try to look at the size of the umbrella: of course, a cocktail umbrella will be very small compared to beach umbrellas, so try to find it.

Keep the peace: It is essential to panic with just 13 seconds on the clock but you need to be calm and navigate effectively through the image.

No luck yet?

Well, here’s an important clue!

Try to find an umbrella under which no one is sitting.

I hope you have it now

Hurry up, time is almost up!

3… 2… and 1

Time limit is over!

It was easy? Did you see the cocktail umbrella?

If so, congratulate yourself because your insight into seeing things differently has paid off.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find the cocktail umbrella. It’s a misleading optical illusion, and even some people who have seen it several times still have trouble finding it.

Keep practicing and eventually you will be able to spot it.

So here is the answer to the optical illusion.

Find the hidden cocktail umbrella: solution

The umbrella is hidden in the lower right with the three umbrellas that are together.


Source: GalaBingo.com

Look, wasn’t this puzzle easy? You just had to be calm and look for the umbrella without people underneath it and with a different print on the top.

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