Kurtis Conner Height How Tall is Kurtis Conner?

Kurtis Conner Height How tall is Kurtis Conner?

Want to know how tall Curtis Conner is? Then read this article and get the exact information about Curtis Conner’s height. Kurtis Conner is a Canadian comedian, YouTuber and podcaster born on May 4, 1994. Recently we can see fans searching for Kurtis Conner height; we have the same answer.

Kurtis Conner height and biography details are the most searched terms by users. Anyone who has always wondered about Curtis Connor’s height can refer to the following information.

  • Curtis Connor Height (cm) – 175 cm
  • Curtis Connor (m) – 1.75 m
  • Kurtis Conner ft – 5′ 9″

Now fans can find out how tall Curtis Conner is. To learn more about Curtis Conner’s biography, see the table below.


Curtis Connor


Canadian comedian, YouTuber and podcaster

date of birth

May 4, 1994

place of birth

North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Age (by 2023)

29 years old


175 cm



Country of Citizenship


Who is Curtis Conner?

Kurtis Conner (born May 4, 1994) is an accomplished Canadian comedian, YouTuber and podcaster who has made a name for himself in the world of online entertainment. With his unique sense of humor, charm and relatability, Kurtis has gained a loyal following and has become a prominent figure in the digital media space.

Curtis’ journey to Internet stardom began on YouTube, where he was recognized for his witty commentary and hilarious observations on a wide range of topics, from pop culture to everyday life. His videos are often presented in his signature deadpan manner, making even the most mundane subjects hilariously funny. Known for his self-deprecating humor and ability to find humor in the mundane, he is beloved by audiences of all ages.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Kurtis Conner has also ventured into podcasting, creating “Very Excellent Good,” a platform where he can have candid conversations with other comedians, musicians, and other big names. The podcast allows his fans to see a different side of him, showcasing his intelligence and affable nature.

real name

Curtis Matthew Kenneth Connor


Canadian comedian, YouTuber and podcaster

date of birth

May 4, 1994

net worth

US$5 million

Chinese zodiac



Jenna Allard


Curtis Connor age

Kurtis Conner, 29, was born on May 4, 1994 in North York General Hospital, Toronto, Canada. He continues to captivate audiences with humor and wit, a testament to his enduring appeal and creativity. Kurtis Conner, 29, has achieved extraordinary success in comedy, YouTube, and podcasts.

His journey from a hospital in Toronto to becoming a beloved figure on the global digital stage is a testament to his hard work, dedication and talent. Year after year, Curtis continues to evolve as an entertainer, bringing laughter and positivity to fans around the world. As he enters his thirties, there is no doubt that he will continue to push the boundaries of his craft to create more memorable and enjoyable content for his ever-growing fanbase.

Curtis Connor nationality

Kurtis Conner is a popular comedian, YouTuber and podcaster from the vibrant and diverse country of Canada. He proudly holds Canadian citizenship, a fact that has become an integral part of his identity as an entertainer. Known for its welcoming and multicultural society, Canada has a rich tradition of producing talented artists and comedians, and Curtis Connor is a shining example of that tradition. His Canadian roots are reflected in his friendly and down-to-earth demeanor, which resonates with audiences in Canada and abroad.

Curtis’ nationality also played a role in shaping his comedy style, infusing it with a unique perspective on Canadian culture and experience. Whether he’s poking fun at Canadian stereotypes or sharing relevant anecdotes from his home country, his Canadian identity is an important aspect of what makes his comedy so endearing and universally recognizable. In global entertainment, Curtis Connor proudly embodies the wit and humor for which Canada is known, making him a beloved figure among comedy lovers the world over.

Curtis Connor’s acting career

  • Early Vine Success (2012-2017): Kurtis Conner began his social media journey on Vine, a short-lived six-second video platform. During his Vine career (2012-2017), he accumulated approximately 350,000 loyal followers. This early success hinted at his gift for fast and punchy humor.

  • Entering YouTube (2014): In 2014, Kurtis uploaded his first video to YouTube. Recognizing the platform’s potential for long-form content, he decided to expand his creative horizons beyond Vine.

  • Comedy Formal Education (Toronto): During this time, Curtis received a formal education in comedy writing and acting in Toronto, honing his skills and developing a deeper understanding of the art of humor.

  • Work history (Starbucks and Inkbox): Before turning full-time as a YouTuber and comedian, Kurtis worked at Starbucks and later at semi-permanent tattoo company Inkbox. These experiences may contribute to his relatable content, as many viewers can relate to the challenges of day-to-day work.

  • YouTube Stardom (Ongoing): Over the years, Kurtis Conner’s YouTube channel has flourished, with over 4 million subscribers as of April 2023. His content, characterized by witty commentary and relatable humor, resonates with a wide audience and cements his influence. As a prominent figure in the network comedy world.

  • Financial Success: Kurtis has been financially successful during his YouTube career, earning an estimated $648,000 a year, mostly from advertising. This achievement showcases not only his comedic talents but also his ability to turn his passion into a lucrative career.

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