Mini Crossword with Answers: June 9, 2023

Crossword is a great mental game that will test your knowledge and vocabulary. Our mini crossword puzzles are an ideal educational tool for you if you like to learn new words or improve your English language skills. These crossword puzzles are solved quickly with an easy difficulty level. Play free crossword puzzles every day online at Jagran Josh to keep your mind sharp.

Our crossword game comprises simple words with clues from a varied range of topics including general awareness, historical or GK static facts, idioms and phrases etc. Solving these crossword puzzles is a fun source of learning. We publish a new mini crossword daily. You must look at the clues to solve the crossword puzzle.

There are 3 clues in this mini crossword puzzle. For example, one of the clues asks you about one of the Chinese New Year animals. It also says it is a 6 letter word. So you can enter the correct word if you already know what animal it could be or do a simple search with the clue provided to discover the answer.

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Mini Crossword: June 9, 2023

Solve this mini crossword puzzle with the clues provided below:

At the other side of:

1. Be jealous of (4 letters)

3. One of the Chinese New Year animals (6 letters)


2. Curious, the one who wants to understand things (11 letters)

Mini crossword

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Mini Crossword Answers: June 9 2023

Mini crosswords

At the other side of:

1. envy

3. dragon


2. curious

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