My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scan, and More

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My Hero Academia is a popular Japanese superhero manga series created by Kohei Horikoshi. Serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014, the drama tells the story of a world where superpowers known as “quirks” have become the norm.

The story centers on Izuku Midoriya, a personalityless boy who dreams of becoming a hero. His life takes a turn when he meets the world’s greatest hero, All Might, who passes his quirk on to Midoriya, allowing him to attend a school renowned for aspiring heroes school.

The manga has spawned a sprawling media series, including spin-off manga, light novels, a stage play, and numerous video games. The animation adapted from Bones has been successfully broadcast for several seasons and movies, and has become a worldwide sensation.

My Hero Academia was a commercial success, with millions of copies sold, and was critically acclaimed for its storytelling, character development, action scenes, and incorporation of Western superhero influences. It has received numerous awards and nominations, cementing its preeminent status in the world of manga and animation.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers

In the most recent chapter, which focuses on All Might and Wanyi’s fierce battle, and Aoyama’s path to redemption, there have been major developments. All Might copied the quirks of the Class 1-A students through Hercules, and suffered great damage in his continued confrontation with All For One, who continued to grow younger and stronger.

Meanwhile, Aoyama and Fat Kouxiang fall into the hands of Tartaros fugitive Kunieta and are tortured. Inspired by this ordeal, Aoyama finds the motivation to live a good life after betraying his friends. He fires the naval laser without support equipment, and Ye Yin helps in their struggle.

With these events in mind, several possibilities emerge for the next chapter:

The battle between All Might and All For One is likely to continue, with All Might revealing more surprises from his arsenal. He may also develop a strategy to counteract the All For One’s age decrease and power increase, seeking an advantage in battle.

The conflict between Aoyama and Ye Yin and Guozhi is bound to intensify. Guozhi’s powerful ability is enough to make a professional hero like Pangkouxiang powerless. Aoyama may find more opportunities to redeem himself and contribute to the confrontation.

Fat Kouxiang is currently incapacitated due to tangled vines and has flowers growing inside him, suggesting that rescuing him by Aoyama and Hagakure could turn the tide in their favor, potentially making Fatguchi a powerful villain to fight against powerful ally.


My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 is scheduled for an official release on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 12AM JST (Japan Standard Time). For many international fans, this means the chapter will open sometime during the day on Monday 18 September. Some select international readers, especially those in Japan, will be able to access the chapter in the early hours of Tuesday, September 19th. Publishing times may vary depending on your region and time zone.

For readers in different time zones, the approximate release time of My Hero Academia Chapter 400 is as follows:

Time zone



PST 8:00 AM Monday, September 18
Eastern Standard Time 11:00 AM Monday, September 18
GMT 3:00pm Monday, September 18
Central European Time 4:00 PM Monday, September 18
india standard time 8:30 p.m. Monday, September 18
philippine standard time 11:00 pm Monday, September 18
Japan Standard Time 12:00am (next day) Tuesday, September 19
Australian Central Standard Time 1:30 am (next day) Tuesday, September 19

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Raw Scan

The raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 400 have not been released yet. Typically, raw scans are available approximately one to two days before the official chapter release date.

Fans eagerly awaiting the latest developments in the series should keep an eye out for these raw scans in the days leading up to release. As the release date approaches, be sure to check back for updates to stay informed of any early leaks or sneak peeks that may appear before the official launch.

Where can I read My Hero Academia?

Fans can read the My Hero Academia manga across multiple platforms based on their preferences and access to the latest chapters. One of the primary sources for reading My Hero Academia is Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus service, which provides access to the latest released chapters. Viz Media’s official website is another option for readers, providing free access to comics, usually including the first and latest three chapters in the series.

For readers who want full access to the entire series, Shueisha’s paid Shonen Jump+ app is available as a subscription-based service. The application allows readers to enjoy My Hero Academia and other manga works without restrictions. These platforms provide convenient and legal ways to read My Hero Academia, ensuring fans can enjoy the series in a way that suits their preferences and support the creators.

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