Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover – Top 10 Strongest Forces

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover

Black Clover, a popular manga and anime series, features a vast array of characters with extraordinary abilities and powers. Among these characters, several stand out as the most powerful and formidable in the series. Their exceptional skills, unwavering determination, and unique abilities have made them central figures in the ongoing conflicts within the Clover Kingdom and the battle against the menacing Devils.



Lucius Zogratis








Yami Sukehiro


Lily Aquaria






Zenon Zogratis



Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover

From the enigmatic Lucius Zogratis, formerly known as Julius Novachrono, who possesses time manipulation abilities and a pact with a formidable Devil, to Lucifero, the ruler of the Underworld with unparalleled control over gravity and abstract concepts, these characters showcase unimaginable strength.

Asta, the central protagonist, defies the odds as a non-magic user and harnesses anti-magic abilities with the aid of the devil Liebe, while Yuno, possessing immense talent and the rare Star Magic, constantly pushes his limits. Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bull squad, wields darkness magic and demonstrates remarkable mastery of Ki, while Sister Lily Aquaria, following her fusion with the purified devil Beelzebub, exhibits newfound powers.

Other powerful characters include Lucifugus, a Supreme Devil of immense destructive potential, Adrammelech, an unassuming devil with hidden strength, Zenon Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad with bone and spatial magic, and Licht, the original possessor of Asta’s grimoire with the ability to draw upon the power of the elves. Together, these characters embody the epitome of power and serve as key players in the captivating world of Black Clover.


1. Lucius Zogratis

Lucius Zogratis, who was previously known as Julius Novachrono, held the prestigious position of Wizard King in the Clover Kingdom. He was widely recognized as the most formidable mage within the kingdom, possessing an extraordinary grimoire that granted him control over time manipulation. This unique ability allowed him to halt, speed up, decelerate, or even reverse the passage of time.

However, recent revelations unveiled Lucius Zogratis as the true identity of the enigmatic Wizard King. As a member of the Zogratis family, Lucius was the eldest sibling among his siblings. This revelation brought into question the true extent of his power and the nature of his abilities.

As the Wizard King, Lucius Zogratis possesses an unparalleled level of strength, surpassing almost every other character in the series. What sets him apart is his connection to Astaroth, one of the most formidable Devils from the Underworld. By forming a pact with Astaroth, Lucius gains access to an unimaginable level of destructive potential.

In a stunning display of power, Lucius Zogratis effortlessly overcame Lucifero, one of the strongest Devils in existence, defeating him with ease. Consuming Lucifero’s heart further augmented his already immense power. The implications of this are truly catastrophic, as Lucius now wields a level of magical prowess that poses a significant threat to the world around him.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

2. Lucifero

Within the world of Black Clover, the ongoing conflict between the Clover Kingdom and the Devils has been a central theme, with one particular Devil reigning as the epitome of demonic menace — Lucifero, the ruler of the Underworld. While initially introduced as the Devil residing within Dante, his true might only becomes fully apparent when he manages to escape to the mortal realm with half of his formidable power.

Lucifero’s overwhelming strength necessitates the combined efforts of all the main characters in the series to even stand a chance against him. His mastery over gravity magic grants him the ability to manipulate not only the physical world but also abstract concepts such as space and dreams. This unparalleled control over the fundamental forces of nature makes him a nigh-omnipotent threat.

It is worth noting that without the presence of unique individuals like Asta, Nacht, and Yami, the prospect of defeating Lucifero would have been exceedingly bleak. Their distinct abilities and unwavering determination play pivotal roles in challenging the seemingly insurmountable power of this Devil. Their collective strength and strategic collaboration are crucial in countering Lucifero’s immense capabilities.

