Only someone with powerful vision can spot the leopard hidden in the leaves within 9 seconds!

Optical illusions are both challenging and fascinating visual phenomena. These illusory riddles are usually hallucinatory images or paintings of certain objects and/or animals. They are visual phenomena where our brain perceives something different from reality.

They can trick us into thinking things don’t really exist, or they can trick our eyes into seeing things that don’t exist.

The goal of optical illusion challenges is to try to find what is not really there or is simply hiding in plain sight. And today we have a fun, exciting and challenging optical illusion waiting for you.

Are you ready to blow your mind?

Let’s start.

Find the leopard in 9 seconds


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The image above shows a view of the leaves. There is a leopard hidden in this image and you have to spot it. It is said that people who have powerful vision are the only ones who can solve this illusory puzzle. As you already know, we have a set time limit for this picture puzzle. You have a maximum of 9 seconds to spot the leopard hidden among the leaves and solve this optical puzzle. So, grab your phones, set your timers, and get started. All the best.

If you want, you can use the hint provided below to solve this puzzle easily. Or you can skip it, if you want.

Optical Illusion Clue: The leopard hidden in the image can be found on the right side of the image. The solution is provided below. Scroll down to see it.

Only 2% can detect the tiger hunting ducks in the image within 8 seconds!

Optical illusion solution

Here is the hidden leopard:


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