National French Fry Day 2023: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, History, Celebrations, and more

National French Fries Day 2023: The day is generated to celebrate this amazing dish of food. French fries come in various cuts and styles. They are also known as French fries, fries, chips or French fries. They are basically potato chip sticks. Above all, they are loved by all ages!

It is said that during World War I, the term “French” was introduced to potatoes when American soldiers arrived in Belgium and tried the fries. The official language of the Belgian army at that time was French, so it is possible that American soldiers began calling these fries “fries.” The origin of National French Fry Day is still unclear.

National French Fries Day 2023: Quotes

1. “Your fries are just my fries on the wrong plate.” – a stranger

2. “French fries. I love them. Some people are chocolate and sweet lovers. I love French fries. That and caviar.” – Cameron Diaz

3. “Sunday is my day off, where I eat whatever I want. I don’t allow myself to eat anything. I love chips and bread.- Ashley Tisdale

4. “I can bake. I made myself some delicious French fries once. But otherwise, I just go out to eat. Lots of salad bars.” -Fiona Apple

5. “I’m in shape. Unfortunately, that shape is a potato.” – A stranger

6. “French fries and wine are my vices.” -Meghan Markle

7. “In New York I practically live in coffee shops: I order fries, diet cola and a lot of coffee.” – King’s wool

8. “I like the chips, fries, and burgers at Barney’s in Los Angeles with seasoned curly fries.” -Jessica Biel

9. “Keep your friends close and your chips closer.” – A stranger

10. “The French: a people who have used their sophisticated culture and beautiful language to bequeath the sliced ​​potato to the world.” – Bauvard

11. “Even if I eat healthy, I allow myself to eat French fries. That’s what I like the most. You only live once!” -Kate Marra

12. “I may look like a potato now, but one day I’ll turn into potato chips and then you’ll love me.” – A stranger

13. “When a couch potato is sliced ​​and then fried, it’s French fries.” – Demetri Martin

14. “Gossips are like potato chips: crispy when hot but uninteresting once stale.” – Spiritaja

15. Someone once told a potato ‘you’re fat!’ She then turned herself into french fries and said ‘now I’m skinny… but full of fat’. -Nisha

On this day, July 12: see what’s special today!

National French Fries Day 2023: Wishes and messages

1. On the occasion of National French Fries Day, may fat-free French fries come into your life to make them happy.

2. Warm regards to you on National French Fries Day…. May you enjoy these fries and never gain weight.

3. “Enjoy the days of French fries.” Best regards on National French Fries Day.

4. The most delicious combination in this world is French fries and ketchup. I wish you lots of fries on National French Fries Day.

5. Warm wishes to you on National French Fry Day…. May you enjoy these fries and never gain weight.

6. When you don’t know what to eat, French fries are always a great meal… Best regards on National French Fries Day.

7. If you really want to have a good life then you must have French fries on your plate. I wish you happy National French Fry Day!

8. May the benefits of French fries always be present in your life. I wish you a happy National French Fry Day!

9. Eat them with mayonnaise or ketchup, they will always taste delicious. Warm wishes on National French Fry Day.

10. They are never enough when they are one since your heart always wants them more and more…. I wish you lots of fries on National French Fries Day.

National French Fries Day 2023: Instagram Captions

  1. “Fry-Yay! It’s National French Fry Day!”
  2. “Golden and crispy: Celebrating french fry day”
  3. “Delight in fried delights on National French Fry Day”
  4. “Let’s Fry: National French Fry Day!”
  5. “Savor the crunch: Happy French Fry Day!”
  6. “Get your Fry Fix: Celebrating National French Fry Day”
  7. “French fries for everyone: join the fun on National French Fry Day”
  8. “Raise a fry for National French Fry Day!”
  9. “Deliciously Irresistible: Celebrating French Fries Day”
  10. “Embrace the love of French fries: National French Fries Day”

National French Fries Day 2023: Celebration

One of the ways to celebrate the day is to cook French fries and enjoy Mayo or Ketchup with family and friends. Or you can order them from outside and enjoy them. Some of the different types of fries you can choose from include waffle cut, Belgian fries, fried wedges, etc.

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