Lucifero’s portrayal as an antagonist showcases the pinnacle of devilish might and serves as a constant reminder of the overwhelming threat the Devils pose to the world of Black Clover. The confrontation with Lucifero exemplifies the magnitude of the challenges faced by the Clover Kingdom and highlights the significance of the main characters’ unwavering resolve and unique abilities in combatting this existential menace.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

3. Asta

Asta, the central protagonist of Black Clover, embodies the relentless pursuit of surpassing his limits, defying the odds despite being born without the ability to wield magic. Through sheer determination and unwavering resolve, he repeatedly proves his unwavering commitment to becoming the strongest wizard in the Clover Kingdom. With the aid of Liebe, the devil residing within him, Asta becomes an unstoppable force, capable of overcoming any obstacle in his path.

Asta’s journey is a testament to his unyielding spirit. He constantly strives to improve his combat skills, honing his abilities through rigorous training and relentless perseverance. Despite lacking magical powers, he compensates with his exceptional physical strength, agility, and a unique anti-magic sword that nullifies spells and disrupts magical energies. Asta’s combat prowess and strategic acumen make him an exceptional fighter, capable of taking on even the most formidable opponents.

Throughout his adventures, Asta consistently proves his mettle by exceeding his own limits time and time again. He fearlessly faces adversities and challenges head-on, never backing down in the face of overwhelming odds. This unwavering determination has earned him the respect and admiration of his allies and rivals alike.

While it remains uncertain whether Asta will ascend to the prestigious position of the Wizard King, his relentless pursuit of growth and his unwavering commitment to protecting his friends and the Clover Kingdom make him an undeniable candidate for the title. Asta’s unshakable resolve, combined with his remarkable skills and the support of Liebe, the devil within him, positions him as a force to be reckoned with.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

4. Yuno

From the outset of Black Clover, Yuno’s trajectory has been on par with Asta’s, making him a prominent character in the series. At various points throughout the story, there were legitimate arguments suggesting that Yuno, the wielder of the four-leaf grimoire, was even stronger than his companion, Asta, who possesses anti-magic abilities. Yuno’s exceptional talent and the blessing of abundant mana made him a force to be reckoned with.

Yuno’s innate abilities and potential are off the charts, and his strength has further flourished due to his relentless dedication and hard work in his pursuit of becoming the Wizard King. He has consistently pushed himself to the limits and beyond, constantly seeking growth and improvement. Through tireless training and unwavering determination, Yuno has honed his skills, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Furthermore, Yuno’s remarkable journey takes a momentous turn with the discovery of his Star Magic, a rare and powerful form of magic. This newfound magical ability amplifies his already formidable capabilities, propelling him to new heights of strength. With Star Magic at his disposal, Yuno becomes one of the most potent characters in the entire series, capable of unleashing devastating attacks and showcasing extraordinary control over the celestial forces.

Yuno’s growth and unwavering commitment to his aspirations, coupled with his remarkable natural talent and the acquisition of Star Magic, solidify his status as one of the strongest characters in Black Clover. His journey serves as a testament to the fusion of innate potential and hard work, showcasing the extraordinary heights one can reach through determination and dedication.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

5. Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bull squad, is a formidable force that instills fear in those who oppose him. Renowned for his ability to surpass his own limitations, Yami ranks among the strongest captains in terms of both magical prowess and sheer physical strength.

Yami’s primary magic, Darkness Magic, grants him a range of powerful abilities. He can manipulate and draw in various forms of mana, effectively nullifying or absorbing magical attacks directed at him. This versatility allows him to create protective barriers that shield himself and his allies from harm. Additionally, Yami can unleash waves of condensed darkness, channeled through his katana, inflicting devastating damage on his opponents.

One of Yami’s remarkable attributes is his mastery of Ki, a form of energy that enhances his combat capabilities. Through his finely honed senses, Yami can detect the presence of enemies, granting him heightened situational awareness. This enables him to react with superhuman speed, evading attacks and effectively countering his opponents.

At his full power, Yami possesses an unrivaled ability to cut through anything. This includes formidable obstacles such as dimensions and Spatial Magic, making him a force to be reckoned with in battles against opponents who rely on such abilities. Yami’s precision and strength with his katana, combined with his innate understanding of Ki, allow him to deliver devastating strikes that can pierce through even the most formidable defenses.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

6. Lily Aquaria

In the early stages of Black Clover, Sister Lily was introduced as a kind and nurturing caretaker, responsible for looking after Asta and Yuno. Throughout much of the series, her development seemed limited, with her character not showcasing notable strength or progression. However, recent events have completely altered her trajectory, thanks to her encounter with Lucius Zogratis.

