Is Where Hope Grows Based on a True Story? Where Hope Grows Wiki, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Is “Where Hope Grows” based on a true story?

It’s unclear whether the film is based on a true story. “Where Hope Grows” is a touching American drama film written and directed by Chris Dowling. The story follows a professional baseball player whose career is derailed by personal problems, including alcohol dependence. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a man with Down syndrome who works at a local grocery store. The encounter gave them both new energy and purpose.

Despite facing different challenges, the two form a unique bond and begin to help each other. Through friendship, they embark on a journey of self-improvement. Writer-director Chris Dowling aims to depict real conversations and connections between people.

The film was released on May 15, 2015, with a rating of 6.6. Where Hope Grows depicts the power of friendship and the positive impact two people from different walks of life can have on each other. is a place for entertainment lovers. Don’t miss a beat in the ever-evolving entertainment scene – subscribe today! Join our community to stay updated on breaking celebrity news and delve into the latest movie reviews that offer new insights into the world of entertainment.

Movie “Where Hope Grows”

“Where Hope Grows” is a heartwarming American drama film produced in 2014, written and directed by Chris Dowling. The film’s cast includes David DeSantis, Danica McKellar, Kerr Smith, Brooke Burns, William Zabka, Christopher Polaha and McCallie Mee Le.

The film tells a touching story of different people coming together. It was released on May 15, 2015 by a company called Roadside Attractions. In the film, you’ll see how these characters connect and help each other. This shows that even when life is hard, there is always hope.

Where Hope Grows tells a story about friendship, understanding, and finding strength in unexpected places. It’s a reminder that when we reach out to others and offer support, good things happen.


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Where Hope Grows Plot

Professional baseball player Calvin Campbell retires from the Detroit Tigers and returns to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. He is ashamed of himself and no longer cares about his own life. Calvin began drinking heavily, and his 16-year-old daughter Katie felt neglected. She gets stuck in unhealthy relationships as she tries to fill the void left by her absentee father.

One day, while shopping, Calvin meets “Produce,” a young man with Down syndrome who works in a supermarket. Produce is full of joy and loves helping others. He saw that Calvin was struggling and began spending time with him. Their friendship continues to grow, and Calvin begins to see life differently because of Produce’s positive attitude.

But Produce also has its own challenges, such as wanting to be the best employee possible. He faced bullying but stood up for what he believed in. When Calvin faces a crisis and is about to drink again, Produce stops him. This move made Calvin realize that he needed to change.

Under the influence of Produce, Calvin decides to change his life, become a better father to Katie, and abandon his old habits. A tragic event prompted him to make a change, and he learned valuable lessons about faith and a healthier lifestyle from Produce.

Where Hope Grows Cast



David DeSanctis


Christopher Polaha

Calvin Campbell

McCarley Miller

Katie Campbell

Michael Grant

Colt beam

William Zabka

Milton Malcolm

Danica McKellar

Susan Malcolm

Kerr Smith

Mickey Minnier

Brooke Burns

Amy Boone

Alan Powell

franklin weaver

Clyde Jones

dexter douglas

J.Teddy Garces

Dr. Jones

Robert Johnson

Mr. Liang

Ken Arnold

Steve Bookson

Chase Anderson


Rebecca Lines


Phil Russell

police officer

Drew Cash


Sonia Seper

nurse mira

Michelle J. Fine

nurse kristen

Where Hope Grows trailer

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