Only the smartest can spot the mistake in the ice sledging picture within 7 seconds!

Riddles are riddles that require careful and analytical thinking to solve. They often require lateral thinking, which means you have to think outside the box and unconventionally to solve the puzzle. These brain teasers are challenging and interesting to complete and will help you improve your problem solving skills and creativity.

There are various puzzles available on the internet. Others require your observation skills, while others require you to use your analytical and critical thinking skills. While some are simple, others can be challenging. We have a simple one for you today. You are ready? Let’s start right now.

Find the error in 7 seconds

Take a good look at today’s picture puzzle.


Source: Bright Side

The image above shows a view of a snowy mountain. You can see four people dressed in snowy outfits and sledding through the snow. Now, at first glance, the image may appear normal, however, upon closer inspection, you will realize that there is a huge mistake in this puzzle. As you already know, your task is to detect the error in the image within the established deadline. You have 7 seconds to solve this brain puzzle. So, grab your phone, set the timer and start solving the puzzle. All the best, guys.

We provide the solution to this brain puzzle at the end of the article. Scroll down to see the solution when your 7 seconds are up.

Puzzle solution

You had to spot the error in the ice sled image within 7 seconds in this puzzle. Here is the solution:


Source: Bright Side

We hope you had fun solving this picture puzzle. Research says that solving puzzles daily helps you become smarter. Here are some:

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