Lucius possessed a unique power that allowed him to purify devils, redistributing their power among humans as he desired. Sister Lily became a recipient of this power, becoming the host of the immensely potent and now purified devil, Beelzebub. This transformation had a profound impact on her abilities and potential.

After obtaining the power of Beelzebub, Sister Lily demonstrated a remarkable surge in strength. She effortlessly repelled formidable adversaries such as Noelle, Mimosa, and Nero, showcasing newfound powers that surpassed anything she had previously displayed. This unexpected display of power hinted at the possibility that the pinnacle of Sister Lily’s strength might still lie ahead.

The encounter with Lucius Zogratis and her subsequent fusion with Beelzebub not only changed Sister Lily’s capabilities but also opened up new possibilities for her character’s development. With this newfound strength, she has the potential to become a significant force within the Black Clover universe, as her abilities and potential are yet to be fully explored.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

7. Lucifugus

Within the vast population of devils residing in the Underworld in Black Clover, a hierarchical system exists to categorize their levels of power. While only a select few of the highest-ranking devils, known as Supreme Devils, have been introduced, one devil stands out prominently for its terrifying might: Lucifugus.

Nacht Faust, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, hails from a family that has dedicated itself to the practice of binding and subjugating devils. Due to his exceptional skills in taming and controlling devils, Nacht’s father sought to have him wield dominion over Lucifugus, a Supreme Devil of unimaginable power.

However, the mere presence of Lucifugus proved to be an overwhelming force that unleashed devastating consequences. As Nacht’s family attempted to assert control over Lucifugus, the Supreme Devil’s sheer power and malevolence led to the demise of most members of the Faust family. The encounter with Lucifugus showcased the immense danger and destructive potential associated with a Supreme Devil of its caliber.

Lucifugus serves as a harrowing reminder of the overwhelming force possessed by the highest-ranking devils within the Black Clover universe. Its formidable presence and the catastrophic consequences it brought upon Nacht’s family highlight the immense power imbalance between humans and these otherworldly entities.

The encounter with Lucifugus emphasizes the perils associated with tampering with such powerful forces, underscoring the need for caution and the consequences that can arise from delving into the realm of devil-binding.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

8. Adrammelech

In the expansive world of Black Clover, a multitude of devils are depicted, each possessing their own unique set of abilities and varying levels of strength. One prominent factor that signifies a devil’s power is the number of horns adorning their heads, with four horns representing the pinnacle of strength. It is within this context that Adrammelech’s seemingly unassuming nature hides its true power.

Adrammelech makes its appearance during the climactic Spade Kingdom arc, showcasing its defiance towards powerful devils such as Lucifero. This defiant behavior suggests that Adrammelech possesses a level of strength that grants it the confidence to disregard the orders of even the most formidable devils.

Forming an alliance with Lucius Zogratis, the wielder of the four-leaf grimoire, Adrammelech sets the stage for its return in future events, hinting at the significant role it may play in upcoming developments.

While specifics regarding Adrammelech’s abilities and motives remain largely undisclosed, its association with Lucius Zogratis, coupled with its possession of four horns, implies that it possesses an immense level of power. The unassuming facade that Adrammelech presents belies the true extent of its strength, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating its return and the potential challenges it may bring forth.

The introduction of Adrammelech adds another layer of intrigue and anticipation to the narrative of Black Clover, as it represents a formidable adversary capable of defying the commands of even the most powerful devils. Its alignment with Lucius Zogratis, combined with its four horns, positions Adrammelech as a force to be reckoned with, promising intense confrontations and further exploration of its capabilities in the future.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

9. Zenon Zogratis

Zenon Zogratis, a member of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad, stands out as a formidable adversary within the Black Clover series. His strength surpasses that of his sister, Vanica, and his abilities pose a significant threat to his opponents. Prior to his defeat at the hands of Yuno, Zenon displayed exceptional mastery over two distinct forms of magic simultaneously.

Zenon’s bone magic enables him to manipulate sharp and lethal bones, creating intricate and deadly constructs. These bone structures can be utilized for offensive purposes, granting him a versatile and dangerous arsenal. Additionally, Zenon possesses spatial magic, which allows him to manipulate and control the fabric of space. With this power, he can create cubes of mana over which he maintains complete dominion, granting him immense control and tactical advantages in battle.

One of Zenon’s most formidable traits is his ability to access 100% of his devil’s power. As one of the strongest possessors, this ability places Zenon in a league of his own when fully unleashed. The extent of his powers in this state is practically immeasurable, representing an overwhelming force that only the most exceptional individuals can hope to challenge.

Ultimately, it required the combined efforts of Yuno, one of the most naturally gifted and powerful wizards in existence, to defeat Zenon. The fact that such a formidable opponent demanded the full strength and talent of someone of Yuno’s caliber serves as a testament to Zenon’s power and the magnitude of the threat he posed.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

10. Licht

While Patolli may have assumed the identity of Licht, the true Licht remains an unparalleled force in Black Clover. As the original possessor of Asta’s grimoire and the creator of his swords, Licht wielded powers that surpassed what Asta was initially aware of. Upon reclaiming the Demon Dweller Sword, Licht showcased an astounding ability to absorb and manipulate mana, surpassing Asta’s own capabilities.

Licht’s true strength lies in his ability to draw upon the power of his fellow elves. By harnessing their collective magical energy, he can unleash concentrated and devastating magical attacks with a single slash. This concentration of magical power is a testament to Licht’s mastery and understanding of his own abilities.

In a pivotal turn of events, Licht undergoes a transformation into an ancient Demon, greatly augmenting his power. In this form, Licht’s strength rivals that of Lumiere, the First Wizard King. Their climactic battle pushes Lumiere to the very limits of his abilities and brings him to the brink of death. Despite ultimately being defeated, Licht’s incredible power and tenacity leave a lasting impact on the narrative.

Licht’s portrayal throughout the series showcases his status as a formidable antagonist, possessing a level of power and skill that poses a significant challenge to the protagonists. His command over mana, coupled with his transformation into a powerful ancient Demon, establishes him as a force to be reckoned with. The clash between Licht and Lumiere serves as a testament to the immense strength both characters possess and the intensity of their rivalry.

While Licht’s journey ultimately concludes in defeat, his impact on the story and the demonstration of his extraordinary powers solidify his place as one of the most formidable and influential characters in Black Clover.

Most Powerful Characters in Black Clover - Top 10 Strongest Forces

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover

The list of the top 10 most powerful characters in Black Clover begins with Lucius Zogratis, also known as Julius Novachrono, who held the position of Wizard King and possessed time manipulation abilities. Lucifero, the ruler of the Underworld and an antagonist, wields gravity magic and represents a nigh-omnipotent threat.

Asta, the protagonist, overcomes his lack of magic with his anti-magic sword and unwavering determination. Yuno, Asta’s rival, possesses exceptional talent and the blessing of abundant mana, further enhanced by his Star Magic. Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bull squad, utilizes Darkness Magic and Ki to become a formidable opponent. Sister Lily Aquaria gains immense power after becoming the host of the purified devil Beelzebub.

Lucifugus, a Supreme Devil, showcases overwhelming strength and serves as a reminder of the power of devils. Adrammelech, possessing four horns, has significant power and aligns with Lucius Zogratis. Zenon Zogratis, a member of the Dark Triad, wields bone and spatial magic, and Licht, the original possessor of Asta’s grimoire, harnesses the power of his fellow elves and transforms into an ancient Demon.

Overall, these characters demonstrate extraordinary abilities and play crucial roles in the intense battles and conflicts of the Black Clover series.

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